10 Suitable Jobs For Women In Trade | Best In 2022

10 Suitable Jobs For Women In Trade | Best In 2022

Women these days are conquering every quest and every aspect of their lives. They are born multitaskers and can manage everything with ease, they can run an entire business with being a mom and there is no doubt about it. Women these days are breaking all the stereotypes by opting for jobs in some of the male dominating sectors one of which is trading. So in this article, We have listed down the Top 10 best jobs for women in trade which can help you to pick one high-paying career for yourself according to your interest and capabilities. So without any further ado Let’s get started.

The trading sector is highly dominated by the male gender and being a female in one can be empowering. So it is utterly important for you to pick one of the best jobs in trade that can fit into your career choices and help you to earn a great amount of money. You can be a Makeup artist if you are interested in makeup or if you have a medical background you can be a registered nurse or a dental hygienist. You can opt for many technical yet creative jobs as well like game developer or a multimedia designer. The list is endless so we have picked up a few best Jobs for women in trade read further to take a look at those.

List Of Top 10 Jobs For Women In Trade

  1.  Makeup artist
  2.  Dental hygienist
  3. Wind turbine service technician
  4. Construction manager
  5. Multimedia designer
  6. Automotive Service Technician
  7. Game designer
  8. App developer
  9. Head chef
  10. Registered Nurse

Top 10 Jobs For Women In Trade

So, here is the list of Top 10 Jobs For Women In Trade

1. Makeup artist

(Average annual salary: $34,396)

Jobs For Women In Trade

There are various trade schools and Esthetician Online Schools offering numerous courses for makeup artists, which also include some top-notch accredited beauty schools which help students to learn the tricks of the trade in the beauty sector. As a makeup artist, you can opt for endless career options like starting your own business or working as a freelancer.

You can also go for quick certification programs for Makeup where you can work in theatrical and performance settings. You can help brides to look their best on their big wedding day or work with models as a shoot make-up artist. According to Payscale, salaries for makeup artists can range from $23,944 to $101,367 a year.

2. Dental hygienist

(Average annual salary: $65,325)

1 149

We all have been to a dentist or a dental hygienist to have a tooth check and it is one of the highest-paying in-demand jobs for women. As a dental hygienist, your job is to clean clients’ teeth, check the patient’s overall oral health, administer fluoride treatments and sealants to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities and examine the patient’s gums.

For being a Dental hygienist you need to behave a bachelor’s degree in the subject and you can also do an advanced diploma instead. According to reports the annual salary for a dental hygienist can range from $46,800 to $95,716.

3. Wind turbine service technician

(Average annual salary: $70,000)

1 150

Women can get some of the highest paid jobs in the energy sector and one of which is the job of a Wind turbine service technician. Renewable energy is highly appreciated by everyone specifically the environment lovers and if you are one of those you can be a part of the movement by being a Wind turbine service technician to produce wind energy.

Your job will be to work with the technology that captures wind energy and maintain and repair the wind turbines, doing your bit to ensure a cleaner environment for future generations. If you are a woman who loves working outdoors or is not afraid of heights and like being involved in extensive work then this job will be best for you. To become a wind turbine service technician, you normally need to complete a two-year associate’s degree at a trade school. Women can earn somewhere between $41,728 and $81,824 a year as wind turbine service technicians.

4. Construction manager

(Average annual salary: $88,589)

1 151

The construction industry is widely spread which gives employment to many people. There are plenty of construction jobs and in fact, not all of them involve heavy lifting. Being a construction manager can be the best job for women in a trade that can also allow you to earn plenty of money as well. For becoming a construction manager you need to have a good knowledge of construction techniques, and proper skills and you must know the art of multitasking because as a manager you need to manage schedules, timelines, budgets, quality control, and safety of your construction project.

Though the construction industry is quite male dominating but being a construction manager as a woman can help you to break all the stereotypes. You must have a university degree that will make it easier to find a job in construction management, you can also do a diploma in construction technology and gain experience in supervising on construction sites to prepare you for this career. If we talk about the salary you can earn somewhere between $57,047 and $142,002 a year as a construction manager which is a great deal.

