How To Fix iPhone Overheating Issue In Latest 15.4 Version (2022)

How To Fix iPhone Overheating Issue In Latest 15.4 Version (2022)

After the iOS 15.4 update, some iPhone users are reporting that their devices are overheating and sometimes their screen becomes so dull. So, some of these users have reported that the overheating is only happening after the update, while others have reported that the overheating has been happening for some time and also many facing iPhone 13 Stuck On Apple Logo? issue due to Overheating issue.

Few of them also think that the overheating is caused by the new version of iOS 15.4.1 in iPhone 12, iPhone 13 pro max, and many old iPhones, while others have suggested that the overheating is caused by other apps, games that they are using, or running unnecessary apps in the background. But no one knows what are the exact problems they need to look at to fix this issue.

But, today in this article we’re going to help you know how your screen gets dim after iPhone heats and what possible things you can do to fix iPhone overheating issue in the latest 15.4 version.


Why Is My iPhone Heating After The 15.4 Version And What Are The Causes?

There are many factors that can contribute to an iPhone overheating, but the most common cause is a malfunctioning or overloaded lithium-ion battery. Other potential causes include a weak or improperly installed screen protector, a dirty camera lens, a malfunctioning speaker, a blocked or bent Lightning port, a problem with the phone’s circuitry or maybe using lots of apps in the background.

If you’re experiencing an iPhone overheating after the 15.4 version, you can’t just blame the iOS newer version, there might be something else that is heating up your iPhone. The first thing you should do is try to identify which of the above potential causes is causing the issue. If you’re unable to determine the source of the problem, you may need to bring your iPhone in for service. If you’re experiencing iPhone overheating continuously.

Some reasons for iPhone heating?

  • Damaged Battery

A damaged battery produces energy in uneven patterns. It’s possible that it’s overworking itself excessively, and heat is one indication. Pay attention if you receive a signal that your battery needs to be replaced. You can check your battery life: Go to Settings-> Battery.

  • Contact with Sunlight 

Many people left their iPhones in front of the window where sunlight is directly coming into their houses or some use their phones when they’re in direct contact with sunlight, so due to that your phone may heat up and might cause overheating due to high temperature.

  • Unnecessary apps running

Sometimes while working you may run many apps at the same time and if I talk about myself then I do use many apps at the same time but not using an app and letting that app run in the background for a long time may be one of the cause for overheating.

  • Not using an Updated version

Updates can provide essential security patches as well as quality. It’s possible that you’re using an old version of a program that’s causing the processor to overheat.

But what if I updated my iPhone to its latest 15.4 version and still facing heating issues. So don’t worry we’ll give you some easy methods to follow and that would definitely help you to fix iPhone overheating issue in the latest 15.4 version.


11 Easy Ways On How To Fix iPhone Overheating Issue In 15.4 Version (2022)

How To Fix iPhone Overheating Issue in 15.4

So, there’s no particular solution to fix iPhone overheating issue, you can’t keep your iPhone in a refrigerator for some time until it cools down. You can try some fixes that we listed below and if still facing the same issue then you need to contact your nearby service centre.


1. Battery Checkup

So if you’re using a charger from a local store or you got it from an apple store, you need to make sure that charger is original or not?

Because the cable that is not verified by the apple store can’t perform well and may cause your iPhone heating issue while charging. You can also check from outside the cable whether it’s damaged or bent from somewhere.


2. Don’t keep your iPhone in Direct Sunlight contact

So if you’re an old user of the iPhone that you might know that iPhone is capable of taking heat at a level of 35 degrees celsius.

So before taking your iPhone out or using it while sitting outside to full fill your vitamin D needs you to need to make sure that it should be kept in a cold place, it gets heated up.


3. Close Unnecessary apps in the Background Refresh

So many new users or maybe old users don’t know that their apps get refreshed in the background whether they’re using them or not.

So unnecessary apps background refresh may put a load on your iPhone and closing them into the setting may help you to avoid overheating.


