Gardening Tools – The Various Types of Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools – The Various Types of Gardening Tools

A gardening tool is any one among a number of tools designed specifically for gardening and basically overlaps with the category of tools designed for horticulture and agriculture. Various types of gardening tools are available that you could choose from based on your requirements. However, it is important to know what exactly gardening tool do before going out to buy one for your use. A gardening tool consists of a shaft and a handle. These two are joined by a tongue and groove system, which enables the tool to be inserted or removed easily without losing any of its features.

Handheld gardening tools include spades, compasses, trowels and knives. These tools facilitate digging and grading of soil while expanding the size of the soil sample or creating containers for seedlings. Some examples of hand held gardening tools are spade, trowel, hoe, fork and knife. These devices are used to dig earth, remove soil for plant cultivation, collect water and cut back weeds.

Power tools are powered by electricity and are usually used to cut grass and trim trees. There are several types of such tools that you could choose from depending on your requirements. Most common ones are hedge trimmers, lawn mowers and wheel barrows. The other main category of gardening tools includes hydraulic tools which are used to pick up materials that have to be lifted or moved from one location to another. Examples of such power driven tools are hammers, saws, drills and claw hammer.

While most of these gardening tools are very useful and beneficial to your yards, some of them can also prove to be hazardous and can injure people who handle them. Handheld electric wheelbarrow and shovels for example, must be handled with utmost care as they are more powerful than you would expect from a wheelbarrow. Although they can definitely move soil and plants around the yard easily, you must know how to handle them properly in order to prevent any untoward accident.

Gardening tools like rakes, spades and cultivators are commonly used by gardeners to extract extra plant or flower dirt that is often unused by the plants in your garden. However, these tools are also used to dig earth and carry away unwanted or useless materials. They are commonly used by gardeners to help them plant and grow their crops or vegetables on their property. Gardening tools are also commonly used by landscape contractors when preparing areas for new gardens or cutting down old trees. If you are planning on becoming a landscape contractor, it is often best to start off using basic gardening tools before taking on more complicated ones. Landscape contractors often use larger tools like shovels, picks and wheelbarrows in addition to smaller hand tools for more complicated gardening tasks like digging, planting and trimming shrubs.

A basic tool that every gardener should have at his disposal is the hand trowel. This is a very versatile tool which can be used for tilling the soil, digging up plants or weeds and can even be used for lifting soil and spreading it over a wider area. Hand trowels are not only useful for tillage; they are often used for planting seeds and planting materials, for holding seedlings or transplanting small plants and for mixing soil and fertilizer. A hand trowel has to be stored properly as it requires the gardener to bend over to scoop or spread it over the soil.

Gardeners are also required to have other tools like the wheelbarrow, hoe and rake to help them carry out most gardening tasks. The wheelbarrow is used to move soil from one area to another especially over uneven or hard surfaces like clay or stone. It can also be used to harvest plants and cut grass. The hoe is used for removing soil and weed in between rows of plants. While a rake is used to remove grass and dirt from between the rows of a garden bed.

Tines are another set of gardening tools that a gardener may require. Tines are made of metal and designed to scrape soil, lift weeds and pull plants or grass out of the ground. Gardening gloves are useful in protecting the hands from dirt, dust and weeds while gardening. Gardening gloves come in different styles like those that cover the entire hand or those that fit over just one hand. There are gardening gloves made of cotton, leather and even synthetic fibers.


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