5. Multimedia designer

(Average annual salary: $49,715)

1 152

Women are perceived as more creative than men, So if you prefer having a creative job in trades you can consider becoming a multimedia designer and the best part is you can do it on a desk or even at your home as well. Multimedia designers use graphic design, animation, and audio to create everything from commercials to special effects for movies.

You can learn multimedia designing through various diplomas, courses, and internships as well. As a multimedia designer, you can get a salary between $30,588 and $63,780 a year.

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6. Automotive Service Technician

(Average Annual Salary: $48,863)

1 153

Another make dominated sector is the Automobile or automotive industry. But in the current scenario more and more women are showing their mettle in the industry as automotive service technicians or mechanics. As an Automotive Service Technician, your job will be to repair vehicles and maintain the different systems in a vehicle. You can break the stereotypes and help other women customers out as well by comfortably explaining to them exactly what is wrong with their car and how to fix the problem.

So to become an Automotive Service Technician you need to have an associate degree in automotive service technology. It is not mandatory to have a degree though but an associate degree can help you to get some of the highest-paid positions in the Automobile industry. You can also opt for certificate programs in automotive service technology offered by many trade schools. The estimated annual pay for an automotive service technician can be between $27,300 and $83,067.

7. Game designer

(Average annual salary: $75,000)

1 154

The gaming industry is growing and spreading World wide, and there is this notion that the industry is filled with the male gender. But come on! It 21st century and nothing is impossible for women, as more and more female gamers are talking over others making gamers the video game industry is on new heights now. And it feels quite unfair that there are few female characters incorporated in games and with lots of blood and gore which is why it is important to have female game developers to bring about the change and put a more positive light on such aspects.

To become a game designer, you can study for a diploma or associate’s degree at one of Canada’s design, animation, and art schools. Talking the salary of game designers is between $39,000 and $105,000 with other beneficial perks offered by the game design studios as well.

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8. App developer

(Average annual salary: $92,781)

1 155

If you are a woman in love with technology you can become an App developer. As an App developer, your job will be to work on designing an App and maintaining them by fixing the bugs. It requires you to have enough knowledge regarding coding languages and programming etc.

For working as an App developer you need to have a bachelor’s degree in something like computer science, you can also earn a diploma in app development at a trade school or even teach yourself with an online course. The annual salary of an App developer can range from $39,000 to $152,100 which also makes it one of the highest-paying jobs for Generation Z.

9. Head chef

(Average annual salary: $41,925)

1 157

If cooking food is your passion and you are good at it, then you must consider getting into the restaurant industry. You can be the head chef of a restaurant and can also create new scrumptious dishes for your customers. For becoming a head chef you need to be trained by a culinary school and gain experience in restaurant kitchens.

The job of the head chef is to entail cooking, creating new dishes and menus and you also have to oversee what everyone else in the kitchen is doing. You can even specialize in authentic and specific cuisines. You can earn between $18,000 and $60,000 a year as a head chef of a restaurant.

10. Registered Nurse

(Average annual salary: $61,055)

1 4

A registered nurse is one of the highest-paying in-demand jobs and is a very popular job for women in trades. For becoming a registered nurse you can study for a bachelor’s or associate’s degree and then you need to register with the Nurses Association.

As a registered nurse, you have to help doctors and assess a patient’s health. Your job is to develop the best treatment program for your client or patient. As a registered nurse, you can earn a total pay annual pay ranging from $48,789 to $91,578.

Wrapping up!

So we hope our list of Top 10 jobs for women in trade was helpful enough for you to give you a clearer picture of what women can achieve in the trade sector. You can be an App developer or a game developer.

You can become a registered nurse or a dental hygienist or even an Automotive Service Technician according to your interest and capabilities. If our article was helpful enough please leave us feedback in the comment box below If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

Thank You For Reading!

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