How To Legally Stream Netflix On Discord With Sound? (2023)

How To Legally Stream Netflix On Discord With Sound? (2023)

Netflix is one of the best Online movie streaming platforms where you can watch your favourite web series and movies without any hassle. Whenever you feel bored or want to see something new, simply open Netflix and pick any show that is available on the platform. There is plenty of binge-worthy and intuitive latest anime movies and shows you can watch in HD quality.

Web series are generally streamed by youngsters as they can relate their daily life with these. So one can just sit on the sofa and watch Netflix all day as it has so much to offer. Netflix over the years gained immense popularity with a net worth of  $228.60 billion in 2021. Netflix takes up to 26% of global streaming traffic and consumes 15% of the world’s internet bandwidth.

Ever wondered if you want to stream Netflix by other means or platforms Like Discord, well you may be thinking that it would be illegal because Netflix is a subscription-based application, and streaming without a subscription would not be possible unless you have other ways.

However, it’s not advisable to Stream Netflix on Discord because of Netflix’s terms of use but anyhow it would be beneficial for you to know. In this article, we’ll guide you on How To stream Netflix on Discord.


How To Stream Netflix On Discord With Friends

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Follow these steps explained below to know how exactly you can Stream Netflix on Discord:-

1. Disable hardware acceleration if you are using Google chrome then click on the “Triple dotted menu icon” in the top right of chrome and Select “Settings”. Then search for hardware acceleration and turn it off. Relaunch the browser.

2. Log on to “Netflix” through google chrome.


3. Now Log on to Discord and navigate to the server of your choice.


4. Tap on “Join a voice channel” and click on the screen to begin sharing your screen.

Connect to Voice Channel 1

5. Select the Netflix window from the option that appears in the tab.


6. Then check the resolution and frame rate and choose it as high as your account allows to go live.


7. Then go live to start “Streaming Netflix” with friends.

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 How To Stream Netflix On Discord Without Black Screen

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If you would rather watch your favourite movies and shows with friends rather than by yourself then streaming a watch party over discord would be a great way to get everyone involved, here’s how to stream Netflix on Discord.

But sometimes due to Discord errors, you’ll experience a Black Screen while streaming music, games, or Netflix, so to fix that you can try some fixes that we’ve explained below.

1. Clear Cache Folder In Discord

It’s very necessary to clear the cache folder in Discord that may be causing your discord to show a black screen while streaming Netflix and to do so, you can locate “App data”-> Find Discord folder -> Checkbox all CacheCode Cache, and GPUCache and then Press Delete.

2. Turn Off All Unnecessary Apps Running In The Background

Whenever you start streaming Netflix on Discord, simply turn off all the apps running in the background unnecessarily, by doing this you can run Netflix on discord very smoothly and it might help you solve the Black screen issue.

3. Update Your Discord App

Using Discord is good, but keeping it updated is also important for you to prevent such issues to do so you need to be connected to a good internet connection and at no such time your discord will get updated and you can check whether it helped or not.

4. Uninstall And Install The App

After updating the discord, if your discord didn’t work, you can simply delete the discord and install the app again.

5. Contact Discord Support

If the above methods didn’t help you fix the Black screen issue while streaming Netflix on Discord you can contact the Discord support team and they’ll help you solve it as soon as possible.

6. Turn On/Off Hardware Acceleration Settings.

A feature called hardware acceleration is meant to enhance visuals. On older computers, it could cause more hassle than it’s worth.


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 How To Stream Netflix On Discord On iOS & Android Mobiles

1. Sign in to the “Netflix app” and choose the show or movie you want to stream.

2 discord desktop server menu 1
Source- HowtoGeek

2. Head to the discord app on your phone and select your preferred “Server” that you want to stream with.

Connect to Voice Channel 1

3. Just like on the desktop, tap on the “Voice Channel” to join and select the screen sharing option.

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4. Switch back to Netflix to begin “Streaming”.

  • Important Note: Because of Netflix’s terms of use and DMCA software built into Netflix the other viewers might see a black screen while sharing on discord’s mobile application. Because it’s illegal to record it on mobile.

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Here’s How to Screen Share Netflix On Discord

stream netflix on Discord

You can screen share your Netflix on Discord with your friends or colleagues who are far away from you and to do so you need to follow the instructions given below:-

1. Pick the browser tab you wish to stream from the “Screen Share” pop-up menu.

2. Change the “Streaming” options.

3. Tap on “Go Live” to begin Netflix streaming.


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How To Stream Netflix On Discord Via Microsoft Edge

Yes, you can stream Netflix on Discord via Microsoft Edge, but there are a few things that you need to do to run Netflix smoothly on Discord, so find the “Hardware acceleration” on settings and turn it off.


Follow the Steps to Stream Netflix on Discord via Microsoft Edge:-


1. Launch “Microsoft Edge” and navigate to the Settings menu.

image thumb 19


2. Select “System” from the Settings menu.

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3. Locate and disable the “Use Hardware Acceleration” When Available option by clicking on it.


image thumb 20 1
4. To implement the updated setting, click the “Restart button”.

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 How to Stream Netflix on Discord with Sound

So before streaming Netflix on discord with sound you need to take care few things: Check whether Discord has full administrative access to your computer. Make sure your computer’s audio drivers are functioning correctly for another cause.

Follow the steps shown below to stream Netflix on Discord with Sound:-

1. Open the “Netflix app” and sign in using your web browser.

2. Furthermore, launch the “Discord” app.

3. Click on the “Settings option” at the bottom left corner and select “Game activity”.

4. On the top screen, a button “Add it” will appear. Choose it.

5. Now select the service you want to add, such as “Netflix”.

6. To choose “Add Game”, you must first select Netflix.

7. Go to the “Screen button” in the bottom left of the screen

8. Now choose the app or browser window you want to use to “Stream on Discord”.

9. Moreover, you can select your preferred streaming methods.

10. Choose “Go Live”  to start streaming.


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Wrapping Up!

The article above contains detailed information on How to stream Netflix on Discord. I hope you like this effort of mine. We never indulge in providing any kind of content that might be irrelevant to you so let me know about the other things you want to know about.

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