8 Best VPNs For School WiFi |How To Use VPN For School Wifi?

8 Best VPNs For School WiFi |How To Use VPN For School Wifi?

Are you also seeking some of the best VPNs for school Wifi and other VPN games? It can be incredibly annoying at times to only have limited access to certain websites and applications on your school WiFi.

To maintain students’ concentration on their studies, many schools tend to prohibit access to various social media websites including YouTube, Snapchat, and other instructional and torrent websites over school WiFi.

To regulate network usage, some schools also set bandwidth usage limits. Many schools and universities censor students’ access to particular websites or services to maintain student focus. It’s not just annoying; sometimes it prevents you from accessing information that you genuinely need for research.

One of our top VPN for school recommendations might assist you in getting beyond the obstacle if you find yourself in such a predicament. Before adding a free VPN to the list, be aware that most of them aren’t genuinely free.

As a substitute, they impose some bandwidth restrictions and omit key security measures including military-grade encryption, obfuscation technologies, and a no-logs policy. So, let’s get started with our topic on the best VPNs for school wifi.


Here’s The List Of 8 Best VPNs For School WiFi In 2022

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Many schools and universities impose access restrictions on particular websites or applications to maintain student interest. Not only is it annoying, but it could also indicate that you are unable to get the materials you truly need for your studies.

Although it can be difficult to be refused access to things you want, colleges and institutions have valid reasons for doing so. On the other side, a virtual private network will let you get around the restrictions and get whatever you desire.

A VPN is a potent piece of software that can hide your precise location and make it seem as though you’re accessing the internet from a different area. This is done by diverting web traffic through a middle server in the area of your choice and encoding the traffic going to and from your device.

We remember what it was like to be on campus, moving between the lecture hall, library, dormitory, neighbourhood cafe, auditorium, and, presumably, a bar. Students should be cautious about protecting their identity and online behaviour using a VPN for school WiFi due to all of the frequent switching between public and private Wi-Fi.

Almost all of the VPNs for school WiFi that we suggest offers special discounts to students because they, like us, believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to digital security. This is because students are frequently on a low budget.


How Does A VPN Operate?

Virtual Private Network To conceal your genuine location and IP addresses, it connects you to a server located outside of your institution. As a result, the school WiFi cannot prevent you from accessing the banned websites using the school WiFi because it appears that you are doing so from a different location.

Keep in mind that the best VPNs are not necessarily the most affordable. However, if you’re seeking a VPN that is completely free for school, you can find some respectable options below. Yes, there are a few trustworthy inexpensive VPNs.


8 Best VPNs For Schook Wifi In 2022

1. ProtonVPN

free vpns for school wifi

A free VPN for school WiFi that offers unlimited bandwidth is ProtonVPN. Students will find it to be a great option because it allows them to simply use the VPN service without using up all of their data.

The US, the Netherlands, and Japan are the only three server locations available with this VPN, which is the sole negative. You can unblock websites that are restricted at schools, such as streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, as well as Twitter, Skype, Khan Academy, and other websites.

ProtonVPN has slow speeds, and it takes a while for the websites to load. The VPN provided an average download speed of 43.27 Mbps and an upload speed of 21 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection when we tested its US server.

Get this VPN on the device you use the most at school because it can only be utilized on one device at a time. To keep you safe online, ProtonVPN has a kill switch, AES 256-bit encryption, no logs, Double VPN, and other security features.

On its website, this VPN provides comprehensive recommendations for resolving your problems. To find out more about this service, read our ProtonVPN review.


2. CyberGhost

free vpns for school wifi

We advise installing CyberGhost if you’re in a hurry. It’s a fantastic VPN service with lots of servers, robust security, and fast speeds. The best VPN for schools is CyberGhost. It employs the highly recommended 256-bit AES encryption and has excellent security.

You also have a kill switch that is always on to keep you safe, albeit you can’t turn it off. Additionally, the business doesn’t record your activity. It’s also affordable and simple to use. Its free seven-day trial is available to users of Android and iOS, and there is also a money-back guarantee.

It works with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and you may connect up to seven devices simultaneously if you have more than one. Although CyberGhost has quick speeds, you can find that they slow down when you connect to a distant server.


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You receive unlimited bandwidth, and if you choose to use streaming services, it can also do so. Finding an appropriate server won’t be a problem because of its extensive server network. Although the monthly choice is not ideal, you can save money by going with a longer membership.

Additionally, CyberGhost offers a free trial, which is unusual. Users of Android and iOS receive seven days, but those using PC only get 24 hours.


3. Betternet

free vpns for school wifi

Not to mention, Betternet is one of the few free VPNs for school WiFi that offers 500MB of free data each day. macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome are just a few of the operating systems that it works with. Use of the secure Catapult Hydra protocol is made.

