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Out of all the phenomena in the world today, very few are as influential as love. Love has been molding the lives of human beings since humans came into existence. While some have claimed to experience extreme euphoria because of being in love, others have said that they have felt excruciating emotional pain because of the lack thereof.  Want us to back our statements with some proof. Leonardo Da Vinci painted a picture of his beloved –the Mona Lisa – that went on to become the most famous and the most discussed piece of art of all time. Another piece of art that is highly regarded all throughout the world is Dante Alighieri’s story-telling of the heartbreak he felt when he experienced unrequited love. In short, love is one of the most prevalent feelings out there.

Another thing that ranks amongst the most prominent phenomena is the internet. The internet, as we all know, is being used by billions of people throughout the world. And by use, we do not mean the utilization of the global network for a few seconds; people use the internet for hours on end for all types of things including work, fun, and everything in between! It comes as no surprise that the global network is now connected to 35 billion computers! Yet another figure often quoted to explain the magnitude of the internet’s dominance is that of the number of internet services available. There are seven thousand of them in the United States alone. Just to clarify, by one internet service, we mean a set of internet packages provider by a single internet service provider. An example could be Xfinity internet. 

Today, we are going to be talking about the intersection of the two aforementioned phenomena – the internet and love. The intersection we are talking about is the usage of dating apps. Dating apps are software designed to connect different people together for personal interactions. The app we will be discussing today is Bumble.

The Application

Bumble is one of the most widely regarded dating apps in the world. Bumble was created by Whitney Wolfe Herd in 2014. The herd was a former employee of Tinder who left her previous company due to a fallout with the company owners. The fallout was actually based on allegations of sexual discrimination leveled by her against her colleagues. Perhaps, the alleged discrimination that she faced at Tinder is why Bumble gives females special privileges. We will discuss these privileges later on.

Here is an important thing to clarify. Bumble prides itself on its inclusivity. Folks identifying with any gender can choose to interact with people of any gender. Alongside, people can choose to hold interactions of many different types. These interactions can be romantic, sexual, and/or platonic. Another thing about Bumble is that it welcomes people of a variety of sexualities including gay, lesbian, straight, and gender-queer people. 

Now coming to what is special about Bumble. As explained earlier, Bumble gives females special privileges. Girls are the ones that start conversations once a match happens. Another thing unique about Bumble is that everyone needs to reply within 24 hours of an event, whether it be a match or a message. This is to make things progress faster – an ingenious idea given how busy people are these days and how personal relationships are left unprioritized. Along with Bumble’s free version, there are two more paid versions. The paid versions are:

Bumble Boost

Bumble Boost

  • gives you the ability to Superswipe on people. SuperSwipe serves the same function as Tinder’s Super Like function. It lets the other person know that you really like them.
  • allows you to swipe right on an unlimited number of people. 
  • Enables backtracking. In this way, you can change your decision on the last person you rejected or swiped left on.
  • Gets you featured on the Bumble spotlight. This way, you are more visible to other Bumble users, increasing your chances of finding a perfect match. After all, as the number of people seeing your profile increases, so does the number of people who have swiped right on you. It’s all about the numbers game!

Bumble Premium

Bumble Premium gives you everything that Bumble Boost users have along with many additional perks. These additional perks are:

  • The ability to use an unlimited number of advanced filters.
  • An opportunity to see who has liked you. 
  • Opportunity to perform rematching 
  • Option to utilize Travel Mode
  • Access to Incognito Mode. 

Wrapping Up

This is it for now. We wish you the best of luck with using Bumble!

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