Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam [2023] | Teens Fall For Sugar Baby Scams!

Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam [2023] | Teens Fall For Sugar Baby Scams!

If you are a snapchat user then you must be aware of what the snapchat sugar momma scam is. Well, every social networking site has its own pros and cons, but these online scams are top of the list. Snapchat is a trendy platform with millions of active users and most of them are youngsters. Apart from the scams and frauds, this social media has there are various features that are available on this platform like snapchat filters.

Snapchat keeps uploading new features every other day just as cartoon filters, a kid with glasses, and my new twin are some of the popular filters on this platform. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the Sugar Mama scam on Snapchat and some other scams that you may come across on this site. Also, we will mention precautions to avoid those scams.

A sugar momma is someone who is older than you and reaches out to you to ask for pictures and videos and in return, they will give you money and gifts. The one who receives the gifts is called a sugar baby. To know more about the snapchat sugar momma scam keep on reading this article till the end. So without further delay let’s get started.

What Is Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam?

There are various scams and online frauds that are happening on social applications. People are so crazy about this platform and various activities like increasing their snap score are great tasks people are searching for shortcuts and ways that can help them to increase their snap score overnight.

But don’t fall into any kind of trap there is no way to increase your snap score overnight. You have to keep using the app to increase your snap score and various activities that will help you are marinating snap streaks, etc.

What Are The Popular Scams On Snapchat?

There are various scams just as the snapchat sugar momma scam, to know what are these scams keep reading.

1. Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam

Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam

Various teenagers are becoming a victim of this kind of scam a sheriff’s officer in Ohio said. A sugar momma is someone who is older than you and reaches out to you to ask for pictures and videos and in return, they will give you money and gifts. The one who receives the gifts is called a sugar baby. There are various ways in which this scam works out.

1. Asking for upfront payment.

They will ask you to send them the shipping cost or transfer fee and once they receive the money they just disappear.

2. They will ask for your bank details.

The scammer will ask you to give them your bank details so that they can deposit the money there but in return, they will scam you and empty your bank account.

3. They will pay you some money and ask you to return it.

They will give you checks or gift cards and ask you to send them money back so that they can pay you the other gift and once they get the money you will see their gift cards won’t work or their checks bounce back.

2. Setting Up A Snapchat Premium Account And Featuring Girls

Many scammers set up premium snapchat accounts where they feature girls. These accounts promise to provide adult content but you have to make a payment or they will send you a link where you have to log in with your credit or debit card and your bank details goes to the scammers.

3. Snapchat Romance Scams

Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam

Snapchat becomes a popular platform for online dating and hookups as the messages you sent to disappear. So people find this convenient to interact with people on this platform. So there are chances of various romance scams to happen and some of them are:

1. Meet On A Dating Platform And Ask Them To Talk On Snapchat

If you came across a scammer on a dating app just like tinder then don’t share your private pictures or videos because they will threaten you to upload them once you stop sharing.

2. Catfishing Scams

The scammers may catfish you and pretends to be someone else. They might trick you and ask for money, gifts, and photos and befool you by saying they have genuine feelings for you and may ask for your account access and might trick you.

There is nothing wrong with making connections on snapchat but it is totally wrong to bear such people and make sure you don’t share your bank details with them.

4. Phishing Your Snapchat Account

Hackers have created emails and messages with fake links they will ask you to open the link having fake reasons like your account has been compromised or your photos will be deleted and many others and you have to log in to your snapchat account and they get your login information and hack your account.

5. Money Or Check Cashed Scam

Scammers may hack your friend’s account and make fake reasons and ask for money so if you are receiving such messages contact your friends or other platforms and ask them if is everything fine.

6. Opportunity To Make Money

Many times random people messages you about making money sitting at your home or various opportunities or scammers hack your friend’s account and send you advertisement from their account.

They will ask you to deposit a signup fee or sign up using your personal information and in this way, they take over your details and hack your account.

 7. Account Help Scam

Scammers might befool you by saying they need to recover their account and needs your account access to see their username and they may take over your account.

