How To Get A TikTok Advent Calendar 2023? | 31 Days Event!

How To Get A TikTok Advent Calendar 2023? | 31 Days Event!

Advent calendars have been around for many centuries now, but no one ever thought that they would become a part of pop culture through TikTok. Today we learn how to get a tiktok advent calendar because TikTok has created its calendar.

What started as a means to countdown the days till Christmas with devotional phrases shared each day has now taken over TikTok and become a viral feature on the platform. TikTok has introduced its advent calender which it announced on the for you page and wherein it sends creators 30 different items to open each day.

Many creators have received the advent calendar and when some of them shared what’s inside each day’s box we got to know what to expect from TikTok. What each day’s box contained is something that will be discussed in the article but let me tell you one thing, it’s very odd. Without further ado, let’s get into how to get a tiktok advent calendar.

How To Get A TikTok Advent Calendar?

How to get a tiktok advent calendar

First of all, for those who don’t know, let’s answer the main question, what’s an advent calendar? It is a calendar which marks the countdown till Christmas. Each day a biblical or devotional phrase is shared or an item is revealed till Christmas.

The idea is to get excited about Christmas and grow a little closer to the holiday and God through these items. And it also happens to be a great way of promoting and that’s why we are here learning about how to get a tiktok advent calendar.

Since Christmas is around the corner and it’s also the year’s end TikTok took this idea of making advent calendars and decided to have some fun with it. What it did was it sent some of its top creators a big box which contained 30 items to open each day till New Year.

These items were very everyday cute items that creators can use to make videos or just randomly use in their everyday lives. Now, the question that was raised in everyone’s mind was how to get a tiktok advent calendar.

There is only one answer to how to get a tiktok advent calendar, become a popular creator on TikTok and you will get a chance to win this advent calendar. This is a great strategy by TikTok to enforce positive reinforcement among its creators to keep going and temptations for others to do much better so that they can also receive these goodies.

What’s Inside The TikTok Advent Calender?

how to get a tiktok advent calendar

Now, coming to the main question, what’s inside the advent calendar? The creators were supposed to open one item each day till the end of the month to get a gift for each day.

But some of them were kind enough to let us in on the big secret and opened all the items in one day to show all of us what was inside. And because of that, I’m able to share with you guys today’s what all you can find in the box and start working hard on TikTok instead of asking how to get a tiktok advent calendar.

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Day 1: A baking spatula

Day 2: Stickers

Day 3: A hairband

Day 4: A car air freshener

Day 5: A little bag

Day 6: A keychain

Day 7: A cork coaster

Day 8: A speaker

Day 9: A little bracelet

Day 10: A cardholder wallet with a bottle opener

Day 11: Colored pencils set

Day 12: A motion bubbler.

Day 13: A guitar pick

Day 14: A little shoulder purse

Day 15: Lava lamp.

Day 16: A small bowl

Day 17: A pop socket

Day 18: A magnetic bookmark.

Day 19: Oven mitts

Day 20: Snow globe

Day 21: Glasses

Day 22: Wildflower seeds

Day 23: Sunblock

Day 24: Small Candle

Day 25: Luggage tag

Day 26: A mini-sack game.

Day 27: Rubber workout bands

Day 28: A tiny ring light

Day 29: A TikTok sudoku book

Day 30: A nail file

Day 31: A temporary tattoo

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Wrapping Up!

So, that was all about how to get a tiktok advent calendar, if you are as tempted as me to get all these items then I say cheers to you mate. I think we both need to work a little hard and create better content for TikTok to get these special goodies.

They might seem random things to you but all of these items are quite useful, whether for work, to carry things or to play with you are bored. I hope next year I get one of these too.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Are these advent calendar gifts different for each creator?

Ans. No, these gifts are not customized for each creator, a similar gift pack with similar items is sent to every creator who has been picked to receive these gifts.

Q2. How to get a tiktok advent calendar for free?

Ans. There is only one way to get the TikTok advent calendar and it is by being a popular creator on the app. You can buy it, it depends on TikTok whom they pick to receive the calendar.

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