Snapchat Plus Rewatch | How To Check Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch Count 2023?

Snapchat Plus Rewatch | How To Check Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch Count 2023?

Snapchat Plus has given us many amazing features and each feature has its contribution to making the user experience incredible on Snapchat. The Snapchat+ badge, Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch, ghost trials, selecting your best friends forever, and so on are some of the premium features that are available for Snapchat Plus users. These features give Snapchat Plus subscribers an edge over non-subscribers as they can access new features and also use the old features in a modified way.

One of the features called the Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch allows users to see which of their friends have watched and then rewatched their stories on Snapchat. This feature work for My Story, Shared Story as well as Private Story, and to avail of this feature all you need is a Snapchat+ subscription.

This feature is a minor upgradation to the existing feature of checking who watched your story on Snapchat. Now you can see if your story has been watched multiple times by your friends and who are these gems who love your content so much to watch it more than once. Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch can be viewed under your story with all the other indicators.

If you want to check your story rewatch count then simply upload a story and wait for the views. If your story will have more than one view by somebody it will be indicated by a pair of glancing eyes. These glancing eyes will be right next to the view indicator and the screenshot indicator. The number next to the indicator will signify your story rewatch count. Keep reading to find out more.


What Is The Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch Feature?

Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch

Snapchat Plus has given us many new and exciting features, Snapchat Premium Badge, pinning your #1 BFF, solar planet, and Snapchat web are newly added features. Other features like Ghost trials, bitmoji backgrounds, Snapchat icons, and Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch are an upgrade to existing features like location services, bitmoji, icons, and screenshot features.

All Snapchatters already know how Snapchat story works, a user uploads a story and then sees how many people saw the story. So what’s new with the Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch feature? What this new feature does is that it allows users to know if their story has been watched more than once by any other user. Mind you, the feature doesn’t state how many times was the story seen but only tells you if the story was rewatched.

For example, if a friend of yours saw your story 10 times then Snapchat Story Rewatch will only specify it as one person rewatched it. It won’t be like the story rewatch count is 10, instead, it will be like rewatch count is 1. In other words, if your story has been rewatched, regardless of how many times it was rewatched, its count will be 1 (1 rewatch per person). But as a bonus, it will tell you which friend rewatched it.


How Does the Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch Work?

Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch

The Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch has an indicator in the form of glancing eyes and it will be located beneath the story near the story count and the screenshot indicator. It is an extra add-on feature to the already existing story feature of Snapchat which is only available for Snapchat Plus users.

This feature is also an upgrade to the screenshot feature. Earlier we could only see people who watched our stories and would get notified if they took a screenshot. With Snapchat Plus not only will you be able to see who saw your story but will also get to know how many of them rewatched it.

This feature is useful for anyone dying to know if their crush watched their story and get butterflies in their stomach if they see that the crush has rewatched it. No, but on a serious note, this feature is very useful if you are a Snapchat Content Creator or Influencer.

This is the best way to track which stories of yours are being liked the most by your viewers by simply checking the rewatch count. If the count is high it automatically means that the story was well received, hence Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch should be a good reason enough to buy Snapchat Plus Subscription.


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How To Check Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch Count?

Checking a Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch count is very easy, you don’t need to know any algorithms for this. It is as simple as watching the Snapchat Story Count. Simply follow these steps and you will see all the times your friends rewatched your story and who all are these true friends who love your content so much.

Step 1: The basic and most important step to do anything related to Snapchat is to open the app first.

Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch

Step 2: Upload the desired that you want the world to see.

Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch

Image Courtesy How-to Geek

Step 3: Patiently wait for the views to pour in.

Step 4: Check-in after some time to see all the views you’ve gotten.

Step 5: If anyone has rewatched your story you will see a glancing eye emoji near the Story Views indicator. The number next to the emoji will signify the number of people who rewatched your story.

Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch

Image Courtesy Snapchat Support

Note: The indicator itself won’t tell you who all rewatched your story


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Wrap Up!

In the end, I want to say that the Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch feature is helpful to content creators in many ways, it helps you see which of your content was liked by the audience based on their views and rewatches. This further helps identify what type of content audiences like to see and thus you can create similar content in the future and eventually get more traffic to your page.



Q1. How to switch the Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch on or off on Snapchat?

Ans. If you want to toggle the Rewatch Count button on your account then you simply need to open your Snapchat Profile>Tap on your Snapchat Plus Membership> and Tap the Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch icon on/off.

Q2. Can we know how many times has a person seen the story?

Ans. Fortunately for the viewer of the story, you won’t be able to see how many times did they watch your story. It won’t go down well for them if they are watching their crush’s story. The Snapchat Plus Story Rewatch count will only be able to show you that they rewatched it, that’s it.

Q3. What is the subscription fee for Snapchat Plus?

Ans. The subscription fee for Snapchat Plus is $3.99 per month with a 7-day trial period which starts the minute you subscribe to the service.

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