Top 10 American Tech Companies Worth (20+ Trillion) | Most Popular Tech Companies

Top 10 American Tech Companies Worth (20+ Trillion) | Most Popular Tech Companies

American Tech Companies

We all are using many services online such as browsing online or using our favorite social media such as Instagram, Facebook messenger, Snapchat all are the by-product of tech companies which are increasing in number day by day in the USA. Tech companies deals in many things that we use on daily basis. Such as smartphones and smart devices, software, web surfing, social media, video games, all these facilities that we use every day are given by tech companies.

Although there are many tech companies in the USA, today we decided to take you on a tour through our guide to the Top American Tech Companies which are not only best in Tech part but have a large capital and Market in the USA.


Here’s The Top 10 American Tech Companies Worth (20+ Trillion) | 2022

10. Samsung

samsung local division austin semiconductor

With a market cap of 417.61 billion dollars, Samsung holds the 10th spot on our list. Samsung is a tech giant that deals with almost everything.

There was a time when Samsung was just a grocery store but now this tech giant deals with smartphones, smart devices, display makers, battle tank builders, and Samsung was the company that build the world’s highest building Burj Khalifa which is an 830-meter tall building. Nevertheless, Samsung needs no introduction maybe you are watching my article on a Samsung phone or on a display made by Samsung.

9. Tencent


With a total market cap of 545.93 billion dollars, Tencent is in the number 9 position.

Tencent is a company that deals in software and video games. Such as we chat, clash of clans, boom beach, PUBG, PUBG mobile, clash royal, PUBG NEW STATE, and many more applications are made by this tech giant.

8. Meta (Facebook)

facebook connect meta event october 28 2021 cnet screenshot 256
Credits:- CNET

With a total market cap of 577.43 billion dollars, Facebook is in the 8th spot.

Most everyone in this world once in their lifetime had a Facebook account or still using your Facebook account or using Instagram or just chatting on your WhatsApp Messenger. Well, these all applications are owned by the company named META. META builds its revenue by showing you ads on its application.

This tech giant recently created a whole new AI universe named metaverse which is a separate universe on its own in metaverse we can go wherever we wish without even leaving our house or even we can boast a virtual meeting in which we can be any avatar as we wish.



With a total market cap of 579.81 billion dollars. NVIDIA ranks 7th on our list.

NVIDIA deals with computer components that are used to build a pc. Such as graphic card, processor, motherboard, SSD, Hard drive, and many more Nvidia is famous among the gamer community as almost everyone uses Nvidia graphic card in their PC build. No wonder it’s on 7th rank.


download 22

With a total market cap of 627 billion dollars, TCMC RANKS no 6 on the list.

TCMC is the largest manufacturer of semiconductors available in the market. As we all know all the devices that we use today have a semiconductor in them or the new cars, bikes, planes all the electric circuit board or motherboard of computer uses a semiconductor in their device. Without semester all these gadgets will not work for sure

5. Tesla

tesla logo

With a total market cap of 824 billion dollars, Tesla is in the fifth spot.

Tesla is an electric car manufacturing company. It is the largest and biggest electric car manufacturer in the world. Tesla is led by the richest person in the world Elon musk as he Owns many more tech companies Such as space x, Neuralink, PayPal, and many more companies.

4. Amazon

118559321 hi063112836

With a total market cap of 1.526 trillion dollars, Amazon ranks number 4 on this list.

Amazon is a tech giant that deals with almost everything you want to buy you can find it on their website or their application. Once Amazon was just an online book store but now with the efforts of Jeff Bezos Amazon is now the biggest tech giant in the world.

3. Airbnb


With a total market cap of $109.5 Billion dollars. Airbnb is a global marketplace that connects tourists with rooms, flats, homes, and other unique lodgings and activities.

It aids in the listing, discovery, and booking of unique places, as well as the facilitation of reservations and financial transactions. Airbnb has made a huge profit by helping people find a room anywhere in the world and that is the best part of why Airbnb is so famous globally.


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2. Alphabet

images 3

With a total market cap of  $1,241.7 Billion dollars. Alphabet Inc. is a worldwide technological multinational formed from the reorganization of Google, which is now a part-owner, as well as various other services.

Other Alphabet subsidiaries include Calico (biotechnology), Chronicle (cybersecurity), DeepMind (artificial intelligence), GV (venture capital), CapitalG (private equity), X (research and development), Google Fiber (fiber internet services), Jigsaw (tech incubator), Makani (wind turbines), Sidewalk Labs (urban innovation), Verily (life sciences), Waymo (self-driving tech), Wink (wink), Wink (wink), Wink (wink) (internet provider via stratospheric balloons).

1. Apple

American Tech Companies
Credits:- CNBC

With a total market cap of $2,287.8 Billion dollars. Apple Inc. is a technology company that creates, manufactures, and sells mobile phones, tablets, and computers, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Apple also develops and sells a variety of associated software and services, including the iPhone operating system (iOS), OS X, and watchOS operating systems, as well as iCloud and Apple Pay. Apple also offers third-party digital content and applications, as well as accessories and support services.


Some Frequently asked Questions

1. What is the biggest tech company in the US?

Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the US worth 2000 Billion dollars Cap.

2. Is Amazon a Tech Company? is a global corporation based in the United States that not only focuses on e-commerce but also provides a variety of cloud-based services, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.


Wrapping Up!

We’re very happy to see you made it to the end. Above we’ve covered some of the biggest tech American companies worth more than 20 Trillion dollars market cap. If you really liked the article do let us know your valuable views on it. Thank You!

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