How To Use Kik To Find A Date? | Here’s 5 Trending Ways

How To Use Kik To Find A Date? | Here’s 5 Trending Ways

This article will walk you through how to use kik to find a date but first you know one thing, there are many dating sites like, Bumble, and OK Cupid that spend millions on algorithms and advertising to help you hook up. Still, the costs and limitations of these services can periodically be a turnoff. Many people (especially young people) turn to chat applications and Instant Messages, or “IMs,” to find someone new.

These applications may not always offer the sophisticated matching features of an online dating site, but they’re gratis and open. If this sounds like something you’d like to try, you should use kik to find a date. Kik application is all about adjoining people; what they do after that is entirely up to them.

It isn’t just a messaging application. It’s a mini-ecosystem where you can surf the net, chat, share media and concepts, buy, trade, and hook up. Never forget to make your profile attractive. If you’re new to the world of Kik, this article is indubitably going to be helpful for you as this article will guide you and walk you through how to use Kik to find a date But firstly will discuss how to make a profile there before stepping into the how to use kik to find a date.

Let’s See Firstly How To Create and Share Your Profile?

As always, everything begins with your profile. Creating yours on Kik is quite straightforward—you register your name, some of the usual information, and your interests. Kik will operate your interests to pair you with like-minded chatmates. Pick up to five topics that interest you, but do choose wisely.

Some of the options for interest include:

  • Movies
  • Food
  • Photography
  • Fitness
  • Sports

One important tip, though: You may want to keep some information private. For example, Kik has the option to display your last name as an initial, which is a good idea—many Kik users do that. You may also visit the Settings menu to see what else you can keep private.

A better idea is to use an alias, a common practice among Kik users. Many people want to stay unidentified as they meet people.

Once your profile is in place, click the “Share Your Interests” link. That way, other Kik users will find you more easily, and you’ll get matched with people who like the things you want.

How To Use Kik To Find A Date through Mobile Phone?

So, you’ll first want to download and install Kik on your mobile device and set up your account. Follow the steps beneath to use kik to find a date:

  • Drive to Google Play, the Apple app store, Windows store, or Amazon’s app store to get the Kik messaging application. Don’t worry; it’s gratis.
  • After it’s downloaded and installed, open the Kik application. Enter all the necessary information and make a Kik Username. Then, swab on the sign-up button to create your Kik account.  
  • Next, you’ll see the Kik main interface and the option to “Find Friends” or select “Not Now,” which is your decision. Kik sends an instant message greeting you aboard and thanking you for using their application. 
  • The message from the Kik Team lets you know that if you’ve got any queries, you can message them back, and they’ll try to assist you to the best of their ability.
  • Kik encourages you to set a profile picture, so go ahead and do that. We like Bitmoji, which you can use for your profile picture, which is cool.  
  • Now that you’re all set up with the Kik messaging application from your mobile device. Let’s explore how you can use kik to find a date on your PC.

How To Use Kik To Find A Date On Your PC?

You’ll be able to use Kik messenger from a PC by using an Android emulator. To download BlueStacks navigate to the Blue Stacks download website.                               

While plenty of emulators are available for download, this may become your new go-to emulator on your PC because it allows you full access to Kik messenger and loads of other Android applications.

  1. Download and install the Android emulator on your PC. We’re using Windows 10, but it’s also unrestricted for Windows 7 and 8. It’s also compatible with Mac, for OS X 10.8 or later.
  2. Double-tap the file once BlueStacks is downloaded to install it on your computer. You’ll see the progress of the installation on your PC’s screen.                                                                
  3. After the installation process, open the BlueStacks emulator on your desktop.                                                    
  4. Then, you’ll require your account information handy to sign in to your Google account. You’re proceeding to click on “Google Play Store,” as you would install a new application on your mobile device.
  5. Go through the sign-in procedures and acceptance of Google Play’s terms. Next, you’ll be directed to log in to your existing Google account or create one if you haven’t already. Then, it would be sufficient if you were in the Google Play Store. Unsurprisingly, it looks roughly the same as when you access it on a mobile device, just larger.

Now we’re going to open BlueStacks and get the Kik messaging application. Click on the Google Play Store to get the Kik app. 

