Snapchat + Adds New Customization Features And The Option To Gift A Subscription

We all love Snapchat and since the app launched its premium subscription Snapchat + the love has just increased to a greater level. A new Christmas miracle just arrived as Snapchat+ adds new customization features along with the option to gift a subscription to your loved ones. I think I just found a Christmas gift to give to my little brother.

He is a social media freak and loves using Snapchat and sending me snaps in the baby filter (when he wants something from me). More on that later, for now, let’s discuss what is all this buzz about when Snapchat+ adds new customization features and if you can gift a Snapchat Plus subscription to someone.

As an early Christmas present for its Snapchat Plus users, the app announced that it has added three new features to make customization of the app easier for them.

To be precise Snapchat+ users can now customize their capture button, app icons, chat backgrounds and other interface components.

Let’s discuss this in detail.

How Snapchat + Adds New Customization Features?

Snapchat + Adds New Customization Features And The Option To Gift A Subscription

Recently Snapchat announced that it would be adding three new features to the app and everyone became very happy but when they read the next line the number of happy people decreased by a great number.

This is because they read Snapchat + adds new customization features so only users with Snapchat + were happy, the rest of the users got back to what they were doing earlier. So, if you are a Snapchat + user then keep reading and if you are not a subscriber but are intrigued by this service keep reading to see if you change your mind and get the subscription.

So, Snapchat + adds new customization features and has got three new features which will allow users to customize the app to their liking. The app has allowed users to customize the capture button to a colour or shape of their choice.

They can customize app icons and customize chat backgrounds. Chat backgrounds can be changed to any standard wallpapers or any image from the camera roll with the help of a new feature called chat wallpapers.

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How To Gift A Snapchat + Subscription?

Snapchat + Adds New Customization Features And The Option To Gift A Subscription

So, as Snapchat + adds new customization features it has also decided to give a great Christmas gift to its premium users. Now you can gift a 12-month Snapchat + subscription to anyone you want for just $39.99. A feature was already added in October wherein Snapchat + users could expire their stories at different intervals instead of expiring at 24 hours.

It means now Snapchat + users could set their story expiration time to be after 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, two days, three days or even one week after uploading. Now Snapchat decided to be generous again and since Christmas is a time for giving and spreading joy Snapchat + adds new customization features which allow users to give a unique gift to their loved ones.

In a world where everyone is confused about what to gift one another Snapchat is giving premium users a chance to gift a Snapchat + subscription to their special ones. It’s a very unique concept and I think it will be a hit. If you have someone in your life you are confused about what to give them this Christmas, try gifting them this subscription, I’m sure you will become a hit in their heart.

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Wrapping Up!

It’s a fact now when Snapchat + adds new customization features it’s going to be something amazing. Today Snapchat + users are happy with the new features tomorrow there might be surprises for other users as well. Sit tight and see what the future has in store for you.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Can you customize ping sounds with the new Snapchat + features?

Ans. Yes, you can customize the ping sounds when you receive a message from someone.

Q2. How much would it cost me to gift a Snapchat Plus subscription to my friend?

Ans. You can be someone’s secret Santa and gift them a Snapchat Plus premium subscription for just $39.99.

Q3. How many times was the Crying Lens viewed since its launch?

Ans. Since its launch, Snapchat’s crying lens has been viewed 9.7 billion times by users.

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