How To Find Girls On Omegle? 10 Tricks You Should Try Now!

How To Find Girls On Omegle? 10 Tricks You Should Try Now!

Wondering how to find girls on Omegle? Well, In this modern world, due to the pandemic situation meetings, and family gatherings, have shifted to the virtual world behind the PC or mobile phones. People who were very keen on meeting strangers were stuck in their homes because of COVID and there was no way to dodge or tackle this problem.

If you are getting curious to know how to find girls on Omegle then try using well-planned lines, stay humble, don’t ask their gender, talk about their interests, make them feel comfortable, avoid such silly things, etc. To know about these ways in detail read ahead.

How To Find Girls On Omegle | Here’s Right Below

How To Find Girls On Omegle? 10 Tricks You Should Try Now!

Most people spend their leisure time playing online games and many love to watch movies online. But, here comes Omegle which is one of the best platforms to interact with random people from around the world the best part of using Omegle is you can specify your search by adding your interests to the empty “Add Interests field”.

You can use this platform to chat with another user without even signing up based on shared subjects of interest. Anyone can chat together privately through text or video using a built-in microphone.

Many of the users on Omegle wants to meet the user of the opposite gender. This is because of the high percentage of male users on the platform. As Omegle is a 100% random chat website, it is almost impossible to know how to find girls on Omegle. But there are still some settings and tips on how to find the girls on Omegle.

1. Well Planned Lines

As we all know, it feels quite strange and also uncomfortable whenever we are having a conversation with a stranger or with a person we don’t know. So, to avoid this awkward situation is better to prepare some of the pitch lines or pick-up lines that will impress her or might have an impact on her, from which she might be she like to have a great conversation with you.

2. Stay Humble

It is necessary to keep yourself quiet and stay humble while conversing with any girl on Omegle. Girls usually prefer those guys who don’t take things faster than usual, so, it’s the best thing to ignore any cross-questioning or rush the conversation.

3. Don’t Ask If They Are Female

Suppose you start having a great conversation with the stranger and later, you just ask her if she is a girl or female, to confirm yourself. This might create a problem and may also force that person to stop having a conversation with you.

4. Better To Keep It Simple

You should keep the interaction just normal with a girl whom you don’t know or who is just a stranger to you. You can ask her about interests like movies, actors/actresses, school/college, and much more. But remember, don’t make them feel like this is some kind of inquiry of that person, and if it does, then things might get tough for you.

5. Talk About Other Things

After having a long conversation with each other and then you notice that something common is happening between both of you, it’s time to take a step ahead. You can exchange your numbers or any other social media platform usernames, etc. to have a better interaction as well as for better bond.

6. Talk About Their Interests

Girls love to talk about their interests and if you share some kind of similar interests with her, it’s a better chance for you to keep the conversation a long way also there might be a possibility to get close to her. Talking about girls’ interests will be one of the best ways how to find girls on Omegle.

7. Make Them Laugh

Girls like those guys who make them laugh and if you also love to crack some jokes on any topic then you are lucky. With this skill, you may get close to her but, be careful while texting. Because the conversation may sound a bit strange in text rather than in face-to-face interaction.

8. Make Them Feel Comfortable

By making a girl comfortable with normal and gentle interaction, you can surely get in touch with her offline. Girls always like to have a conversation with guys with whom they are comfortable and also with whom they can open up.

9. Keep The Communication Regular

If you are having your conversation on alternate days, then let me inform you, that this will not help you to get any girl on Omegle. You must have regular communication to get in touch with her or to get close.

10. Avoid Such Silly Things

You must ignore the silly habits that you usually do in your daily life, for example- avoid messy hairstyles, keep your background clean, don’t burp or make sounds while having any snacks, avoid sarcasm, etc.

Some More Ways To Find Girls On Omegle

There are primarily three good ways; how to find girls on Omegle and these ways are a bit on the harder side but have a quite successful rate. The three ways are:-

1. Selecting The Proper Language

language ebp

The first way to find girls on Omegle is to set up the right and proper language. You have to choose the right language to meet female strangers. There are several languages on Omegle and it is most likely that you must be using the default language i.e. English language on Omegle. If you are using English, there is a healthy 95% chance of finding the male stranger.

The better option is to choose a different language. You can try some other language to find a girl stranger on Omegle. The main reason behind this is to find the girl users of other languages too. There is a table below showing the data regarding which language has a high girl user percentage:

LanguagePercentage of Female user
English5 %
Norwegian11 %
French13 %
Russian15 %
Finnish18 %
German20 %
Portuguese22 %

Well if you don’t know how to change the language on Omegle then follow the steps below:

Step 1:- Open the Omegle website.

Step 2:- Scroll down, and select the option that says,” Select the language”, click on it.

Step 3:- Select one of the languages displayed. And you are good to go.

This is how to find girls on Omegle but, this feature also has some drawbacks with it. The major drawback is when you change the language then the language of Omegle will also be changed and if you are typing your message in English or any other language then your message will be translated to the language selected, this great feature right, but the trick here is the messages of the person at the receiving will also be translated. How can you read the message? You can use Google Translate to translate the message.

2. Adding Suitable Interests

webp 5

This is one of the best and most reliable ways to find girls on Omegle. You have to carefully select your interests before chatting on Omegle. You can use interests like “Dance”, “Tiktok” or anything that girls like.

Here are some of the interests girls might show on Omegle:

  • Dance
  • Astronomy
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Space
  • Tango

There is still no 100% guarantee that you will be meeting the girl user. However, you should at least give it a try. You can choose different interests too depending upon your demography and region. Here is the table showing the percentage of how many girl users use these interests:

InterestsPercentage of Girls user
Dance30 %
Astronomy19 %
Books25 %
Movies11 %
Space14 %
Tango20 %


You can change your interests by selecting the option on Omegle which says ” What Do you want to Talk about”. You can choose your goods according to your preferences and choices.

3. Registering To The College Chat


How to find girls on Omegle


Omegle has a feature called the “College chat feature” which will help you to know how to find girls on Omegle. This feature allows the user to chat with college students. This feature is not accessible to every user. This feature is limited and restricted to college professors and students. To access this feature, you must have an Edu mail. To get the Edu mail, you must be either a college student or a professor, only then you can use this feature.

How To Use The College Chat Feature On Omegle?

To use this feature, you have to put the Edu mail in the space provided and click on go. Then, Omegle will send you a confirmatory mail, after you confirm the mail from your original ID you will be able to chat with the college students. Now, you are good to go and there is a high percentage of meetings with girl users on Omegle. But still, it is not 100% sure to get girl users every time.

Things You Need To Take Care Of While Using Omegle

  • Even if you’ve seen them on the webcam, meeting strangers online might be risky!
  • Be aware of and respect the fact that not every female wants to be pressured for dates or Chat usernames online.
  • If you decide to meet up, do so in a public setting, such as a mall.
  • If you have any doubts about whether someone is fake or not, block and report them.
  • It’s unlawful to meet up with a girl under the age of 18, and she’ll almost certainly have an adult or some authority with her.

Wrapping Up!

In this article, I have mentioned 3 Working ways how to find girls on Omegle. But before you start chatting with any random girls you should follow the instructions I’ve given above to keep yourself on the safe side.

So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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