10 Funny Things You Should Try on Omegle For Extreme Fun

10 Funny Things You Should Try on Omegle For Extreme Fun
As we all know Omegle is a free online platform that allows its users to interact with strangers across the globe through video calling or chat. And the best part is we do not need to register on the platform or share information there. As we can connect with a stranger anonymously we can actually try out many fun things with the other person without the fear of being judged. So what kind of funny things we can do on Omegle? Omegle can be an excellent place to showcase talent such as magic tricks, acting skills, dancing skills, mimicry skills, etc. And these are just a few examples we have a list of things you can do on Omegle to make the platform more fun and exciting.
If you are thinking about funny things you should try on Omegle for extreme fun then try talking to a stranger while pretending you know them, making a story using one word at a time, acting like a popular person or celebrity, talking to many strangers at a time, etc. So without any further ado Let’s get started to see how you can make your Omegle experience fun and exciting.

 Top 10 Funny Things You Should Try on Omegle

Most of the person use their phones to use Omegle because it is convenient to interact or play a fun game via video chatting through the phone rather than using your desktop to do so. Most people use Omegle as a getaway from real life to relax and be their own self and one can perform hilarious activities on Omegle while interacting with a stranger and you never know may also match your vibe! We have listed the top 10 funny things one can do on Omegle below:

1. Talk or Chat With A Stranger Pretending That You Know Him.

You can make your chat interesting by pretending that you know the other person and he is not a stranger to you. This will freak them out because everyone uses Omegle with a mindset to have a stranger next to the screen and when you create a.

Confusing atmosphere that you know them but they will have a hard time recognizing you this will certainly be a very suspenseful chat where they will struggle to actually identify you. You can pretend to be their lover or a long-lost sibling or a friend. It can take you to chat to a very interesting dimension. You can add your personal touch by guessing their hobbies, names, and personal info and they will be intrigued by the chat itself.

2. Make A Story Using One Word At A Time

If you connect with a stranger you can definitely try out playing some word games for example making a story or a sentence by saying only one word at a time alternatively. This is very interesting and can pass your time for hours.
This can be a fun activity to do on Omegle as the other person might catch your vibe and you both continue being friends. The end result of the game can turn out to be very funny as making a strong with one word might be weird but when the other person comes in it can be really funny. For example

Stranger 1: I ate

Stranger 2: wood

Stranger 1: and leaves

Stranger 2: this morning and so on

3. You Can Prank A Person By Chatting On Omegle

Omegle is famous for pranks. It is a great and fun place to try out pranks on strangers as they are from different locations and they might not be aware of Pranks which are considered cliche in your locality so it can be a quite fun activity to do Omegle.

You just have to be confident while pranking the person and plan it beforehand in your mind to pull off the plank successfully. Be prepared for any kind of cross-questioning or keep proof with yourself. Their resultant reaction of feeling stupid can be really fun to watch.

4. You Can Talk To Many Strangers At The Same Time On Omegle

When you connect on Omegle you can talk to many strangers at a time. You can tell them your weirdest stories and activities as the person is a stranger there are very few chances you can see or meet them in the future. You can obviously vent out your mind and tell them about your day or you can keep it light by telling them jokes and that to PJs.

Everyone likes being funny but doubts that if their jokes are worth the laughter or not you can actually practice and test your jokes on people you meet on Omegle and have fun with them. You can put your weirdest version of yourself out there on Omegle without worrying if the stranger will like it or not.

5. Pin On Funny Omegle Chats

Just like many other social media platforms, even Omegle allows its users to pin their favorite chats on top. You can go ahead and pin every kind of chat be it funny or not is not on Omegle. As long as you find it funny and interesting it will not matter to others as everyone is a stranger to you on Omegle that’s the best part. You can unapologetically be yourself and chatting on Omegle can become more interesting and fun just by pinning on conversations that you like most.

6. Act Like A Celebrity Or A Popular Personality

You can trick people on Omegle by making them believe that you are a popular personality in your locality or a. Celebrity. You can opt for a makeover to make your prank even more realistic. There are chances that many people will fall into your trap as there are many celebrities who use Omegle to surprise people online one of which is Billie Eilish.

Imagine using Omegle and connecting with a real Billie Eilish a dream! You can prepare beforehand to make sure people believe that you are somebody very important to your country as the person is a stranger from another country he or she will most likely fall into your trap.

7. Lie To A Stranger That You Have An Emergency, And You Need Quick Help.

We are not encouraging you to lie but a lie to make someone laugh can not be harmful. You can tell a stranger that you are a criminal or a needy person who is in an emergency and is seeking help. You can also create a panic environment by saying that you’ve been abducted by someone and you are under attack and you want them to help you in getting out of the situation. There are chances that they panic and might take it seriously and if they are kind enough they will try to help you at that moment you can tell them the truth and wait to laugh at their reaction.

8. You Can Pretend To Be Obsessed With The Stranger.

A bit of healthy flirting is no loss and we all agree. There are many youngsters online who are looking out to connect with the opposite sex. You can tell the stranger how beautiful they are and you are obsessed with them this can actually boost their self-esteem and you can also enjoy a bit of flirting.

This is for the boys if you talk to girls on Omegle we are saying it out loud. There is no harm in appreciating beauty. You can also take it up a notch by planning to meet them someday as you are obsessed with everything about them and you can move mountains for them.

9. Use References From Movies, Series, And Sitcoms And Talk About Your Interests.

If you really wanna make friends on Omegle it can be the best decision you can have. Omegle covers a vast variety of people across the globe and this can actually help you to find a friend who has the same interest as you. It also provides you with an opportunity to interact with people and widen your spectrum in different areas of which you are unaware.

As the person is a Stranger he might know this you won’t and you might know this he won’t. So it is a potential environment for both of you to discuss your views regarding different shows and movies. Other than that you can also discuss politics and world peace etc. It can be really fun to know the world from a different perspective and lens as the person lives far away and can have views different from you.

Just make sure you keep it a healthy conversation so that it cannot lead to an argument. You both can talk with each other by using references from popular shows and movies. It will be fun and we bet saying ‘How are you doing?’ like Joey from the sitcom ‘Friends’ works every time!

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10. You Can Sing A Song On A Video Chat

Single songs on Omegle can be considered a funny activity as nobody is going to judge you for being offbeat. You can showcase your talent or even sing songs in a funny voice we recommend you to do it by inhaling helium it will be hilarious. You can mix and match global hits with your wording to make it more interesting and fun. You can also have a quick karaoke session with the stranger and ask them to complete the lyrics. Let the stranger sing the first line, then join them with the second, and so forth.


So, one can obviously do many funny things on Omegle to make their chat more interesting and fun. One can play different characters, sing a song, or even act like a celeb in front of a stranger to make their experience on Omegle worthwhile. try it out by yourself and tell us in our comments which prank you pulled out successfully. you can also share other fun activities with us in the comment box below.
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