7 Productivity Hacks You Must Know in 2023

Staying focused on the task at hand for an extended period is probably one of the hardest things most people face in today’s world. Information has become so abundant and readily accessible that our phones are constantly ringing throughout the day. Be it texts, calls, news, app notifications, recommendations, alerts, and more, there’s almost always something that requires your attention. 

What if you also work remotely or in a role where you get some leeway to work at your own pace and just meet deadlines? How do you stay productive in this world marred with information and distractions? Lucky for you, we’ve listed some of the best productivity hacks you could find on the internet in one place. Let’s get started. 

Get a good internet connection

Since the internet has become an integral part of our lives, this should be your first objective to increase productivity. Most of what we do is owed to the internet connection. While a fast internet connection can significantly improve your productivity and day-to-day usage, a slow one can cause reduced productivity and add to your frustration. Then, there are contracts, data caps, and stuff to add to your headache.

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Wake up early

Putting aside the visible displeasure of night owls, consider getting up early in the morning. Admittedly, it’s easier said than done, but it comes with a massive upside. When you stay up late into the night, the productivity bar is significantly lower than during the day. After staying awake during the day, the capacity of the human body to do work is exhausted and your brain and body need to recharge.

Waking up early allows you to have more control over your life as you have more productive hours to work with. You can use the early morning time to exercise, tend to household chores, or get a head start on your workday. Since you have the most amount of energy in the morning, you should spend it trying to achieve your most important objective, which could be anything from doing a side hustle to growing your career at your current company.

Simplify your information streams

To combat this overload of information, we need to cut our information sources short. Do you really need to get a notification for a sale on some clothing item or can you live without it? Do you really need to keep all your subscriptions or you can do without some of them? The answers to these questions are highly subjective, but the point of this exercise is to reduce the clutter in your life. This can translate into fewer distractions and consequently increased productivity. 

Keep your place organized

Have you ever noticed how we tend to be easily distracted in a cluttered room? That’s because our brain can only process so much information at once and the more information we add, the more it’s prone to getting distracted easily. You can rectify it by keeping only the absolutely necessary items in your room or at least the workspace. 

Effective time management

After you’ve reduced the clutter and distractions, the next question is what to do with all this time? Well, you need to devise a schedule and stick to it. Make sure to set clear expectations in terms of what you can achieve and the work and play hours are well defined.

Change your lens

You must be familiar with the proverbial idiom, glass half-full, half-empty, which highlights the fact that it’s all about the way you see things or in other words, perspective. When something happens, you always have the freedom to view it as a negative or positive event. 

When you’re out there looking to increase your productivity, try to change the way you look at things. For example, waking up at five in the morning is no joke and it might feel very uncomfortable at first. Instead of thinking negatively about it like you’re forced to do that, you can try to look at the upside that it will eventually improve your quality of life.

Find your passion

Your passion is something that excites you and you really enjoy doing it. It might also be something you’re good at and it comes naturally to you with little effort. It’s completely fine even if you haven’t discovered your passion yet. Trying out new things is a great way to get started and you can ask your close friends and family for any insights into your strengths and areas of improvement. This is important because your productivity automatically increases when you’re doing something you love. 


Keep in mind that it can get overwhelming when you’re making a lot of changes to your routine and habits. The pace at which you make progress is subjective and unique to each individual. Make sure to adjust these steps according to your needs and change if something is causing too much inconvenience. A little discomfort at first is part of the process and completely fine.



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