Users of Betternet have the option of using 128-bit encryption for safe networks or military-grade 256-bit encryption for unsecured networks, both of which offer extremely high levels of encryption.


4. NordVPN

free vpns for school wifi

When it comes to speed and performance, NordVPN is the finest. It enables you to carry out everything from HD streaming to high-bandwidth transfers without any significant delays.

No personally identifying data, like IP addresses, servers used, URLs visited, or documents accessed, is collected by NordVPN. Additionally, NordVPN is based in Panama and is not subject to any global surveillance agreements, so we felt secure leaving our information with them.


5. ExpressVPN

free vpns for school wifi

In most of our roundups, ExpressVPN is towards the top or at the very top. It’s the greatest VPN we’ve tested, and if it were more affordable for kids, it would also be the best VPN for schools.

It uses 256-bit AES encryption and offers great security features. A kill switch exists and is turned on by default, however, unlike CyberGhost, you may disable this one. There is also a stringent no-logs rule in place.


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It is among the simplest VPNs to use across all platforms. Up to five devices can be connected at once, and it supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. There are no data use restrictions with ExpressVPN, the best VPN available.


6. Hide.me

free vpns for school wifi

Another safe free VPN that kids can use in class is called Hide.Me. By using its DNS leak prevention and kill switch, the VPN lives up to its name and conceals your real IP address and online activities. You get 10 GB of data each month from Hide.Me, which is more than enough for social media use, light browsing, and streaming.

However, there are just 5 server locations available: Canada, Singapore, the Netherlands, the US East, and the US West. Unfortunately, Hide.Me is unable to bypass geoblocks on the majority of streaming websites.

During testing, we were able to bypass the restrictions on both Netflix Canada and YouTube, but it took several tries until it was successful. Students looking for a free VPN to utilize for data-intensive chores like downloading large PDFs and browsing social media can benefit from hiding. incredible Me’s speeds.

You may easily get over the school’s torrent filtering because it supports P2P. On a 100 Mbps connection, Hide.US Me’s West server delivered an average download speed of 57.16 Mbps and an upload speed of 48.91 Mbps when we tested its performance.

Furthermore, this VPN only provides you with one connection. AES 256-bit encryption and a kill switch, which disconnects you from the network if your VPN connection stops, are security features of Hide.Me. Bypassing firewalls provides DNS leak prevention, which makes sure that your original IP address is not disclosed to your school.


7. TunnelBear

free vpns for school wifi

This package offers 500MB of data each month without charge. The modes GhostBear, Always-On, and Vigilant are available in TunnelBear. By disguising VPN traffic, the GhostBear mode further reduces the visibility of your encrypted data to deep packet inspection (DPI) techniques.

With its Vigilant mode acting as an internet kill switch, TunnelBear automatically connects your device to the best and closest server using its Closest Tunnel feature. When your device is turned on, the VPN is activated in Always-On mode.


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Only non-identifying data that is used to enhance the functioning of the free VPN for use on school WiFi is collected by TunnelBear. The Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems are all compatible with it.


8. Windscribe

free vpns for school wifi

Having both a free and premium subscription, Windscribe is a respectable supplier. Utilizing 256-bit AES encryption, it has good security. A “firewall” is what you get in place of a kill switch. Although it only keeps a few records and cannot identify you personally, Windscribe does keep some logs.

In our review of Windscribe, we go into greater detail about that. It is simple to use and excellent for novices thanks to its interface. Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS all support its use. Furthermore, even on the free plan, you are permitted to connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

Most activities, including streaming, can be done at respectable speeds. Even though Winscribe’s server network is very tiny, it spans about 60 nations. Only a few of those are accessible with the free plan, though.

The free plan is limited to 2GB per month or 10GB if you have a genuine email address, while the subscription plan has limitless data. There is a less expensive way to acquire what you want, even though the majority of what we’ve mentioned leads to the full-paid plan being preferable.

For just $1 per month, per location, you may receive one server of your choosing and 10GB of data by using Windscribe’s build-a-plan feature. If you decide to purchase a paid version and later decide against it, Windscribe will give a refund if you request one within three days of your purchase.


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Summing Up!

So, we have discussed the 8 best VPNs for school wifi. You can avoid network restrictions imposed by the school and protect yourself from online threats by using a VPN while you are at school and also you can play school games that might be restricted by school wifi. However, if you’re a student it can be challenging to find one that suits your demands and stays within your means.

You should take into account its usability, speed, and bandwidth allowance in addition to security, which is what will keep you safe. We hope you find this article helpful and informative as well. Thanks for reading!

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