10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming On PS4 and XboxOne

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming On PS4 and XboxOne

Most gamers are wondering about the best DNS servers for gaming, nowadays. Most people don’t think it’s a huge deal to save a few milliseconds while using the Domain Name System to look up websites, but we’d want to challenge that notion. By improving your DNS lookups, you can save real-time and improve the quality of your life.

DNS is the main address book of the Internet, as most of us are already aware. Mapping domain names, such as Google.com to an IPv4 address, send traffic to your email and websites to your inbox. Most of the time, while you are using the Internet, you begin to communicate with the DNS covertly.

An internet connection that is too sluggish to use is disliked by everyone. For better Internet performance, this is the main driver behind the majority of people’s search for methods to speed up DNS lookups. Several of the top DNS servers for 2022 will be discussed in this article.

What Is A DNS Server?

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

The Domain Name System sometimes referred to as the DNS server, is regarded as the Internet’s equivalent of a phone book. The DNS will check for the appropriate IP address for popular websites like nytimes.com and google.com when you write in their names.

These addresses will subsequently be used by the web browsers to connect to the origin servers or CDN edge servers to get website data. The devices that respond to DNS requests are the DNS servers. Let’s see how the DNS server can assist in DNS query resolution.

There are four different sorts of servers that work together to offer you the IP address if you are looking into a DNS query that does not have any caching: the authoritative nameservers, the TLD nameservers, the root name servers, and the recursive nameservers.

The DNS client sends the query to the DNS recurse server first. It will then communicate with other servers to find the proper IP address. After receiving the request from the client, the resolver will begin to assume the client’s role. By doing this, you’ll ask the other DNS servers, and they’ll start looking for the correct IP address.



Here’s The List Of 10 Best DNS Severs For Gaming In 2022

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

Most Internet users are unaware that a DNS lookup typically takes 30 milliseconds, which may not seem like a long time. Though most straightforward websites will conduct more than a dozen DNS lookups. A DNS search will be required for every link, image, and program that is not hosted on the page’s site.

Links to websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, for instance, are social networking sites. Various DNS lookups are necessary for each of these systems. There will still be DNS lookups necessary even if the page uses Google Fonts. Everything makes sense.


DNS Servers For Gaming [Xbox One/PS4/PS5]

1. Google is fantastic for gaming, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

In 2009, the Google DNS server was introduced with the promise of greatly enhancing speed and security on the internet. With a daily capacity of more than 400 billion server queries, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest public DNSs.

Google employs technology that was specifically created for use, as opposed to the conventional DNS servers. Another leading company that takes DNS security seriously is Google. In a typical security breach, a DNS server will be intercepted, which will cause the website’s traffic to be diverted away from legitimate servers and toward malicious ones.

In such circumstances, Google will keep track of the tests that show the DNS server is resilient against spikes, including Denial of Services (DoS) attacks, in which the hacker attempts to render the system’s resources unavailable by impeding or disrupting the operations of the host connected to the internet.

The majority of the time, DoS is accomplished by bombarding the resource with a server with a large number of pointless and redundant requests. As a result, the system will become overloaded, blocking valid requests. This can also increase web traffic while slowing the server’s speed.

2. Comodo Secure DNS

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

A free public DNS service provided by Comodo, Comodo Secure DNS is a domain name resolution service that resolves your Secure DNS queries via our global network of redundant DNS security servers. It delivers malware and phishing prevention and responds in under 16 ms.

3. Alternate DNS [For safe browsing with no adverstisements]

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

A free DNS server called Alternate DNS aids in the blocking of pointless and undesired advertisements, hence bolstering security on your computer. Additionally advantageous is the disabling of adverts because browsing and gaming load significantly faster without them.

The server delivers a null and invalid answer to the IP address of the ad sender before the ad travels over the user’s network to aid in the ad blocking process and make use of a well-cataloged database of popular DNS servers that serve advertisements. As a result, browsing is expedited and both the user and the operator are guaranteed the highest level of security.


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4. Cloudflare

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

Today’s fastest DNS servers are said to include Cloudflare. Additionally, this DNS server is recognized for never exploiting your data to target advertisements, sell your demographic information, or log in to your IP address.

By simply encrypting the traffic of your web browser, the primary DNS of Cloudfare will also prevent outsiders from snooping on your search history and other online activities.

5. Oracle Dyn [For Business]

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

Oracle, one of the top DNS service providers, has altered the rules by enabling consumers to choose a special and individualized hostname for any IP-compatible device. In order to avoid any delays and provide consumers with the best experience possible, Oracle Dyn makes sure that all updates made to any devices or data occur as quickly as possible.

It also ensures that software upgrades occur on schedule. For the fee paid, this automated and timely upgrading approach is a true delight that keeps the customer linked to the real-time service. The Dyn DNS is able to register numerous devices and locations when it is utilized for a gaming console like the PS4 so that no data or recorded processes are lost.

