Latest October Faction Season 2 (2022) | Every Single Updates

Latest October Faction Season 2 (2022) | Every Single Updates

October Faction is an American supernatural drama streaming television series created by Damian Kindler, based on the comic series of the same name by Steve Niles and Damien Worm. It premiered on Netflix on January 23, 2020. The show has received a very critical review on IMDb rating and rotten tomatoes. The show has been watched by many viewers and it has gained a large share of the audience.

Till now, October Faction has only a single season and there is a lot of speculation whether the second season of the show will be released or will the show get canceled or any leak or sneak peek on the cast, what will be the plot and storyline of the show. If you are also a fan of October Faction and wanted to know about these questions. Then, you have arrived at the right place. Here in this article, I have compiled and shared important information about the second season and have also shared the info of season one of October Faction:

Firstly, let’s know about season one of October Faction:

The plot of the October Faction Season 1:

October Faction follows the story of a monster-hunting couple, Fred and Deloris Allen, and their twin teenage children, Geoff and Viv. Following the death of Fred’s father Samuel, the family decides to go back to their home town Barrington-on-Hudson to arrange the funeral. Haunted with childhood memories of his brother’s death and the incessant arguments with his parents over his inadequacy and his choice of women, Fred is repulsed by his childhood home.

The children soon begin showing supernatural tendencies. During an impromptu seance, Viv has visions of a creature with long hair chained to the seafloor, struggling to free itself. Her brother Geoff accidentally reveals a teacher’s deepest, darkest secret about his wife in front of his classmates. Both are ridiculed by the popular cliques for being outsiders.

Fred and Deloris are members of Presidio, a secret organization tasked to protect humanity from monsters. They must hide their identities from the townsfolk and appear to live a normal life. This proves hard from the start as strange things begin to unfold in the sleepy little town. This is the plot of season 1 of October Faction.

The Release Date of the October Faction Season 1:

The show was premiered and released on January 23, 2020. It was premiered on Netflix. The show has received a 6.2/10 rating on IMDb. And it has got 2 stars out of 5 on rotten tomatoes.

Trailer of the October Faction Season 1:

The trailer of the October Faction season 1 is below:

The cast of the October Faction (Season 1):

october faction ending

The cast details of October Faction (Season 1) are below:

Main Cast:

  • Tamara Taylor as Deloris Allen
  • J. C. MacKenzie as Fred Allen
  • Aurora Burghart as Viv Allen
  • Gabriel Darku as Geoff Allen,
  • Maxim Roy as Alice Harlow
  • Stephen McHattie as Samuel Allen
  • Wendy Crewson as Maggie Allen
  • Megan Follows as Edith Mooreland

Recurring Cast:

  • Maxim Roy as Alice Harlow
  • Praneet Akilla as Philip Mishra
  • Sara Waisglass as Madison St. Claire
  • Nicola Correia-Damude as Gina Fernandez
  • Michelle Nolden as Hannah Mercer
  • Calvin Desautels as Dante
  • Carson MacCormac as Rob

Episodes of the Season 1 of October Faction:

Following are the details about the episodes of Season 1 of October Faction:

Episode NumberEpisode NameReleased Date
1.Presidio23 January 2020
2.No Country for Old Vamps23 January 2020
3.The Horror Out of Time23 January 2020
4.Soirees of Future Past23 January 2020
5.Truth and Consequences23 January 2020
6.Open Your Eyes23 January 2020
7.Nadir23 January 2020
8.Alice23 January 2020
9.Bonds of Blood23 January 2020
10.The October Faction23 January 2020

This is all about season 1 of October Faction. Let’s know about season 2 of October Faction, will there be any second season or any information regarding the cast, plot, or any other information:



“Information Regarding the October Faction Season 2”

October Faction Season 2

October Faction, created by Damian Kindler, is an American supernatural and horror drama based on the comic book series of the same name developed by Steve Niles and Damien Worm. October Faction is one of the Netflix Original series that premiered on January 23, 2020. In March 2020, the series was made canceled after one season. But the future does hold something for this series. That’s why here we sharing what we know so far about the next season, including when it will come out, renewal update, and many more.

There are a ton of fans of the show out there who have been confusing and still wondering concerning its renewal. I chose to take the matter extremely clear. It’s been canceled and no news had come out regarding the potential second season yet.

There is a very interesting story behind why Netflix opted not to renew the October Faction for season 2. Recently, it was reported by the Hollywood Reporter that Netflix has canceled two fantasy series “V-Wars” along with “October Faction” both are based on IDW Comics properties. The question is why Netflix has dropped The October Faction, after all, it receives a well-known response from the viewers. Though still the show was watched by a lot of people, it is uncertain how many of them actually enjoyed it.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a rating of 49%, which was just somewhat better than the 33% given by the critics. So, there may be another factor behind the cancellation of the October Faction. Lately, Netflix has delivered a series based on three distinctive IDW properties, with V-Wars and The October Faction joined by Locke and Key. These three-dream series were presumably all interesting to a similar audience, which may clarify why Netflix has chosen to set aside cash and just give one of them a subsequent second.

In the above article, I have shared the information of season 1 and also have shared information regarding the October Faction season 2. If this article helps you and if you have gained the information from this article then please comment, how you feel about the article and also in comments suggest to us how we can improve in our future article. Till next article, Thank You!

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