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What Are The Steps You Should Take To Protect Yourself From Scammers?

Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam

If you are also afraid of these cyber frauds and scams that are becoming very popular then make sure you take the necessary steps.

1. Be Aware Of Uninvited Messages Or Links

If someone sends you random links and messages that you are not asking for then be suspicious about it and don’t click on it. This may lead to giving your personal information and which in turn hack your accounts.

2. Check Your Bank Statements And Credit Details

Scammers just want to steal your money so make sure you are sharing your bank details with anyone and regularly checking your accounts to see if there’s an unnecessary transaction.

3. Signup For Identity Theft Protection

You can signup for identity theft protection in case you are in a vulnerable position this will help you to stop identity theft.

How To Verify If A Snapchat Account Is Real Or Fake?

Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam

To verify if this is a real account or fake try to see a few things that are mentioned below.

1. Check Snap Score

Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam

If you are getting messages from an unfamiliar account and they are asking to be an influence then go and check their snap score if they have a snap score in the hundreds and they are pretending to influence then they are trying to scam you.

2. Check Snap Map

Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam

Check their location on a snap map and confirm that their location matches what they are telling you.

3. Search Their Photos On Google Search

Many scammers use photos from random sites or goggle so before trusting them search their profile photos in google search and see if they are real or fake.

4. Check Their Bitmoji

Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam

Check whether the user has their own personalized avatar or not because it is so common on snapchat to have your personalized avatar.

5. Don’t Fall For Words

Don’t fall for someone’s words and if they are sending you random links then immediately block such accounts even if it’s your friend and try to contact them on another platform.

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How To Stop Snapchat Scammers?

Snapchat Sugar Momma Scam

These scammers are trying their level best to get you scammed so beware they may try some tricks that you wouldn’t think can happen. So here are some of the basic things that you should keep in mind if you ever encounter a strange account.

  • Never share your login information.
  • Block account asking for money, gift cards, etc.
  • Photos and videos of you.
  • Personal information such as an address, birthday, etc.

Further, you can;

1. Report The Suspicious Account

Snapchat allows you to report accounts that are posting inappropriate content or showing inappropriate behaviour then just tap on the report button on the snapchat story or snap streak or account and block it immediately.

2. Report The Hacked Account

Report your account that has been hacked and for this, it won’t need your password or my eyes only passcode. To know when your account is hacked or compromised look at the signs mentioned below.

  • Logged out of your account suddenly.
  • Your account is showing spam messages sent.
  • Message to alert you that your account has been logged in from an unfamiliar device or IP address.
  • Someone changes your mobile number or email address from your snapchat account.

How To Avoid Snapchat Scams?

To avoid scams on snapchat make sure you are keeping your eyes open 24×7 and be aware of the points mentioned below.

  • Be aware of all links and QR codes.
  • Don’t add strangers to your friend list.
  • Connect with your friends on other platforms or by other means if you are seeing suspicious behaviour.
  • Never share your login information with anyone.
  • Choose a strong password that is hard to crack
  • Set up two-factor authentication.
  • Adjust your privacy settings.
  • Add your email and phone number to stay updated with your account.

If you ever think your kid is easy to track and may get befooled by the scammers you can turn on the parent protection.

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So, we have covered the snapchat sugar momma scam. I hope you get all the information regarding the scams that are held on this social media platform. If you find this article informative for you then make sure you share it with your friends and other snapchat lovers to let them know about various scams on snapchat. Keep visiting Americbuzz for more such kinds of articles. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to modify the snapchat capture button?

Ans. Before knowing how you can modify the snapchat capture button you should have snapchat premium’s version. Open snapchat then go to your profile then open snapchat plus. Now, tap on the app theme option then, tap on the capture button, and so you are done.

Q2. How to get a 0.5x camera on snapchat?

Ans. To get a 0.5x camera on snapchat open snapchat, choose the filter then choose the wide-angle effect filter & click your snap and you are done.

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