How To Add & Use Xenon Bot Discord With Bot Commands? [2023]

How To Add & Use Xenon Bot Discord With Bot Commands? [2023]

Xenon Bot Discord is an excellent discord bot used by many big creators where you can take backups and also it allows you to create various servers that can help you manage your discord server more efficiently.

So as the title says everything that we’re going to discuss is How to use Xenon bot discord If you’ve already gone through our previous article where we discussed how to use the Katheryne bot in the discord server, then this article will gonna be so easy to understand.

To use the Xenon bot in the discord server you need to first add the Xenon bot to your server, then pick one of the bot commands listed below, and then type the bot commands in the text box and that’s it.


What Is Xenon Bot Discord?

Xenon bot is a very useful bot that is used to back up your server, or you can also develop new servers from a template and can transfer messages. Your Discord servers, roles, channels, and server settings are all backed up by the Xenon bot.

But in the free version, you can back up a limited amount of data and to do more you need to buy its premium services i.e messages and member data like nicknames and allocated jobs.

So, once you’re done with the whole knowledge of using this bot in your discord server, you may effortlessly clone servers or restore a server. It has many templates that can be used to load existing servers or construct new ones. Although it can also generate backups of your server on a regular basis.

Before using this awesome bot in your discord server you need to learn how to add it to your discord server, to do so follow the instructions given below.


How To Add Xenon Bot In Discord Servers


It’s a very easy process to add a Xenon bot in a discord server that we’ll see below in the steps:-

Step 1:- Go to Google and paste this link Xenon bot.

Step 2:- Then two options will display on the window; Premium and invite.

Invite xenon bot to discord1

Step 3:- Tap on the invite option and it will redirect you to your discord app.

Step 4:- Login to your discord account using your email address and password.

Step 5:- Then it would ask you to select the server where you want to add this Xenon bot, click on the Continue button, and give all the permissions needed to run this bot.

Step 6:- In the next step simply authorize the bot by reviewing it once and right after that it will start working instantly.


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How To Use Xenon Bot Discord Commands

Using a xenon bot command in discord is more simple than adding a bot to a discord server, to know how to follow the instructions given below.

Step 1:- Open discord on your Phone or Pc.

Step 2:- Click on the server where you’ve to add xenon bot and then use “/” {name of the command}.

Credits:- Twitter

Step 3:- You’ll see different commands with a short brief, select the command and use it.


10+ Best Xenon Bot  Discord Commands

As per the new update, bot commands can be used by using the prefix “/”.

Popular Xenon Commands

/backup createCreate a backup.
/backup loadLoad a previously created backup.
/backup listList all your backups.
/backup intervalManage automated backups.
/template loadLoad a template from Xenon templates.


Xenon General Commands 

/audit logsGet a list of actions that were recently taken on this server.
/backup interval showShow your current backup interval for this server.
/backup interval onEnable your backup interval for this server.
/backup interval offDisable your backup interval for this server.
/backup cancelCancel the currently running loading process on this server.
/backup statusGet the status of the currently running loading process.
/backup infoGet information about a previously created backup.
/backup deleteDelete a previously created backup.
/backup purgeDelete all (or some) of your backups.
/clone channelCreate a clone of the channel including permission overwrites.
/clone roleCreate a clone of a role optionally including channel permission overwrites.
/copyCopy a server without creating a backup.
/errorShow information about a command error.
/inviteInvite the Xenon bot to your server.
/leaveMake the bot leave this server.


What If You’re Not Able To See Xenon Bot Commands

Simply Open settings -> Go to Text & images and then use slash (/) commands to see emojis, mentions, and syntax as written by you. Keep in mind that the Xenon role that is provided with the bot is at the top of the list too. To make it possible simply go to server settings, and Roles, and choose Xenon bot, then drop it to the top of the list.



 1. What actually does the Xenon bot do?

Xenon is a very popular bot that allows you to make server backups automatically every few hours. With its premium edition, you can do lots of features that are not available in the free version.

2. How to create a Template in Xenon bot discord?

First, you have to create a server template and add it to Xenon’s template list, and then simply g Go to the server you want to make a template for and search for the “Server Template” option in the server settings. Type in all of the needed information.


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Wrapping Up!

I hope the above information is sufficient to know How to use Xenon bot discord and also we’ve mentioned some of the best xenon bot commands that you can use to make it more interesting.
So if you really liked the article do let us know your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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