Android TV Com Setup Glance

So you’re an Android TV user but, don’t know how to set up an Android TV Com Setup? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. We know and understand the fact that in order to set up an Android TV Com Setup for the first time, we have to take care of many other things, which we need to know before buying an Android TV, but how do we know about it?

Setting up your brand new android tv could be a bit of a hassle for you and if you don’t follow the proper guidelines, then you might find yourself in big of trouble. You must be asking all kinds of questions, like can I myself set up Android TV? However, in this case, we are here to help you.

We’ve prepared a proper guide for you to learn how to set up an Andriod TV com setup on your own for the very first time. And we’ll also discuss some basic and essential steps with you, and mention some ways that will help you and make things easier for you.


Android TV Com Setup Glance-How to Set Up An Android TV Com?


Android TV Com Setup Glance-How to Set Up An Android TV Com?

First of all, we have to pay attention to some important pre-set-up requirements, which are required for our Android TV set. Make sure that you have-

  1. Firstly, a good wifi connection,
  2. Secondly, a google account, and
  3. Last, you must have that google page app on your phone.

If your brand new TV does not have Android TV built-in, then you may need to read the following things-

  1. First of all, you must have an external Andriod tv device.
  2. Next, you must have one monitor or tv which supports HDCP and has HDMI ports.
  3. Also, make sure to have one HDMI cable that is usually provided in the box.


 Here’s  The 3 Easy Ways To Setup  Android TV Com 

There are a few ways on how a brand new Android TV com setup, and that we will talk about along with the steps. So let’s see.

1. Using Andriod Phone

Android TV Com Setup Glance-How to Set Up An Android TV Com?

Step 1: First of all, you have to keep in mind that your Android TV is running on the 6.0 version. On your screen, you will see, “Quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?”, and select yes using your remote.

Step 2: In the next step, you have to choose your language. Open the pre-installed Google app on your android phone> Type, ” Set Up my device”.

Step 3: Now, follow the mentioned instruction on your screen until you will find a code on your android tv screen. Note that, the exact same code should have appeared the same on your android phone.

Step 4: Next, tap on the name of your android tv on your android phone, whenever it shows up.

Step 5: In order to finish your set-up, follow the instructions given on your tv screen.


2. Using Remote

Android TV Com Setup Glance-How to Set Up An Android TV Com?

1. When the same question or query appears on your brand new android tv screen, (“Quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?”) you can use your remote to skip this step.


2 Next, you have to connect your phone wifi and may you need to wait for some time, for a system update.


3. Choose the option of sign-in, using your remote. You can also skip this step if you want to or you can do it later.


4. then, sign in with your Google account and follow the instructions on the screen in order to complete the set-up.


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3. Using A Computer

Android TV Com Setup Glance-How to Set Up An Android TV Com?

1. The first step is almost the same as the remote method and here, you skip this step by using your remote device.

2. In the next step, like the same of the above methods, connect to the wifi of your android phone device or your computer.

3. Now, go on your android tv screen and choose to sign in.

4. Then use your monitor or computer.

5. The Last step will be the same as the above methods set up your Android TV Com Setup by following the instructions on your screen.


Essential Apps For Android TV Com Setup

Android TV Com Setup Glance-How to Set Up An Android TV Com?

Some of the essential applications that should be on your tv if you don’t know how to set up an android tv for the first time;

  1. Mx player
  2. Sidelaucher
  3. Netflix
  4. Amazon prime
  5. Airscreen
  6. Kodi
  7. Google Drive
  8. Steam link
  9. Google Chrome
  10. Hulu 
  11. YouTube
  12. Send files to tv
  13. Photo gallery or screen saver
  14. Spotify
  15. Disney+ Hotstar


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Q1. How to set up your Google TV device on your Android TV com setup?

  1. First of all, you have to turn on your Google Television Box, after that you choose your region and language.
  2. After that select Set Up Google TV and open the Google Home app on your phone.
  3. Go to the upper top left corner and tap on it, and then tap Add account > Set up device > Set up new devices in your home
  4. Select Add Home option and then scan the QR code shown on it with your phone. After a few minutes of scanning your phone will be connected to Android TV.
  5. Finally follow the instructions on the given screen and end your Google TV device on your Android TV com setup.

Q2. How will I be able to check my android tv software and app updates? 

If you have set up your Android TV for the first time using any of the above-mentioned methods, then you should also take a look at your software updates. First, go to Settings, then to Device Preferences option, then to About option, and then click on System Update, and done. This is how you can check your software as well as your android app updates on your Android TV com setup.


End of the line:

So in this way you can set up an Android TV com setup for the first time and also check its software updates. We have given you today three methods or ways, by which you can set up your Android TV com setup very easily.

You will definitely tell us in the feedback whether you will like this article of ours or not and do let us know which method you liked more. Stay tuned with our future articles and you can write any queries in the comment section box. We will wait for your questions and will be happy to answer your questions.


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