7 Best Pdf Reader Apps for Android Users in 2022

7 Best Pdf Reader Apps for Android Users in 2022

Top 7 best Pdf Reader Apps for Android users-

Hey! Welcome you all. Hope you all are doing and going well in life. In today’s article, we are going to share with you some pdf reader apps that are relatable to all of us in our daily life. Here we going to talk about some really common apps that we must have with us on our phones that will surely help us in many possible ways.

If you are looking for the 7 best pdf reader apps for android users that this article is surely for you. Top 7 pdf reader apps with that you must be familiar with. In the top spot we have mentioned moon + reader than in the second spot Foxit pdf reader and editor and soon on and in the last, we have mentioned Wps office the most common android pdf reader app that you will surely find in every android phone.

Are you searching for some pdf reader apps to make your work more convenient? Here is the solution for you all. Below we have mentioned one by one the 7 best pdf reader android apps for android phones.


Here is the list of 7 Best Pdf Reader Apps for Android Users-


1.) Moon + Reader:


list of Top 7 best Pdf Reader Apps for Android Users-


Moon + Reader is one of the best pdf readers that also supports text, HTML. It comes with 10 plus themes, 24 customized operations, and 5 auto-stroll modes. Moon + plus reader is well known for its intelligent paragraphing and trimming unwanted blank spaces options highlight annotation are other useful features of this pdf reader that can be given a try.


2.) Foxit pdf reader and editor:


list of Top 7 Pdf Reader Apps for Android Users-


Foxit pdf reader and editor is an easy to use pdf reader which allows you to view and rotate and protect pdf file. This free pdf reader for androids helps you to view and organize and add pdf files, reflow pdf files for easy viewing, rename, move, copy or delete pdf files.


3.) Adobe acrobat reader:


list of Top 7 Pdf Reader Apps for Android Users-


Adobe acrobat reader comes with all the stand-up features you would expect a pdf reader to have. You can quickly open pdf document from the email, the web, or any other app that support share. Use your device camera to snap a photo of anything and save it as a pdf file. It keeps the history of open files, supports sharing via email as an attachment, and comes with a built-in fine tool.


4.) Xodo pdf reader and editor:


list of Top 7 Pdf Reader Apps for Android Users-
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Xodo pdf reader and editor is one of the best pdf reader and editor. This free android app helps you to write on a pdf highlight it and underline. Apart from that you can open docx and ppt files and save them as pdf. With xodo readers, you can auto-sync your edited pdf files with dropbox, google drive, and one drive.


5.) Libri book reader and pdf:


Libri book reader and pdf are free pdf readers for androids which also supports file formats like epub 3, dg view mobe, etc. to open a pdf file you get to choose 3 modes and these are easy modes, advance mode, and musician. Easy mode is a plain pdf reader and in advance mode, you get the option to edit, auto-scroll, lock page movement from left to right, etc. automatic scrolling is a prime patrician in a musician mode. This android app comes with some amazing features like a search tag, go to any particular page, and zoom.


6.) Google pdf reader:


list of Top 7 Pdf Reader Apps for Android Users-
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Google pdf reader is a plug-in for google drive. This is not the most powerful pdf reader app. However, we can open and view pdf as needed. You can also print, search, and copy from pdf files. It opens and lets you read through pdfs and that’s all it does. The app works perfectly for simple use cases.


7.) WPS Office:


list of Top 7 Pdf Reader Apps for Android Users-
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WPS Office is a pdf reader is an all-in-one office solution. It’s mostly an office app and deals with various documents, spreadsheets but also comes with pdf features. You can convert various documents to pdf and view pdf files natively. It’s not too heavy on pdf features, but if you need an office app and a pdf reader, this is a good way to kill two birds with one stone.



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As we already read the article above mentioned. Here is the short conclusion of what we shared with you all. Above we have mentioned the top 7 pdf reader app for android that will surely help you with a lot of work. Hope you like this effort of us. Also, let us know about the other things you want to know about. We will surely pay attention to your interest.

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