How To Use Katheryne Bot Discord With Bot Commands in 2022

How To Use Katheryne Bot Discord With Bot Commands in 2022

Discord is a voice, video, and text chat app that connects users with community members via Discord servers. It is a gaming and game industry-oriented app for growing communities around video games and allowing people to communicate with their existing customers; however, the app can also be used for other types of business communication systems.

Across Discord, the broad sense of using discord bots has been in high demand. Many bots provide essential functions for a client’s growth and advancement. The key issue that these bots address is that, with the aid of bots created by some of the best developers, a server’s administrator does not have to be active all of the time, and their inactivity does not negatively impact the server.

So today in this article we’re going to discuss How to use Katheryne bot in discord which is popularly well known and used by many Creators across the world. Without taking much time let’s talk about Katheryne bot features and command list that may help you to know its use.

What are the Features of Katheryne Bot in Discord

So, basically, it’s very important to know about a bot that you’re about to use in your discord server and if we talk about Katheryne, then this bot is excellent and used by thousands of discord servers. Here are some features of the Katheryne bot given below.

Feature 1:- In this bot, a user can set reminders or alarms and it would help you to get easily notified of anything that’s going on in your server.

Feature 2:- So once you start using this server you’ll get to use the character artifacts feature and with this, it also has many cool features for the users.

Feature 3:- It also supports the Wish emulator which is highly used and very popular among users. So In a nutshell, this bot server is so amazing to use efficiently 


25 Best Katheryne Bot Commands List To Use In Discord (2022)

Bot commands are used inside the discord which can be used inside the server. But to use any command make sure to use “*” before any command to give to in server. Here are some best Katheryne bot commands listed by given below.


*bannersList all possible banners to use on the wish simulator.
*crystalsView how many Crystals :Crystal: you currently have.
*inventoryGives a user’s wishing inventory.
*leaderboardDisplays the top users based on a sort option
*profileCheck the wish simulator stats of yourself or others.
*set profileChange elements on your profile like your Genshin UID and name card image.
*tradeTrade characters from your wishing inventory with other users.
*wishGenshin Impact wish simulation. No 5-star pity. Add the word “lucky” to your pull!
*bot infoCheck guild count, cluster number, shard count, and ping.
*donateAll donations go towards paying for the bot host in order to keep Katheryne online.
*inviteGet the invite link to add Katheryne to your server
*prefixChange or view the bot prefix.
*reportSend a bug report or suggestion to the developer.
*supportObtain a link to the bot’s support server.
*voteVote for the bot to receive rewards.
*dailyLists available domains for the day & their materials (servers: NA, EU, ASIA)
*timerSet a timer. Includes a customizable resin timer along with the three weekly bosses (7-day timers).
*timersView and/or remove your currently set timers.
*artifactDisplay information on an artifact set.
*artifactsLists all possible artifact sets in the game.
*charGives a rundown of the specified character. Can view ascension materials, talents, and constellations.
*name cardsNo help found…
*weaponDisplay weapon information (type, stat bonuses, & ascension materials).
weaponsLists all possible weapons in the game. Can also provide a sort option (ex. *weapons crit rate).
*helpShow help about the bot, a command, or a category.


So How To Use Discord Bot Commands?

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Credits:- PNGEgg


If you’re an old user of discord then you should be known of using bot command in discord and to use any discord bot command you just need to insert the bot command into the text channel and press the enter button. You can also follow the steps given below to use the bot command.


Step 1:-  Open “Discord” on your mobile or Pc.


Step 2:- Click on the server where you want to type in the bot command.


Step 3:- Then simply type the bot text below in the text box and press “Enter” to make it live.


How to Add Bots on Discord Server?

How To Use Katheryne Bot Discord With Bot Commands

Adding a bot to a discord server is a very easy and fun process to do, so if you’re a new user in discord then you must check its authentication before you apply to your server. Apart from the Katheryne bot, you can also use many other bot commands on your server and if you don’t know how to add bots to the Discord server, then you should follow the steps given below.


Follow the steps given below to add bots to the Discord Server:-


Step 1:- Log in to Discord Server using your phone number or email address.


Step 2:- Select the server from the “Add a bot to a server” selection on the Authorization page.


Step 3:- After you’ve finished selecting permissions, click the Authorize button to finish adding the bot to your Discord server.


Step 4:- You’ll see a tick mark and be able to exit the browser if you’ve done everything correctly and the bot is approved.


How To Remove Bots On Discord Server?

How To Use Katheryne Bot Discord With Bot Commands in 2022
Credits:- geekdashboard

So, if you’re bored of using a bot on the Discord server you can easily remove it by following the steps given below.

Step 1:-  Open your Discord account and select a server.

Step 2:-  In the text or speech sections, right-click on the bot’s name.

Step 3:-  You’ll notice a kicking option. When you click it, the bot will be removed from your server.


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Why Katheryne Bot doesn’t work?

So, as if know you’ll be known to hydra bot clearly, but if you aren’t able to use Katheryn bot or it’s not working in your discord server, then it might be due to a Server issue or outdated version of Discord. If after updating it, still doesn’t work you may have to reach the Katheryne support community server.

Do also check whether you’ve given all the necessary permissions to the Katherine bot in your server or not?


Wrapping Up!

I hope the above article helped you with How to use Katheryne bot discord and also we’ve mentioned some of the features and best commands that you can use to make this server fun.

So if you really liked the article do let us know your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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