How To Check iPhone Temperature? | 3 Ways To Cool Down Your iPhone

How To Check iPhone Temperature? | 3 Ways To Cool Down Your iPhone

If your iPhone has been acting strange, one of the first things you should check is its temperature and you don’t have any idea, how to check iPhone temperature? An overheating iPhone can cause it to shut down unexpectedly, or even burst into flames. Keeping your iPhone at a safe temperature is important to ensure that it stays operational and doesn’t pose a fire risk. Fortunately, checking the temperature of your iPhone is fairly easy. So, here we are going to provide some ideas on how to check iPhone temperature and how you can keep your device safe from overheating.

If your phone begins to overheat and you leave it in an enclosed space that lacks ventilation for extended periods, the phone’s internal temperature will continue to rise until something gives way. And probably not in a good way. If you want to avoid all that potential catastrophe, read on and learn how to check your iPhone temperature so that you can take precautions before disaster strikes again. So, let’s have a look.


How To Check iPhone Temperature | A Complete Guide


How To Check iPhone Temperature

The iPhone is a great device to use while you’re on the go. But, it also has its downsides. For example, it can get so hot that you have to take it out of your pocket whenever you use it. This is because the iPhone has a lot of components that need to stay cool. If those components start to heat up, they can cause other parts of the phone to overheat as well. So, why does the temperature of an iPhone rise? and how to check iPhone temperature? There are several reasons why this happens.

  1. First, the iPhone uses a lot of power when in use. So, it needs to keep its components cool for them to work properly.
  2. Second, the iPhone’s touchscreen uses infrared light to send and receive signals from nearby devices.
  3. This light does not penetrate walls or other objects very well, so the phone ends up heating up in areas where there isn’t much-infrared light available.
  4. Finally, metal and glass are good conductors of heat, which means that they can absorb more heat than other materials like plastic or rubber.

Basically, there are many reasons under which this overheating issue, takes place. The First reason could be its processor. As we all know, a processor is an internal part of the iPhone and it is the part that does all the work of your phone it is a component that is always on display whether it is on or off. We tell you that it is actually made of semiconductors that have small electrons.

So when they work, those electrons are among themselves, and in this cycle, they also collide. They produce heat by colliding with them. The second reason we can say this is overload. It happens most of the time, whenever we are doing some heavy tasks on our smart devices and they start overheating. The next reason for overheating the iPhone device could be an “Ambient Temperature”. Suppose you are in a non-AC room and your device still gets warm, this is because of the warm or ambient temperature in your room.

We can say that this is a whole circuit that works together inside a single device and if one of them feels or get warm, it indirectly affects the other and which causes the rise of temperature in the iPhone.


What Is The Reason Behind This Over Heating Issue?

Friends, today we are going to talk about the topic that how to check iPhone temperature which is quite common in iPhones. No matter, be it your iPhone 6 or iPhone 12 Pro Max, you get to see this overheating problem in every single phone. There can be many such reactions due to which it happens or shows poor heat. So what are those reasons and what are how we can save our iPhone from overheating? Overheating causes a lot of damage to our phones.


What could damage?

How To Check iPhone Temperature?

However, today we are talking about, “how to check iPhone temperature” but, let’s discuss what this overheating issue could damage. First of all, let us tell you that every iPhone uses a Li-ion battery, which can cause a lot of damage due to overheating, due to which there can be a lot impact, your battery life. If your phone gets powered down very quickly, then there is a chance that your battery life can get damaged or say that it can end very quickly.

Not only battery health, but it has some other disadvantages, due to which the problem of overheating in our phone starts increasing, and then this question arises in front of us, how to check phone temperature.


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What can I do about this?

The first is CPU and GPU, when you do a lot of heavy tasks and either your phone has to work a lot, then we get to see the issue of heating. But when you are in a very hot atmosphere, the phone is also very hot internally, due to which you need to take your phone out, that too is overheating. Apart from this, a third reason depends on charging.

Apart from this, there may be any other reason that there may be an internal fault in your phone. To fix these issues, first of all, we move toward the settings.

  1. So first we will go to the Settings app.
  2. And after that, we have to work on mobile data.
  3. After selecting your SIM, you will get to see the network selection option. Simply tap on it, and you will see that Automatic is toggled on, which you have to turn off.
  4. When on automatic, your phone keeps looking for other networks, whether there is any other signal tower, and this process is called inside your phone in the background.


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To set another thing, you will have to go to Settings again, then to General Settings, after that, you will be able to see Background App Refresh. Simply you have to turn off this background app refresh. It is known from the name itself that it refreshes your applications in the background, in which our mobile data gets a lot of interest.

And if you turn it off further then your data will not be of much use and you can also choose which application you want to refresh. Now it is the turn of the next settings. In the next settings, you have to click on Privacy > Location Services and Off its toggle. By turning it off, you will see a huge difference in your phone backup.

The next setting will also be on our privacy. After going to Privacy>Motion & Fitness and turn the toggle off. These are some of the important settings you must have done to ignore the question of how to check iPhone temperature in your mind.


Some Necessary Steps To Be Taken To Fix These Issues

how to check phone temperature

1. The very first important step is that you have to keep the software updated on your iPhone. It has been seen in the recent iPhone updates just a while back, in which their battery health is being recycled. Similarly, some very minor bugs keep on fixing with updates.

2. If even after following all these given steps, you are facing unusual overheating, then you will have to reset factory settings. If your data is useful, then you can save it on any PC or iCloud before that.

3. If still, your phone is not working, you have read another last option, you will need to restore your phone in DFU mode. This gives your software a restore order. You can buy it very easily, you just need a laptop that already has an iTunes app. And let us tell you that this is an all-in-one option.



Q1. How to check iPhone CPU temperature? 

Temperature is the measurement of how hot something is. To check your iPhone CPU temperature, you need to use a thermometer. The good news is that it’s not hard to do. Just find a spot on the back of your phone where there’s a little bit of room between the case and the battery.

Stick the thermometer in there for a few seconds, and then remove it again. You should see a reading on the thermometer display, which will tell you how hot your iPhone is running. If your reading is above 100°F (38°C), then your iPhone CPU is getting too hot and you probably want to reduce its power usage.

Q2. How to check room temperature with iPhone?

To check the room temperature on the iPhone, you simply need to go to the Control Center and tap on the “Temp” icon. You can also access this by swiping it up from the bottom of your screen. The iPhone will display a chart of the current room temperature, along with an icon that represents whether it is too hot or too cold.

It is important to remember that whatever temperature setting your iPhone displays is only a general representation of the actual temperature in your home.


Ending Up The Lines:

If you need to know, how to check iPhone temperature or the temperature on your phone, you can use a free app called “iPhone Temperature Checker” (or “iTempChecker”). The app is available for both Android and iOS versions. It lets you check the temperature of your phone in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. This way, you can keep your phone (or other iOS or Android device) safely while you travel or just want to know what it’s doing inside.

So, this is how to check iPhone temperature using such tricks and ideas we have mentioned in the above lines. If you find our article informative, do share it further and do let’s know, which of the above-mentioned ideas and methods you like the most. Stay tuned with our future articles and Thanks for reading.

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