How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker Android & iPhone

How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker Android & iPhone

Wondering how to get water out of your phone speaker? Did you too accidentally Spill water on your phone? If so, what should you do? As soon as something like this happens, thousands of things come to mind What will happen to your data, your pictures, and everything? Mobile phone is something a very important part of everyone’s lives, especially those who rely on them for communication and information.

From office work to Study it makes everything easy. But you should not worry about it, there are a lot of easy ways in which you can eject water from your phone.

Even though your phone is water-resistant, water can still sneak into areas like the speaker grill and the charging port without you even seeing the accident. Whether it is a rainy day, wintertime, or a quiet day it just happens without us knowing and It is not only you, everyone once in life must have spilled water on their phones, there would be hardly anyone who has not done this. You should not get panicked at that time but should act carefully. In this article get to know how to get water out of your phone speaker easily.

How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker on Android?

waterproof phones

Smartphones have a level of protection that is only granted if the manufacturer has waterproofed the smartphone. This rating has different categories that determine how long the device can withstand being submerged or splashed with water. However, even if your Android phone doesn’t have an official IP rating, it may still have some degree of water resistance.

Let’s talk about some easy ways How to get water out of your phone speaker.

1. Enable the Speaker cleaner option

Most android phones have a Speaker Cleaner feature in them,  which helps in getting the water out of the speakers. When you will enable it, a high-frequency sound will be played to eject the water out of your phone speakers, and not only water it will help in removing all other dust particles along with it.

All the latest android phones have this feature in them. however, it might present by different names. To enable it go to settings>additional setting> Clear speaker grills>. Once you will tap on the option, it will instruct you on the steps that you have to do next.

2. Use an Application

There is nothing to worry about if you do not have a Speaker cleaner on your phone. You can go with using an app, There are many effective apps available on the play store to get the water out of phone speakers. You can use any of it.  For using the app correctly follow these steps:

1. Open Play store.

2. Search for Speaker Cleaner

3. Once it is installed on your device, Go to the app.

4. Make sure your device is not connected to Bluetooth or any other external device.

5. Turn your phone media volume to Maximum.

6. Tap on Speaker cleaner Option appearing in the app

7. Click On Start.

speaker cleaner for android

When You will open the app, It will guide you with what you have to do. Follow the above-mentioned steps to get the results. It may take some time to expel the water out of the speaker grills Wait for the process to complete.

3. Use a soft and absorbing cloth

Another easy way how to get water out of your phone speaker is to cover your phone with a soft piece of cloth for a while. If you think a very little amount of water is entered into your speaker if you immediately get to know that you have spilled water on your phone. You can cover your phone with a Smooth and absorbing cloth, Make sure you have covered the Speakers and Charging ports. It can help you in removing the water from the speaker. and then you can keep your phone in a shaded area for some time. Also, Do not try to immediately switch on your phone if gets off.

How to get water out of phone speaker

And the most important that you should immediately do when you find it out is remove all the things that can get removed from your phone like Simcards, battery, etc.

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How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker On iPhone

iphone 7 wet

When water gets into your phone Speakers, it not only leads to muffle sounds but also can lead to several damages if water does not remove immediately. Unlike the apple watch, there is no other way to remove water from your device. However, all the latest iPhones are water-resistant but it is not guaranteed that not even a drop of water can enter your phones.

Do not worry if you have spilled water on your phone because all the mistakes happen in hurry only. Here In this article, we will tell you how to get water out of your phone speaker on iPhone.

3 easy ways in which you can eject water from your Speaker grills:-

1. Via an application

The easiest way to remove water from your speaker grills is to use an app. We will recommend you to use the Sonic app, it helps in removing water by playing low-frequency sounds so that the water can drip out from the speaker grills.

Steps to Download Sonic app

1. Switch on your iPhone if you have not. Go to App Store. Put Sonic app on download

2. Once the application is downloaded, put your phone on a flat surface and open the app

3. Set the sound frequency, it should be between 100-200hz

4. Tap on the play button

Sonic app to eject water from speaker

You will see water droplets coming out of speaker grills, You need to repeat the process unless the water stops coming out. Wipe your iPhone with a soft cloth. To check if your Speaker is not clean you can play any audio or video if it feels natural. You’re done!

2. Via a website

Another very easy way to eject water from Speakers is to visit, website. Using it is very simple. You just need to visit the website, Tap on the <eject water> option to start a sound sequence. To stop the sound you can tap the option again. play the sound unless the water droplets stop coming out then wipe it with a very soft cloth.

3. Siri shortcuts

Another effective of how to get the water out of your Phone speaker is to use Siri shortcuts. If you have Siri shortcuts installed on your iPhone you can use water eject Shortcuts, just like the Sonic app, this shortcut also plays a sound that helps in ejecting water from the speaker grills. You just need to: Download the Siri Shortcuts if not Downloaded, go to settings>Shortcuts>Allow untrusted Shortcuts.

eject water using siri shortcut 1

Once you have allowed untrusted Shortcuts, install Water eject. After installing, you can run it by tapping the shortcut icon. It will play a Sound frequency which will help in getting the water out of the speakers, Once it water stops coming out wipe it gently using a soft cloth.

Important Things You Should Know when water gets into your Phone Speaker


Most people get So much panicked that, in hurry, they do things which should not be supposed to do.

  • Most people believe that, if they will put their phone in Rice, it will help in absorbing water from the phone. This is something people should not do, as Small rice grains and their sawdust can go into your phone’s speaker, into your camera, or they can get into the charging port of the smartphone and cause it to stop operating.


  • If you found that, you have accidentally spilled water on your phone, due to which your phone is not working, then please do not put it on charging, It can harm your phone. Also, some people use toothpicks to get water out of charging ports this should be avoided.


  • If water enters your phone, then you should not blow it, it can help the water to enter further also, do not use a blow drier and fans to get the water out.


  • Do not shake your Phone.


  • Some people leave the phone in sun, which may dry the water but can affect the battery. Therefore it should always be kept in a shaded area.

Make sure you are not doing anything from the above to get the water out of your phone. This can harm your battery, camera, Charging ports, and speakers.

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1. Does rice work in removing water from Speaker?

Yes, keeping your phone in rice may absorb the water but the minute grains and saw dust present in rice can enter into your Camera, Speakers, and Charging ports which can harm your phone more than water.

2. What to do instantly when water gets into the speaker?

The thing to do instantly after you find out that you have dropped a glass of water on your phone is to remove your sim cards and battery(if it can) immediately. and also, if you find out your phone has turned off do not try to turn it on immediately, First, wipe it, and keep it in a shaded area for some time do not keep your phone in sun for a long time because it may dry the water but can harm the battery.

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Wrap up!

The above article contains information about How to get water out of your phone speaker, we did our best to give you easy and effective information to get the water out of the phone speaker, each one of them is tested and you will get the result. Also check, what not should be done if water gets into your phone speaker. let us know which method you tried in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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