Top 12 Turkish Romantic Web Series That You Should Stream Right Now

Latest Top 12 Turkish Romantic Web Series To Watch in 2022

The popularity of Turkish drama is unstoppable. Moreover, the number of followers of the Turkish series is growing year by year. Though despite the huge number of annual tv series in turkey only one-third make it until the end of a season or, maybe even less. So, here in this article, I am going to share the list of the top 12 Romantic Turkish web series. 

Here are the Top 12 Turkish Romantic web series | Get Ready to Fall in Love With These Romantic Turkish Series


1.] Early Bird (Erkenci Kus)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date  2018-19
Ratings 7.3/10
Star cast Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman
Genre Comedy, Romance

Early bird is a Turkish romantic and comedy-drama series starring Can Yamen and Damet Ozedemir. It premiered on star tv on June 26, 2018, and concluded on 6 August 2019. This story revolves around a girl sanem Aydin (Damet Ozdemir) who works in her father’s small store where she arrives early every morning just to make sure the store will open at its exact time because of her father’s sickness. A very simple sober and ordinary life of sanem leads to a change when she met with Can Divit a handsome businessman who runs an advertisement agency.


2.] Endless Love (Kara sevda)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date 2017-15
Ratings 7.2/10
Star cast  Neslihan AtagülBurak ÖzçivitKaan Urgancıoğlu
Genre Drama, Romance

Endless love is a Turkish drama series produced by Ay Yapim that premiered on star tv on 14 October 2015. It stars Burak Ozcivit ( as Kemal ) is a young man who lives in a working-class neighborhood in Istanbul.


3.] Black Money Love (Kara para ask)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date 2014-15
Ratings 7.3/10
Star cast Engin Akyürek 
Genre Romance, drama, action fiction, mystery

Black Money Love, its a Turkish television series produced in 2014-2015 on Turkish ATV. It stars Engin Akyurek ( as Omer Demir ) as a young poor man who works at an organized crime branch in Van ( the city in the eastern part of Turkey). On the other hand, the female starrer Tuba Buyukustun ( as Elif Deneizer) is a successful designer who works in the jewelry business.


4.] I named her Feriha (Adini feriha Koydum)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date 2011-12
Ratings 5.5/10
Star cast Hazal kaya Atay, Çağatay Ulusoy, Vahide Perçin
Genre Drama, Romance

This Turkish drama is also a romantic drama television series starring Cagatay Ulusoy and Hazal Kaya. It narrates life of Feriha sarrafoglu a young and beautiful girl who is a doorkeeper’s daughter. She goes to the university which the playboy Emir Sarrafoglu also attends. Emir is an extremely rich man whose girl died to a friend who has never been in love before falls in love with feriha at first sight.


5.] Black and white love (siyah beyaz ask)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date 2017-18
Ratings 9/10
Star cast N/A
Genre Romance, drama, Action

Black and white love is a Turkish romantic drama Tv series starring Ibrahim Celikkol and birce Akalay. It premiered on show tv on October 16, 2017, and concluded on May 28, 2018.


6.] Love Doesn’t know (Ask laftan anlamaz)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date 2016-17
Ratings 7.5/10
Star cast Burak Deniz Hande Erçel Oğuzhan Karbi Özcan Tekdemir Merve Çağıran Süleyman Felek Demet Gül
Genre  Romance, Comedy

This is again a Turkish romantic drama television series broadcast on show TV. The show premiered on 15 June 2016. It stars Hande Ercel( as Hayat Uzun) and Burak Deniz ( as Murat Sarsilmaz). This series is set in Istanbul and follows a workplace romance at a multinational fashion company sarte.


7.] Love for rent (Kiralik ask)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date 2015-17
Ratings 7.1/10
Star cast Barış Arduç, Elçin Sangu, Salih Bademci, Sinem Öztürk, Nergis Kumbasar, and Levent Ülgen.
Genre Romance, Comedy

Love for rent is a Turkish romantic drama television series, starring Baris Arduc and Elcin Sangu. A waitress named Defne Topal ( Elcin Sangu ) finds herself in a love game when she needs money to payoff her brother’s debt. One day, a man named Omer Iplikci ( Bans Arduc ) kisses her abruptly because he wants to save himself from a blind date which his aunt arranged for him.