How to Close Apps in Background Refresh

Step 1:- Open iPhone and Go to Settings

Step 2:- Then Tap on General and click on Background App Refresh

Step 3:- You’ll see a list of apps that you can stop or you can directly off background refresh for all.


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4. Make sure to turn off Bluetooth

Sometimes when you use your Bluetooth for pairing up your wireless devices like Airpods, Speakers or with your car music system for a long time. It cannot only drain your battery but can become a reason for overheating.

You can avoid that just by switching off the Bluetooth when your iPhone gets heated up for a few hours and then pair up again.


5. Use Automatic Brigtness

It’s very easy to control your brightness in your smartphone by using an automatic brightness feature that would help you to keep low brightness in dark light and high brightness in strong light during the day.

And using a high brightness might cause overheating issues in iPhone and it also increases battery consumption too.

6. Turn your Hotspot after use

So I talk about myself, many times I use my mobile hotspot to give internet access to my Mac or one of my friends and after then I sometimes forgot to off that hotspot and that may cause heat in my iPhone.

So make sure that your Hotspot is off and no one is Stealing your internet too.

7. Avoid Playing Games while Charging

Playing games continuously on your iPhone decreases your battery level and also heats up. However, some users Play game while charging and that make the iPhone more challenging and causes the iPhone to overheat.

You can just charge your iPhone with a fast charger and can play afterwards and that would definitely help you to avoid overheating.

8. Turn on Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode turns off plenty of iPhone functionalities, along with the ones that raise the temperature. Your iPhone will not keep a signal, scan for a signal, or do any kind of sharing activities with the help of the internet. While in Airplane Mode you can easily cool down your iPhone.

9. Don’t use unnecessary Widgets

I’ve seen in many iPhone users that they create a lot of widgets that consume battery, and data and also overheat your phone. So try to remove some widgets and do use the necessary widgets.

10. Offload Unusable Applications

Some iPhone users think that they’ve 128 GB, 256 GB iPhone, or 512GB, but many of them don’t know installing so many applications on your device and using any of them also takes storage space unnecessarily and also heats up your iPhone.

Simply Go to Settings-> General-> iPhone Storage-> Choose the app and Click on offload apps. This will temporarily uninstall your app, but your data will not be deleted from your iPhone.

11. Location Services

When you’re using Location Services, your device is constantly trying to find the best location for it to connect to the network. This can include looking for cell towers, Wi-Fi networks, and even GPS satellites.

If there are a lot of these requests being made, your device can overheat quickly, and also at that same time many apps using Locations so that might be another reason for iPhone overheating.

Above I discussed some of the major reasons that cause your iPhone overheating issue and also I’ve given some fixes that you can try to fix the issue. So, If I talk about the latest 15.4 version then it came up with some new features too that might cause heat to process more data and we can’t just blame a newer version. You can wait for the new update that may help you in the future, until then you can try some of the fixes that I listed above.

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A video-based help to fix overheating issues in 15.4

SourcePayette Forward

Some Frequently Asked Questions


 1. Why does my iPhone screen dim when it gets hot?

The iPhone screen dims when it gets hot because the liquid crystal display (LCD) becomes less responsive to input when it’s hot. The iPhone tries to cool the device down by turning off various parts of the system, like the camera and the display, until the temperature drops below a certain point.

2. Why is my iPhone heating up after an update?

The primary reason for this is that in the recent update there must be some heavy updates that cause the iPhone CPU to continue operating even when the phone is turned off. As a result, the CPU becomes overburdened.

3. Why does my iPhone overheat after iOS 15?

Don’t be worried if your iPhone begins to heat up after being upgraded to iOS 15. Your iPhone is most likely still updating or running applications in the background.





Wrapping Up!

I hope the information given above helped you to know why your iPhone gets heated up and how to fix iPhone overheating issue in the 15.4 version.

So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below whether it helped or not?

Thank You! Have a Good Day.

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