What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat | Here’s The Right Answer For You!

What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat | Here’s The Right Answer For You!

You must have been seeing various acronyms on a daily basis and some of them are easy to understand while some of the others are hard to crack but, now, you’ve come across What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat? Well, Snapchat is a well-liked social media platform that has millions of users and most of the users are youngsters.

Are you an old folk of Snapchat if yes then you must be aware of the Snap streak feature of Snapchat where you can send snaps or videos to your friends in order to maintain the streaks. Well, you can also use other features which are newly launched by just paying a monthly subscription fee of $3.99.

If you’re a Snapchat Premium or Snapchat plus member then you must be aware of a Snapchat badge, Snap Story views count, bitmoji backgrounds, Snapchat icon, Pinning someone, and various others. Also, do you know about Snapchat filters? well, this is the best feature of Snapchat and you can take advantage of this feature for free.

WCW is usually used on Snapchat to praise a woman whom you’re crushing over. Keep on looking through this article to find out How you can use WCW in a conversation? What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat? and how to reply back if someone says WCW to you?


Here’s What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat?

What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat? |A Quick Answer For You|

Well, as my personal experience I really love using Snapchat because it keeps me busy, it keeps me sane and most importantly it keeps me entertained even if I’m not doing anything I just grab my phone to explore Snapchat filters and I really enjoy doing that.

Well, acronyms are something that fascinates me a lot, like looking at these tiny words which have a whole different meaning behind them. If you also like it then make sure to check out our previous articles on acronyms like OML, CS, PMOYS, and there are several others also.


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What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat?

What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat? |A Quick Answer For You|

WCW on Snapchat can be used as Women Crush Wednesday or World Championship Wrestling. It is usually used to confess that you have a crush on that woman. This WCW acronym is used on almost all platforms with a hashtag. It is not specific that only a man can use this acronym to praise their partners or their friends or even some celebrity crushes but also even women can use this to praise their female friends or celebrity crushes.


WCW As “Woman Crush Wednesday”

Now I think you have clarity about how you can use WCW As Woman Crush Wednesday. It is usually used on Wednesday to tell a woman that you have a crush on her but now people are using it every other weekday also.

  • # WCW, Angelina
  • I’m my own WCW.


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WCW As “World Championship Wrestling”

WCW as World Wrestling Championship is a wrestling company of Ted Turner which was formed in 1988 later in 2001 it was named WWF which stands for World Wrestling Federation.

  • Are you also a WCW fan? 
  • I’m a huge lover of WCW.


How To Revert Back To WCW?

What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat? |A Quick Answer For You|

If someone says WCW to you and you’re thinking about how to revert back to them then hold on there is nothing that difficult you can just reply with a Thank you or else if you don’t want to reply back then it’s totally okay you don’t really have to revert if you don’t feel like it’s that simple. So, next time when someone says WCW you know how to reply back to them.


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Wrapping Up!

So we have covered the main topic What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat? These little acronyms make a big difference in your conversations, they can literally brighten up your boring conversations and add fun and amusement to them. So make sure you use them in your daily conversations.

So, this is all about What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat? don’t fail to share it with your near ones if you find this article useful for you. Also, keep coming back to Americbuzz for more such kinds of articles about Technology, social media, entertainment, and blogs. Till then enjoy reading and have fun. Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What does the cake emoji mean on Snapchat?

Ans. The cake emoji on Snapchat appears next to someone’s name to remind you that it’s their birthday. So make sure to wish them next time when you see a cake emoji in front of your friend’s name.

Q2. What does the blushing face mean on Snapchat?

Ans. The blushing emoji face on Snapchat appears next to someone’s name when you both, you and the next person send most of the snaps to each other.


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