What Does KMS Means On Snapchat? | Here’s An Answer For You

What Does KMS Means On Snapchat? | Here’s An Answer For You

Snapchat never forgets to amaze us with uncommon abbreviations that leave us rubbing our heads about what these abbreviations mean. You will find many additional abbreviations used every day while you converse on Snapchat, like YWATTM, WTV, and WSG. Snapchat is famous for its trending things, indubitably. Some of them you know, and some you don’t. You are also amazed by one of its new abbreviations nowadays, KMS. Do you know What KMS means on Snapchat?

Well, KMS stands for kill me. It is typically a melodramatic expression of frustration or irritation or a more deep expression of distress or sorrow.“Kill Me” is the considerable familiar definition for KMS on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and TikTok, and other social media platforms.

Let’s Comprehend It With An Example:


If my fake ID doesn’t function tonight, I’ll Kms.
If he does not come here to meet me right now, I’ll Kms.
Soon I’ll kill Kms if the situation remains this destructive.


Some ordinary terms puzzle us. If KMS means to kill me in the world of Snapchat, it means different outside this as it has many abbreviations like Killer Make-out Session, Kiss My Swag, Kilometres, etc. To dodge such miscommunications, you should know the basics of Snapchat terminology. If you are an experienced engaged user of this application, try to check that these things are even in your concern.

What Is A Snap?

A snap is a photo or video you transfer with your friend on Snapchat. Photos, videos, and everything you capture and share comprises snaps.

What does KMS Indicate?

On Snapchat, KMS means to kill me. It is normally a dramatic articulation of frustration or anger or a more profound expression of misery or suffering.


 What Is Snapchat Chat?

If you desire to spot all the chitchat features on Snapchat, you have to lift left on your friend’s name. You can chat with your friends, share clips, and photographs, do video and audio buzzes, send voice messages, use stickers, and gifs, and have joy.

What Is A Filter?

While clicking photographs or after clicking too, you can add various filters to your picture to sweeten its attractiveness. The Filter feature has an identical meaning in all social media applications. That fits Instagram, Facebook messenger, etc.

You can also add the time, temperature, speed, and additional enjoyable stickers. Besides these features, you can add geofilter to your snaps too.

FYI: The geofilter acknowledges you to fix your location to your Snap. You can even use these filters to note some special occasions in your life.

What Is A Lens?

Lenses are filters that are created specifically for selfies. It almost takes all the curves ideally. Snapchat has many cool lenses, making taking Snaps more interesting and fun.

You have to turn your camera into a selfie manner to use this feature. After that, press on your face, and a list of extra lenses should arise. Then, choose a lens that you want to explore and click snap.

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What Is a Snapchat Story?

Unlike further social media apps, Snapchat’s Story is identical. You are authorized to add both clips and pictures to your Story, which will automatically vanish after 24 hours. It is an efficient and easy task then share photos with everyone separately. You can also check who has seen your Story by tapping on it and then clicking on the eyeball icon.

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What Is Snapchat Replay?

You can replay any snap you obtain only once, but you have to do it before leaving your chatbox. There’s no feature to replay a snap more than once. When you replay someone’s Snap, your friend will get the information that you replayed their Snap. If you are facing trouble with replaying snaps, you should check whether your Snapchat version is updated or not.

What Is a Snapcode?

You can add people, filters, and lenses just by scanning through this feature. It is so straightforward than it sounds.

[Some Other Commonly Used Slangs]

english internet slang 1

‘nd’ – and‘FYI’- for your information‘TWD’- texting while driving‘POV’- point of view
‘TUL’- talk to you later‘HMU’- hit me up‘LOL’ – laugh out loud‘WU’ – what’s up
‘w’- with‘HRU’- how are you‘bussin’- really good ‘2nite’ – tonight
‘B4N’-bye for now‘btw’-by the way‘CYA’ – see yaa‘DM’- direct message

How Can You Create Your Own Acronyms?

Acronyms are primarily made up of the beginning letters of the word. You can create a perfect acronym and have fun by using starting words. Surely, acronyms sound cool and interesting, and while texting, they are helpful as they are short, so we can use them and preserve time. Today’s era is very much into acronyms, as they like to sound cool every time.

A daily new acronym is popping out on social media platforms because people adore creating new acronyms and using them in their daily lives.

Fetching It To An End

That’s all there is to know about KMS and its uses. So we hope by now you know What Does KMS Means On Snapchat?. Use these slang and acronyms in your everyday life to make them more mesmerizing and delightful. If our article was valuable enough, please leave us feedback in the comment section, and if you own any questions, you are always welcome by us with open arms. Drop your questions there in the comment box. We will be pleased if we can be of any service to you.


1. What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an American messaging application.

2. When was Snapchat released?

Snapchat was freed on 8 July 2011.

3. Who are the actual authors of Snapchat?

Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

4. Is Snapchat secure?

Snapchat uses end-to-end encryption on snaps shared by its users.

5. What does MCM mean on Snapchat?

MCM on Snapchat represents “Man Crush Monday.”


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