33+ Cool Things to Build in Minecraft Survival World (2022)

33+ Cool Things to Build in Minecraft Survival World (2022)

There is an endless world of Minecraft that players can log into and explore. Minecraft games have a vast space to explore and create, and players can survive all of its dangers using their creativity.

Survival is the most popular mode in Minecraft. In a new survival world, players must go out to collect all the needed resources. As they have no protection, they don’t know which of the player skins to wear when they make their way out into the new world.

If you’re looking for a simple yet aesthetically pleasing build to familiarize yourself with these all-new environments, look no further! We’ll give you all the building ideas and inspiration you need to find the coolest stuff.

 33+ Best Things To Build In Minecraft Survival That Are Useful

1. Build a farm 

farm in minecraft survival

First on the list of things to build in Minecraft Survival is to build a farm. You can create a farm of multiple items that you would typically need to grind. You can make a Gunpowder Farm, Ender Pearl Farm, Fish Farm, and more. It’s best to remember that building a farm takes time and requires some knowledge of blocks, items, mobs, and sometimes Redstone.

Farms are a good source of income, you can the produced items. Also, you can not survive alone, you will have to hunt for animals, and mine for resources.

2. Build a Starter base  

Starter base in minecraft survival

Players can dig holes in hills and mountains and call them bases. A starter base needs essentials such as a storage box, stove, workbench, and bed.

If players decide to construct a base early on, they may not have many resources available. It is entirely up to the players to decide what they want to do with the items they have.

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3. Storage building 

Starter base in minecraft survival

You’ll accumulate a good amount of resources and goodies as you get to advance in your survival journey.

All of it can be very difficult to fit into a modest starter home with very little chest space. It will be a great idea to build a Storage building while you gather resources for your building. There are a lot of different ways to create a storage building, you can either use a vending machine or a chest.

4. Build a barn

Using their resources, players can construct barns or animal farms. In Minecraft, cows are among the greatest livestock to raise. They discard raw skin and beef, which can be cooked to make a steak.

Barn in minecraft Survival

Players start with no resources in a new world, but they gradually accumulate additional blocks and stuff. Then, the user in Minecraft can construct a variety of items. It will be a great thing to build in Minecraft Survival mode.

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5. Build a Survival House

Survival house

Many Minecraft players prefer traditional wooden homes and medieval builds. But, sometimes it can be a refreshing change to have something more modern and unique.

Minecraft houses are typically sleek, stylish, and practical, making them a popular choice for players who want to survive in the game. A good shelter is essential for a safe night.

6. Build a fountain

Fountain in minecraft survival mode

If you have a large base, you can go for a giant fountain that matches its aesthetics or build several small fountains around your house. There’s no doubt that any fountain in your garden will be worth your time, whether it’s a simple one or a more impressive one.

Since projects of this style can be lengthy and exhausting, it is a to build something completely out of stone and water.

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7. Mine

In their early days, players will be mining for ores to get the materials they need to build their structures. Creating a dedicated mine allows players to quickly reach the bottom of their world.

Mines are a great place to find valuable resources and they can be a lucrative source of income. You can sell the items you find in a mine, or you can use them to build things for your survival. There are many options available to you, so choose what works best for you. Mines are great places to find treasure, so be sure to look for chests that are full of goodies.

8. Build a castle

Since you are the most important person in your world, why not create a castle and live luxuriously and be the ruler of your world? If you’d like to live in the castle from your base, that is certainly possible. You can use stone blocks, cobblestones, dark oak, and many other items that you find in the game to build an ancient castle. yourself.

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9. The Underwater base

Underwater living is becoming increasingly popular for its many benefits, including gorgeous coral biomes and tropical fish. Plus, underwater living can work without a lot of glass or tubing. Even if you don’t have a lot of oak or spruce wood, you can still build this project.

In Minecraft, the ocean is vast and full of things to explore, even if you’re not on a ship. It is only fair that you have an underwater base, given that you can be so successful at exploring the seas. With the help of this base, you can easily store and restock supplies when you go on an expedition to the depths.

10. Build a port

Minecraft has large oceans that can be explored, and there are beaches with open spaces where players can build ports to add to the atmosphere. In multiplayer mode, the port can be a place where players can rest safely. You could also build giant ships to give a more realistic approach to your port.

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11. Build shops

You can collect the resources people may need and sell them for valuable items, such as diamonds and emeralds. You can also trade with people in the shops for the items you want. You can set up a shop so that you can trade with working villagers. Additionally, you can keep a trader in one of the shops so they are always available to you.

Your shops should look great so that any player who sees them will be tempted to come and check out your inventory. Just because shops are helpful in multiplayer mode doesn’t mean you can’t build them in your survival world.

