What you need to know before hosting QuickBooks on Cloud

The covid pandemic is on the verge of getting over but work from home is here to stay for a longer time. For QuickBooks customers, this means finding a way to move their QuickBooks setup to the cloud. QuickBooks accounting software is known for its ease of usage. With its extensive capabilities ranging from records management, time tracking, and billing, you can manage accounting and finance in a single suite.

If you want to enjoy full functionalities of your QuickBooks Desktop from anywhere, anytime access, QuickBooks Cloud is the most preferable option. Cloud hosting providers set up your remote environment and manage it for you so you’re free to concentrate on growing your business, but finding the right cloud host is critical. Excellent hosts deliver top-notch service, with bank-grade protection and a user interface that’s as user-friendly as the desktop version.

Why you should consider QuickBooks Hosting?

If you are thinking of hosting QuickBooks in the Cloud, it is not an easy decision to consider. Professionals in industries who are into accounting depend on QuickBooks for their business-critical processes. As you adopt the remote working culture, the following step is finding how to bring your
technology stack along with you, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is the only way to get the full features of the QuickBooks desktop in a remote environment.

Key considerations before you evaluate QuickBooks Hosting Providers:

Intuit Authorize hosting providers

Hosting providers which are intuit authorized and those who meet the minimum standards around business processes are the ones you should look for. When selecting the hosting providers, you should look for Intuit Authorized commercial host logo on the provider's website. These hosting providers would help you with setting up your QuickBooks on Cloud and access it on your Virtual Desktop Hosted on Cloud. This means you can access your company file from wherever you are.

Upgraded Security

If you select the provider, make sure that it provides high-level security for your data. Check the certification accreditations such as SOC 2 and also check for the provider's malware and ransomware protection tools

Maximum uptime and backups

The most advanced benefit of working with enterprise hosting providers is that it's automated timely backup and maximum uptime. The providers like Apps4Rent maintain their uptimes of greater than 99% and also backup your data frequently and at regular intervals of time.

Especially for Accountants:

Few hosting providers focus on advanced technology but leave behind the basic functionality which you really need. While you select the hosting providers, also check if the providers work for accountants. It will help you with the smooth workflow on your day-to-day and yearly basis of work.


When QuickBooks is hosted on the cloud, you can enjoy speeding up and enhancing accessibility. All customer support is controlled remotely by another team with full responsibility for observing all hosted QuickBooks. They also provide immediate answers to all your needs at any time.

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud with a third-party provider such as Apps4rent who also consult you on Migrate On Premise Exchange to Exchange Online provides numerous benefits for end-users. For instance, they can relish auto-updates and data entry automation, remote access, multiple user access, and file-sharing flexibility. There's also real-time teamwork and file exchange capabilities."


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