Of course, the hostname must also be changed immediately when the device’s IP address changes. The said change can happen with this DNS server within 20 seconds, requiring the least amount of time for device upgrades. The Dyn DNS’s functionality, which has guaranteed speed, security, and dependability, is the result of years of experience and education.

With a fantastic brand reputation, Dyn DNS continues to support almost 2000 startup businesses, the majority of which are in the gaming and development industries. They pledge to recognize that user friendliness and stability are two crucial factors that are always changing in each of the two professions.

6. Verisign Public DNS

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

Verisign is a public DNS server that provides a wide range of security services, such as defense against DoS attacks and cyber threats. Verisign does not distribute pop-ups or redirect users to any adverts when they conduct searches as part of its commitment to protecting their privacy. It also does not sell the demographic or profile information of its users to any third parties.

Verisign has a simplified 7-step procedure that goes like this for websites or gaming consoles: After the user enters a domain name, Verisign Public Resolver is engaged, root servers begin to locate the domain name, and the root server then uses the domain name to check in with the superior server.

When the domain name’s location is identified, the server returns to the root server. When visiting the website’s actual location, the root server arrives. The user’s web browser loads the webpage and verifies its security.


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7. Comodo Secure DNS [For safe browsing]

Since the early 2000s, the Comodo Dome Sheild DNS server has been a solution-based, trustworthy global server by offers security and control from any device in any location of the world.

Comodo is a cloud-based DNS server utilized for gaming consoles and business computers due to the significant danger of virus development and phishing in these two categories.

Comodo is an international DNS hosted in more than 25 countries. It protects and panels the user’s web traffic regardless of the network that is connected to the device.

All reports of internet-connected consumption are delivered straight to the user’s email ID, and the server’s functionality is fully adjustable.

8. Norton ConnectSafe

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

Norton ConnectSafe is a no-cost public DNS service that it provides. It provides malware and phishing prevention with a response time of only 15 ms.

9. QUAD9

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

In order to run a public, free DNS server that is privacy and security-focused, IBM and numerous other cybersecurity companies have backed Quad9, a non-profit community that helps DNS server systems.

It is a free solution that shields your PC and other connected devices against online risks by automatically and instantly preventing access to harmful websites without disclosing any of the user’s private information in the data files.

Quad9 does not screen any content, which is a vital fact to keep in mind. Only phishing sites and domains that host malware are prohibited. Cyberattackers are unable to take control of the system while employing Quad9 on our network of servers that have been identified as bad.

Additionally, it will be harder for the attackers to steal the data and harm the system. When an individual or group of individuals (corporations/companies) utilizes Quad9, the system does not store the IP addresses, but it does contain the server’s location (region, state), and it uses this information to examine harmful software components in the data.

When conducting any analysis, Quad9 does not use actual data and does not disclose its registered or stored data with those interested in the prime market. Its main objective is to battle online dangers and criminal activity so that people can increase their online security.


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Despite the fact that no DNS server is completely impervious to threats and cyber-attacks, Quad9 has developed a DNS infrastructure that is comparatively resilient. This infrastructure was established using years and years of professional study and development.

Users and Quad9 as a DNS server may be affected by a variety of stressors, but the latter has experimented with and tested a number of methods to effectively navigate the majority of challenges they have encountered thus far.

10. OpenDNS

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

OpenDNS, which boasts 100% dependability and parental controls with multiple sorting options, is used by over 90 million people globally. Additionally, this technology provides OpenDNSFamilyShield DNS servers, which can filter out pornographic content.

Similar to Cloudflare, OpenDNS offers global data warehouses that are designed to reduce the distance between networks and data centres and speed up internet access.


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Why Are DNS Servers Necessary?

10 Best DNS Servers For Gaming | Xbox One/PS4/PS5

A DNS server, as was already mentioned, functions much like the Internet’s equivalent of a phone book. Every time we browse a webpage, our computer systems launch a DNS search across the billions of already existing ones.

For a website to fully load, several DNS lookups may be required due to the complexity of the website’s coding or its multidimensional version.


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This suggests that depending on the number of websites we visit and the level of complexity each webpage might include, our computer systems carry out several DNS queries each day.

Instead of utilizing your ISP’s default DNS servers, you might choose to use public or third-party DNS servers for better performance and security.

For gaming, it’s crucial to have a rapid, dependable DNS server for two reasons: first, to ensure that you can quickly resolve the IP address of the game server, and second, to lessen the latency and jitter you encounter while playing.


Summing Up!

Try switching to one of the suggested best DNS servers for gaming listed above and also if you’re having problems connecting to a game server or experiencing latency or jitter in-game. Your gaming experience ought to get better right now.

Playing video games on your PS4 or Xbox can be a lot of fun, but if you’re having connection issues, experiencing lag or jitter, or simply aren’t getting the performance you want, it may be time to change your DNS server.

Both servers are speedy and have a wide network of servers spread throughout the world that can help lower latency and boost performance. We hope you find this article informative as well as helpful. For more updates on technology and hacks, stay tuned for future articles. Thanks for reading!

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