Is Legit Or Scam? Details

Is Legit Or Scam? Details

Starting a weight loss journey can be hard sometimes but what if we tell you that you’ll get paid Every time you’ll shed a few pounds? Yes! You can get paid to lose weight on is a company that pays you to lose weight. Sometimes we need constant motivation or a pushing force to achieve a goal and overcome some challenges in life and the biggest example is losing weight that can not only just motivate you to lose weight but also pay you with big cash prizes if you lose some weight. So in this article, We will be covering how works and is the online company legit or a scam? So let’s begin with.

As we’ve mentioned is an online company that uses cash prizes to make its users stick to their weight loss goals. these cash prices make the workout process fun and exciting. We all have been there paying some extra money for personal training but getting money while getting into your summer body what else do you need? On the platform, you have to set your target and try to achieve it within a limited time. You just have to give your best and you’ll be rewarded with results and cash prizes. So read further to know this review thoroughly. 

What Is

Firstly let’s understand what is? The company Healthy Wage was founded in 2009 along with which offers cash prizes to people for losing weight. The aim of the company was to “provide innovative ways to have a measurable impact on the growing obesity epidemic and help get people moving.”

This objective is a result of a research carried out at Harvard, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Pennsylvania that suggests that:

  • Social media is key to eradicating obesity
  • Small cash rewards increase the effectiveness of weight loss.
  • People will most likely become serious with a program that puts their money at risk.
  • So, they use cash prizes to make fitness and weight loss more fun. Additionally, HealthyWage isn’t just for individuals. They organize competitions for corporate and brand participation throughout the US and around the world.

Now you have an idea of what is all about, let’s see how it works.

How Does Work? is very user-friendly as it allows you to customize your bet or also called healthy wage on the basis of your weight loss goal. Its entire working and operations can be broken down into Four easy steps listed below:

1. Calculate Your Prize

To calculate your prize, you can use the HealthyWage free prize calculator to choose your weight loss goal and see how much you can earn.

Also note that before you step into calculating your prize you have to go through several steps where you will have to enter specific data about yourself, for example, your current weight, gender, height, etc. Once you’ve submitted your info you have to enter your working e-mail address and create a password only after then you can see your prize amount. Next, you have to make a bet.

2. Make A Bet

Now that you know what is the prize amount you need to decide if you want to place your bet on it or not. Once you’ve made up your mind to make a bet you need to enter your card information.

3. Lose Weight

The most important step! To lose weight! We know it might be the hardest step of all but once you are in a bet you gotta do and that’s how it works to motivate you to complete the challenge and make some money out of it.

4. Get Paid!

The final step is to get paid. Now that you have achieved your target it’s time for some sweet reward. Your HealthyWage challenge ends on the date you set initially Your weight will be verified at the end of the challenge and if you hit your goal, you receive your money. So if you want to receive your prize, then you need to achieve your goal. If you’ll be unable to reach your goal you’ll lose the money you bet on yourself

Is Legit Or A Scam?

The entire Concept of seems too good to be true that many people doubt that is it legit or a scam. How come we can get paid to lose weight? We are here to clear the smoke around the question. The good news is The site is legit and if you are consistent on your weight loss goal for the period of time you set, you will earn money for losing weight.

According to many critics, HealthyWage is still going strong have to earn profits because many people who make a bet are unable to stick to their weight loss goal. Well, the money made from such people is used to pay out those who are consistent with their goals. Other than that the company also earns from corporate partnerships, sponsoring, and lots more.

The program is geared towards offering high cash rewards to those with higher weight to lose which can be hard to stick to.


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How Can I Get Paid By HealthyWage?

You’ll get paid on only when you’ll complete your challenge and achieve the weight loss goal you locked while making the best initially. When you complete your challenge, you will receive (HW) HealthyWage Points which are equal to $1. And When you receive your HW points you can do the following things

  • Request a payout.
  • Use HW points to enter a new challenge
  • Use HW points to pay for a current challenge in installments.

Note: If in case you request a payout you can receive your money through PayPal or a paper check. On, paper checks have a processing fee of $7 while PayPal is free. But, PayPal may charge. Reviews: Pros and Cons



Is Legit Or Scam? Details


We believe the site has many pros as compared to cons some of them are listed below.


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1. You can customize and set your very own target. You don’t need to overwork yourself because there’s a predetermined time for you. Everything depends on just you.

2. You can get community support on sometimes being with people who are on the same path as yours can make your journey a bit easier and on HealthyWage, you are not alone. There are others like you with a similar goal who wants to lose weight and get fit.

3. There are no restrictions on challenges. You can Take part in different types of Challenges which can help you boost your winning potential. Reviews: Cons

1. No refunds are provided by the company if you lose your bet and cannot achieve the goal you set earlier. If you fail at any stage means no money for you. This prevents you from going back to your goal. So the best is to brace up and work out!

2. Team challenges can be a bit tricky. You and your friends can decide to create team challenges, which means everyone adds to the bet money and there’s more money to win. But if some of your team members start lagging and fails to meet/her goal, You would have to cover up for them by losing more than you signed up to.

Wrapping up!

So we hope by now know must have known everything you need to know about if it is legit or a scam. The online platform allows you to customize your bet or also called healthy wage on the basis of your weight loss goal and if you’ll successfully achieve your goals with the time you’ll get paid. If our article was helpful enough please leave us feedback in the comment box below If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

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