How To Add & Use Youtube Bot Discord With Bot Commands? [2023]

How To Add & Use Youtube Bot Discord With Bot Commands? [2023]

Youtube is a very popularly known video search engine where you can watch high-quality content from across the world. Youtube has more than 200+ billion active users from where some create good content and other watches videos. So many discord users constantly searching for How to use Youtube bot discord. A few months back the official YouTube bot was launched on the Discord platform. After the launch of the youtube bot, it’s been installed in more than 120+ active servers in very less time.

The best thing about using this Youtube bot discord is to include youtube videos inside the discord server by just giving the correct command, but also make sure to backup your important data by using the Hydra bot discord. So in the future, your data would be safe and you don’t have to worry about your data.

A Youtube bot can be easily added to your discord server, to do so Open Discord -> add Youtube Bot by using the link given below -> Tap on the invite-> Select the server and It’s done.

Today, In this article we’re going to guide you on How to use Youtube bot discord in your discord server and also we’ll list some best youtube bot commands.

How To Add Youtube Bot Discord

So, It’s very easy to add a youtube bot inside your discord server by using the invite link and to do so follow the steps given below.


Step 1:- Open the invite Link on Google.


Step 2:- Tap on the invite link and it will redirect you to Discord.

How To Use Youtube Bot Discord With Bot Commands

Step 3:- Open discord on your mobile or Pc and log in using your email address and Password.


Step 4:- Then Select the server where you want to add the Youtube bot.


Step 5:- After you are done selecting the server give all necessary permissions to authorize it.


Step 6:- Checkbox the captcha to make sure that you’re not a robot, then Tap on Authorize button and it’s done, now you can use the Youtube bot.


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How To Use Youtube Bot Discord

Credits:- Discord Support

To use it inside a discord server you need to use “yt” as a prefix and then type the bot command in the text box below and then Enter.

Follow the instructions given below to know how to use youtube bot discord properly.

Step 1:- Open discord and Tap on the “server” you selected while adding the Youtube bot.


Step 2:- A screen with server chat will display, so if you’re new you can use the “yt {space} help” command to know its commands and every command works like this.


Step 3:- Then simply pick any command you want to give then type “yt { text}”.


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Features Of Youtube Bot Discord

As we all know youtube has many excellent features that can be used inside a discord server and a few of them we’ve discussed below.

  • It has a great notifications service that would keep your server up to date while giving necessary notifications.


  • To get any playlists of videos you just need to type in the right command below in the text area and if you don’t know which you can see above from the list.


  • You can easily get lyrics of any youtube video without even exiting the discord.


  • It supports a download option that can be used to download any video or lyrics instantly inside the server by using the bot command.


  • You can also see trending videos on youtube by giving the “YT Trending” command and it will show up all trending content whether it’s music, comedy, gaming, or any kind of Vlogs that’s trending.


  • It is also one of the most secured bots developed by google that would help you to safeguard your privacy and also the best youtube bot support community that is always ready to help anyone.


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13+ Best Youtube Bot Discord commands

Here is some best Youtube bot discord commands listed below that can be used to enjoy it to the fullest. But before using any command name use “yt prefix”.


Youtube Utility Commands

Commands  Description
1.  yt pingTo check Latency
2. yt helpTo get help regarding bot
3. yt infoTo get all the information
4. yt inviteTo get the invite link to add youtube to your server.
5. yt supportTo get the link to Youtube’s support server.


YouTube Commands

yt notifierList YouTube channels that are being watched for new videos, or add/remove a YouTube channel
yt prefixSee and customize prefixes
yt channel <channel-name>View information from a YouTube channel
yt lyrics <song-name/song-url>View a preview of a song or YouTube video’s lyrics and generate a lyrics file
yt playlist <playlist-name/URL>View information on a YouTube playlist
yt random <keyword>Find a random YouTube video based on a keyword
yt related <keyword>View a YouTube video’s related videos
yt trendingView the trending videos on YouTube
Yt video <name/URL>View information from a YouTube video


Why Does Youtube Bot Discord Not Working And How To Resolve It?

However, if you aren’t able to use Youtube Bot or it doesn’t operate in your Discord server, it might be due to a server issue or an old version of Discord. If it still doesn’t function after updating it, you may need to contact the Katheryne support community server, as it would definitely help you to resolve the issue.


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Wrapping Up!

I hope the above information helped you to understand How to use Youtube Bot Discord with Bot Commands also we’ve talked about some of the features and bot commands that you can use to make this fun.

So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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