12. Horse stable

With a little hay and wood, you can achieve a fantastic result. This is one of the best ways to spend your time while you’re playing without having to spend a lot of resources.

Minecraft’s overworld is sure to leave you wanting to explore all the new biomes, and there’s no better way to do that than with a horse. You might want to keep your horse safe by giving it a stable to stay in at home, though it’s best to avoid mobs by keeping it in a safe place.

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13. Bed

One thing that every player undoubtedly needs to craft is a bed. Getting a good night’s sleep is a great way to help you regenerate your health and regain your appetite faster. There are a variety of beds to choose from, including those that can be found in houses or that you can build yourself.

14. Underground Starter base

Underground bases are great for Minecraft players because they’re easy to build and provide plenty of protection from the dangers of the outside world. The player can avoid hostile mobs while still being able to farm or crop. These bases can be built without any construction, just by digging a hole.

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15. Build a bridge

This bridge is perfect for crossing small river biomes and adding some extra decoration to your Minecraft world. Making a simple wooden bridge requires wood, stone, or a combination, and the dimensions can be changed to suit your needs. You can also add detail with stone buttons.

The bridge fits perfectly between two riverbanks in biomes with plenty of trees. If you have all of the materials needed, You will be able to build this project in a very short period.

16. Build a transportation system

In survival mode, you’ll need to travel a long distance to find the resources you need. You can make a minecart system, build a boat, or use horses or donkeys to get around. Also, f you have a large world with farms and other structures scattered around, you can set up rails and power rails to create a train system.

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17. Maps

A map is a useful tool for keeping track of your travels. It’s also a good way to find landmarks. You can find maps in chests, or you can craft your own.

You need to create a map before you can begin to fill it in. Take the empty map and, by travelling within its borders, gradually fill it with information.

18. Bow

A bow is an effective weapon for defending oneself against hostile mobs. It can be powerful and accurate, making it a valuable tool for self-defence. Hunting is a common practice for food. It can be done by using firearms, bows, arrows, or spears. It can also be done using dogs to track down the game.

Bows can be found in chests, or you can make one yourself. They are an important part of a player’s arsenal and can be used to shoot arrows at enemies.

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19. Floating islands

Minecraft mechanics make it easy to build a floating island in the game. You can build a pillar from the bottom up to the desired island height and start building. If you’re feeling motivated enough, you can also create a giant floating island with a ruined city on it, giving it an apocalyptic climate. Not sure about the post-apocalyptic island, so why not build a normal city floating on the ground? Or you can choose a smaller floating island to give your world a more magical feel.

20. Floating Castle

If you want to build a floating island, why not go further and build your floating castle? Remember to be careful when building high up in the sky, as there is a limit to how high you can build blocks. The floating castle was designed to house the server for the Eclipse Kingdom game world. The admin shop provides spaces that can be used as meeting rooms or offices. It features sections with wooden fences that can be used to display rules or other information.

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21. Lighthouse

Another on the list of things to build in Minecraft survival is a Lighthouse. At night, it gets dark on the sea, and it’s easy to get lost. Having a lighthouse can help to fix that issue. Like the watchtower, the lighthouse can be a large structure you can build on the beach. It is a great way to improve coastal safety and help visitors find their way in the dark. The lighthouse can help you find your way home at night, no matter where you are sailing.

22. Underwater Starter base

In case you’re looking for something more ambitious but still beginner-friendly, why not try and build a home underwater? This can be a fun and challenging project. Underwater living has become a popular choice for people because of the beautiful coral biomes and tropical fish populations. Underwater living can be done without a lot of glass or conduit, depending on the type of environment you’re living in. A build with both oak and spruce wood is possible, and you could even add an enchanting room in the basement.

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23. Build a Redstone farm

There are a few ways to get a steady supply of food in Minecraft. One option is to set up a farm near your base. Players have come up with creative ways to use Redstone to achieve amazing effects.

These builds exploit the properties of Redstone in ways that are both innovative and ingenious. This build will allow you to quickly collect all your crops. It is also time-consuming and hard to approach, but it is worth it in the end.

In survival mode, players often have to farm to obtain food. This can be difficult, time-consuming work. Fortunately, some farms use Redstone power to help automate the process. This makes farming much easier and more efficient. Farming is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. One downside is that it can be difficult to replant crops after they’ve been harvested.

24. Build a Windmill

Your world would look very pretty with windmills spinning around. If you have a barn, the windmill will be a perfect addition to your build. A tall windmill can help make your world look more like farmland. It is best to remember that a windmill’s appearance will be pleasing when its size is in proportion to the other buildings around it.