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8.] Full moon (Dolunay)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date 2017
Ratings 6.7/10
Star cast
  • Alihan Türkdemir as Bulut Kaya. …
  • Alara Bozbey as Demet Kaya Önder. …
  • Necip Memili as Hakan Önder. …
  • Balamir Emren as Engin. …
  • Öznur Serçeler as Fatoş Yalçın. …
  • İlayda Akdoğan as Asuman Pinar. …
  • Berk Yaygın as Tarık.
Genre Romantic comedy Drama

The full moon is a Turkish romantic television series starring Ozge Gurel and Can Yaman. Nazil ( Ozge Gurel ) is an amateur cook but wants to turn it into a profession, she starts to work at Ferit Aslan ( Can Yaman ) is a private cook. One night he stays at the house of Nazil Ferit who is drunk at his party. Tomorrow morning Nazil wakes up and realizes that he is staying at Ferit’s house and this leads to the foundation of a great love begins.


9.] Forbidden love (Ask- I m)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date 2008-10
Ratings 7.4/10
Star cast
  • Aditya Seal as Ishaan.
  • Pooja Kumar as Anamika.
  • Omkar Kapoor as Neel.
  • Patralekhaa as Keya.
  • Ali Fazal as Dev.
  • Rannvijay Singh.
  • Aahana Kumra.
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal.
Genre Romance, Drama

This is Turkish soap opera television series originally broadcast on kanal D between 2008 and 2010. Adnan lives in one of the most important shore houses in Istanbul with his two children a relative’s son Behlul ( Kivanc Tatlitug ), and his children’s half-french nanny. When Adnan meets Bihter ( Beren saat ) he suddenly falls in love with her.


10.] Brave and beautiful (Cesur Ve Giizel)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date 2016-17
Ratings 7.1/10
Star cast Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Cesur Alemdaroğlu and Tuba Büyüküstün as Sühan Korludağ.
Genre Romance, Drama, thriller

Kivanc Tatlitug ( as cesur Alemdaroglu ) is a young man searching for revenge for his father’s stolen life from tahsin. During Cesur’s trip to Korludag’s town, he saw a woman riding on a horse that is out of control and heading to a cliff. Cesus runs and saves the beautiful suhan ( Tuba Buyukustun ) and then the story begins.


11.] You knock on my door (Sen cal kapimi)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date 2020
Ratings 7.4/10
Star cast N/A
Genre Romance, Drama

In this story, a poor girl Eda, holding a high school diploma degree desires to study abroad to complete her education. Unfortunately, she meets the guy Serkan Bolat who under some circumstances interrupts Eda and her international scholarship, and due to which she has to stay back in her country. The guy then offers her the scholarship, asking her to pretend to be his fiancé for a little period of time. Eda rejected for sure but under some sort of condition, she had to agree to his offer. They both got feelings for each other and this is how the story gets romantic and interesting.


12.] The promise (Yemin)

Turkish romantic web series

Release Date 2020
Ratings 6.4/10
Star cast
  • Özge Yağız as Reyhan Tarhun (dead)
  • Gökberk Demirci as Emir Tarhun.
  • Cansu Tuman as Feride.
  • Can Verel as Kemal Tarhun.
  • Yağmur Şahbazova as Narin Tarhun.
  • Munise Özlem as Leyla (Dead)
  • Berkant Müftüler as Hikmet Tarhun.
  • Gül Arcan as Cavidan Tarhun.
Genre Romance, Drama

The girl Reyhan here in this story is an orphan and lives with her uncle. Her uncle wants her to marry his ill-mannered guy Emir, who she hates. Emir too hated reyham, but marries her for the sake of his father. Soon they both fell in love and revealed that they can’t live without each other. On the other hand, Emir’s mom, Cavidin becomes a twist in the story by seeing a peace spoiler. This is how the story goes interesting by watching Reyhan managing to escape from Cavidian’s evil plans and at the same time loving Emir, endlessly.


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Above we have mentioned the top 12 romantic turkish web series. I try to give complete information regarding the top 12 Turkish romantic web series. I hope u guys liked my work then do not forget to like share and comment. I will try my level best to satisfy all of your concerns demands. Till then stay safe.

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