How Can I Factory Reset Ps4 Without Losing Data (2022) | Fastest Ways

How Can I Factory Reset Ps4 Without Losing Data (2022) | Fastest Ways

PlayStation 4 or Ps4 even today, is the most used gaming console that people love to play on. If you’re using ps4 right now and facing a couple of issues like bugs, lags, glitches, or game errors while playing on Ps4 and don’t know how to solve these issues? The only solution to this factory reset. But on the downside factory resetting your will delete all of your existing data. If you are wondering how can I reset Ps4 without losing data then this article is all you need to resolve the issue.

To know how can I factory reset Ps4 without losing data you must know that you have to take a backup of your console before doing a factory reset. If you don’t do it all of your data will be deleted and you’ll have to download everything again. You can also factory reset your ps4 in safe mode and all of your software problems will be solved. So, if you’re ready to factory reset ps4 do read the blog till the end to know how can I reset Ps4 without losing data easily.

How Can I Reset Ps4 Without Losing Data In 2023?

How Can I Factory Reset Ps4 Without Losing Data

How Can I Reset Your PS4 Without Losing Data By Backing Up?

You can factory reset your PS4 without losing your data by backing up the existing data beforehand. By doing so you can afresh and also have the data essential for your gaming experience. Follow these steps to learn how to factory reset your PS4 or PlayStation 4:

  • Firstly you should “Log in” to your account
  • Then go to “Settings.”
  • Then select the “Icon” named initialization.
  • Then select “Initialize PS4”.
  • Then you have to select full, then initialize

And lastly, select yes to confirm your choice. And boom now your PS4 will start to reset.

Note: Keep in mind, before resetting your PlayStation, please take a backup of your data as I already told you above otherwise, it will vanish all of your data as well.

How Can I Reset Your PS4 Without Losing Data In Safe Mode?

Factory resetting your PS4 is a simple task. Follow the steps given below in sequence to reset your PS4 in safe mode:

  •  First, you have to press and hold the power button until you hear two beeping sounds. Then select initialize PS4 this will wipe all your user data and will restore your PlayStation to factory settings.
  • Keep in mind, that select restore default settings instead of initializing PS4 if you are having software issues on your PlayStation.

How Can I Factory Reset Your PS4 Controller?

If you accidentally tweak your PlayStation controller’s settings but you are now not able to handle your settings then you should reset your controller to its factory settings

The following points will guide you in factory resetting your controller. I hope this article will help you to reset your controller.

  • To reset your dualshock4 controller first you have to unplug your PlayStation 4 and turn it off
  • Then you have to locate a very small reset button on your controller, it is mostly near the L2shoulder button.
  • Now use a small tool such as a pin to push that reset button
  • Now hold for 2-6 Seconds
  • Now turn on your PlayStation and connect your controller via USB.
  • And then you should press the Ps button
  • Now if the light turns blue then your controller is paired and now factory resettled but if the controller is unresponsive then you should check your warranty. Following that visit Sony’s official website for an easy fix or replacement.

Wrapping Up!

Above I’ve covered every possible way for you to know how can I reset Ps4 without losing data and if you really liked the blog we’ll really appreciate the time you gave to read this blog. Please let us know your review of this blog and how can we make it better to help you in the future. Thank You!

Frequently Asked Question

1. How do I completely reset my Ps4?

You can completely restart your ps4 after pressing and holding the ps button on your controller and then selecting that power button.

2. How do you restart a frozen Ps4?

To restart a frozen ps4 just hold the ps button on your controller and then wait for 7 seconds too if it responds and if there is no response from the controller. Then hold the power button till it will beep twice and after then it will shut off and your ps4 is ready to use.

3. Will I lose all my data if I reset my PS4?

All settings and information kept on the PS4 system are deleted when you initialise it. Because this operation cannot be reversed, be careful you don’t erase any vital data by accident. Data that has been deleted cannot be recovered.

4. Do ps4 controllers work on Ps4?

Yes,ps4 controller works on ps5 and you can easily play games while using ps4 controller.

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