Windmills in minecraft survival

Windmills are a common structural choice for many builders, including new players and veterans. These structures give a player-made base a unique feel and are a testament to a player’s building skills. With the freedom Minecraft provides, some creative builds have arisen on the community forums.

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25. Build a secret Storage Basement

One of the great things to build in Minecraft is a secret hideout to store your most prized belongings. This requires some level of skill and a particular set of materials, but it can be done. As you play the game, you will be able to create more advanced blocks that can help you in your quest for survival. If you want to make a secret room, stairs with no side access will be perfect.

26. Library

Libraries can be an excellent addition to your base to make it look like an enchanting room. Add some bookshelves and tables to give your space a more majestic feel. Add an enchanting table to complete the look. You can give your library an air of mystery and magic by using shelves, chests, books, ladders, and more. Furthermore, if you have a castle, it makes sense to add a large library in one of the rooms, giving it a stunning atmosphere.

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27. Build a tree house

Treehouses can add a fun and unique element to your Minecraft lifestyle. While you can include any tree in your home in any biome, the best choice is the Jungle biome. This is because you can build structures high in the sky without any limitations or obstructions. Whether you’re looking for an interconnect huts series or an inconspicuous shack, there are many Treehouse ideas to get you started.

28. Build beacons

Beacons are easy to make and are one of the best things to build in Minecraft survival and if you have all the resources and the Nether Star at hand. If you do not want to spend the time and effort necessary to gather the materials yourself, you may have to fight a couple of Withers to get them. Farms can be a valuable tool for building beacons. If you already have beacons around your base, why not take it a step further by building multiple beacons using items such as emerald diamonds and nephrite? In the list of best things to build in Minecraft survival, it would be a great and easy thing to build.

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29. Build a watch tower

Watchtower in minecraft survival

Keeping an eye on your base can be done with watchtowers. These structures can provide a clear view of what is happening on the ground, making it easier to defend your territory. Whether zombies are coming toward you or creeps are coming up from the ground, you can use your watchtower to kill your enemies with arrows and a bow. Watchtowers can be beautiful and simple, depending on how you build them. If you add a bit of creativity, you can make your watchtower stand out and unique.

30. Build Your Mineshaft

There are many unexplored areas left in the game, and building a Mineshaft would only take up space that could be used for more interesting things. When you create the work that works, you’ll know it. You can make the mine shaft cover a large area and caves, so you can access the tunnels and mine whenever you want. You can make the Mineshaft ancient-looking, and, one that has working rails.

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31. Build Pyramids

Pyramids in minecraft Survival

Minecraft players have discovered that pyramids are mysterious structures in the real world, so they can also build them in the game. These giant structures will add to the uniqueness of your world, making it more interesting and appealing to visit. They will also help to create a more believable and immersive environment.


Gardens have been used as garden decoration for castles for centuries in real life. They can add a sense of uniqueness to a castle. Minecraft has a castle with your name, why not add a garden maze that you can explore? This would be a great addition to the game and would make it even more interesting and enjoyable for you. You can choose the size of your maze according to the other structures in your yard. In the game, you can use trees, leaves, logs, berry plants, vines, and other resources to build a maze. This maze can be used to escape from danger or to find hidden treasures. Just remember not to get lost in the labyrinth.

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33. Build Big Statues


Statues are a great way to add character and personality to your Minecraft world. They can be used to represent characters or creatures from mythology or to celebrate special occasions. You can create a statue of an ender dragon to remember the battle you fought against the actual one. If you defeated the Wither in battle, you can build a statue of it in the field. This statue will show your victory to all who visit the area. If you want to create a striking statue of yourself, you’ll need to devote a lot of time and energy to its construction. Make sure to grind your materials well and invest in a high-quality toolkit to produce a masterpiece.

34. An Obstacle Course

Since you’ve completed your game, you can also have a lot of fun building an obstacle course to play around the world. It would be a great way to have fun with friends and a great way to get some exercise. You can use the latest features from the 1.18 update, such as the drip leaves, to make the obstacle course even more challenging. Everyone in the group can join in a race to see who can finish it first. Time together is the best way to stay connected and achieve success. Be the first to finish, and you’ll be the winner!

Wrapping Up!

Woohoo! This article contains such exciting stuff for you guys. Get to know the best 33 things to build in Minecraft survival. If you are in survival mode, the items on this list will help you create bases and other useful things to help you survive in Minecraft. From simple easy builds to crafty, fun builds, from survival to ingenuity, it’s all on the list for all Minecraft fans.

To all the Minecraft fans, If you have liked the information provided in this article you can tell us in the comment section below and also, what will you like to read next. Till then Stay safe and Stay Creative!

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