  • In the search bar at the top of the Google Play Store, type “Kik.” The application should show up first in your search results—click on it.  
  • You’ll now be on the page to install the Kik messaging app. Click on the green “Install” button. 
  • The installation process will be displayed on your desktop screen within BlueStacks.
  • When Kik is installed, it’ll appear as the Kik app does on your mobile device. You’ll need to use the login information we used to set you up with Kik when we installed it on your mobile device. 

Use Kik To Find A Date

  • Your account information to log in to Kik is all you need. After you log into Kik, you’ll see your Kik messenger just as you would from an Android device or phone. You can still use the Kik application on your PC, even if you’ve downloaded and set it up on iOS, a Windows phone, or an Amazon mobile device. 

How to discover people on Kik effortlessly?

You have four main methods to get yourself out there on Kik:

  • Share your Kik profile – The first method is, Go to Settings and swab ‘Share your profile.’
  • Join a public group – You can also join a public group by Searching for hashtags that match your interests and check out the results.
  • Start your public group – Isn’t it sounds interesting to start your public group. Start your public group if you can’t find what you’re interested in. Give the group an influential name and let people see it. It could be anything you like—politics, video games, sports, gardening, you name it. Build it, and people will come.
  • Use address book matching – If you are not interested in the above options, you can keep all those options aside and Go for the address book matching option. There firstly, Go to Settings -> Chat Settings -> Address Book Matching. The application will check to see who in your phone contacts has Kik and send a message which can be a great way to boost your existing social network.

How to find a date on Kik?

Kik is not a dating application, but it does lend itself well to meeting new people. Two popular Kik tools for finding a date are “Match & Chat” and “Matcher.” They have almost identical names but provide different services. Type’ match’ into the Kik web browser, and both will arise. These apps are third-party services and will attempt to match you up with other like-minded Kik users.

Match & Chat requires you to link your Kik profile to its website and allow it access to your Kik profile easily. It functions like Tinder, swiping left and right to choose matches. You will then be able to browse their listing of users to find someone you like.

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Matcher does much the same thing. Browse user profiles, identify people you like, and you’ll get connected if they want you to.

Another popular Kik tool, Flirt!, gives you a list of people within your age range living in your area to connect with.

Tips for finding people on Kik

There’s no shortage of people on Kik, but how do you know if they share your interests or not? Most third-party sites or groups will include a small profile element for you to check, and if you’re lucky, it may sometimes contain an image, an age, approximate location, and what they’re looking for if they have uploaded.

There should also be a ‘Kik Me’ button for you to swab to let them know you’re interested. Tap Kik Me, write them a message, and then sit back and wait for their response desperately. The person you message must agree to talk to you before communicating.

Some applications within Kik will keep your username private until they decide to chat; others won’t. Make sure you know first what you are looking for; otherwise, there is hardly any fun in randomly using this site.

Always keep these things in mind before using KiK:

Like any online platform where people want to meet and chat, one will surely get the usual lowlifes, scammers, and worse. The normal rules apply to Kik as they do anywhere on the internet:

1. Never take people at face value. Kik does not direct users to verify their identity, and the person you’re talking with might not be who they proclaim to be.

2.Don’t disclose too much private information until you’re certain that the individual you’re communicating can be trusted.

71oWX bEmLL3. Don’t share anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see.

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Many legitimate users will ask you to record a video to prove you’re real. For example, someone might ask you to record yourself carrying a pen on your forehead while saying their username twice. It may seem a little strange, but bots abound on Kik, and these videos are an ordinary way of establishing your authenticity. Go with it.

Don’t break the law.

Another potential pitfall in Kik and other free-to-use chat applications is that members aren’t required to verify their ages. So even underage girls can easily get on Kik and be up to no good. If you match someone who shouldn’t be there, do the right thing and decline to meet up. It should go without saying, but don’t break the law.

Bringing It To An End

Kik may be a messaging application, but it has the potential for so much more. Hooking up on Kik is as simple as finding someone and asking them to Kik you. Meeting people doesn’t get easier than that!

That’s all to know about Kik. We have covered almost everything you need to know for using Kik. I hope by now you get to know how to use Kik to find a date? If you have any queries related to how to use kik to find a date, do ask in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

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