How to find girls on Omegle (2022) | 6 Secrets Ways To Find Omegle Girls

How to find girls on Omegle. Well, In this modern world, due to the current pandemic situation the meetings, family gatherings, all are now shifted to the virtual world behind the PC or Mobile phones. People who are very keen on meeting strangers are now stuck in their homes because of COVID and there is no way to dodge or tackle this problem. But this pandemic has opened up other ways. In the internet world, there are many apps and websites by the use of which you can chat, virtually meet strangers, and can even meet strangers with the same interest as you. How cool it is?

Omegle is one of the best online chat platforms suitable for chatting and meeting with strangers from all around the world currently. After login, the app pairs the user with a ”Stranger” based on shared subjects of interest. They can chat together privately through text, video, or using a built-in microphone.

This platform is used in large numbers by the male audience and there are not that many girls using this platform currently. If you are a boy looking for the girls on this platform the probability of finding a girl is very low and it all depends on our luck but there are some settings that will help and the probability of finding the girl user on Omegle.

So, if you are also looking for ways on how to find the girls on Omegle. Then in this article, I have mentioned the ways on how to find girls on Omegle:

“Here are the 6 Secret Ways on How to find girls on Omegle”

Many of the users on Omegle wants to meet user of the opposite gender. This is because of the high percentage of male users on the platform. As Omegle is a 100% random chat website, it is almost impossible to find girls on Omegle. But there are still some settings and tips to find the girls on the Omegle.

There are primarily three good ways to find the girls on Omegle and these ways are a bit on the harder side but have a quite successful rate. The three ways are:

  1. Selecting the proper language
  2. Adding suitable interests
  3. Registering to the college chat

A few years back, Facebook likes plays an effective role in finding the girls on Omegle. But this feature unfortunately has been removed from Omegle due to the restrictions on Facebook apps.

Selecting the proper language:

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The first way to find girls on Omegle is to set up the right and proper language. You have to choose the right language to meet female strangers. There are several languages on Omegle and it is most likely that you must be using the default language i.e. English language on Omegle. If you are using English then, there is a healthy 95% chance of you finding the male stranger.

The better option is to choose a different language. You can try some other language to find a girl stranger on Omegle. The main reason behind this is to find the girl users of other languages too. There is a table below showing the data regarding which language has a high girl user percentage:

LanguagePercentage of Girl user
English5 %
Norwegian11 %
French13 %
Russian15 %
Finnish18 %
German20 %
Portuguese22 %

Well if you don’t know how to change the language on Omegle then follow these steps below:

  • Open the Omegle website.
  • Scroll down, and select the option that says,” Select the language”, click on it.
  • Select one of the languages displayed. And you are good to go.

This feature also has some drawbacks with it. The major drawback is when you change the language then the language of Omegle will also be changed and if you are typing your message in English or any other language then your message will be translated to the language selected, this great feature right, but the trick here is the messages of the person at the receiving will also be translated. How can you read the message? You can use google translate to translate the message.

Adding suitable interests:

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This is one of the best and very reliable ways to find girl users on Omegle. This is the most effective way to find girl users. You have to carefully select your interests before chatting on Omegle. For better results, you have to choose the suitable interests which girls use. You can use interests like ‘dance’ or anything that girls like. Here are some of the interests girls use on Omegle:

  • Dance
  • Astronomy
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Space
  • Tango

There is still no 100% guarantee that you will be meeting the girl user. However, you should at least give it a try. You can choose different interests too depending upon your demography and region. Here is the table showing the percentage of how many girl users uses these interests:

InterestsPercentage of Girls user
Dance30 %
Astronomy19 %
Books25 %
Movies11 %
Space14 %
Tango20 %

You can change your interests by selecting the option on Omegle which says ” What Do you want to Talk about”. You can choose your interests according to your preferences and choices.


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Registering to the college chat:

How to find girls on Omegle

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Omegle has a feature called the College chat feature. This feature allows the user to chat with college students. This feature is not accessible to every user. This feature is limited and restricted to college professors and students. For accessing this feature, you must an Edu mail. For getting the edu mail, you must have to be either a college student or a professor. If you have an edu mail then you are good to go and can use this feature.


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To use this feature, you have to put the edu mail in the space provided and click on go. Then, Omegle will send you a confirmatory mail, after you confirm the mail from your original id you will be able to chat with the college students. Now, you are good to go and there is a high percentage of meeting with girl users on Omegle. But still, it is not 100% sure to get girl users every time.


In this article, I have mentioned the ways on how to find girls on Omegle. If this article is helpful to you and if it helps you then please comment and share your thoughts about the article and also in the comments suggest to us how we can improve in future articles.

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