How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2023 | 12 TikTok Statistics

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2023 | 12 TikTok Statistics

If I tell you how many videos are on Tiktok in 2022 alone it will make you download the app right now (if you haven’t already) and start creating videos right away. TikTok is one of the biggest social media sites in the world right now. What started as a platform called where users created short lip-synced videos turned into a giant video creation platform that has over 2 billion downloads.

That’s the power this app holds, it created a new way of video creation by upgrading apps like Dubsmash and adding new features that wouldn’t let them die down like Dubsmash. It’s crazy to know how many videos are on Tiktok, leave aside how many total videos there are, even the 2022 statistics will blow your mind.

How many videos are on Tiktok is just one amazing fact to marvel at, in this article I will give you 12 TikTok Statistics about its user base, downloads, and content that will shock you? So stick around and keep reading about the Chinese wonder called TikTok and probably the only Chinese product that has managed to last this long. JK.

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok?

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

If you think this one fact about TikTok is amazing then wait till I give you 12 TikTok Statistics. Before September 2016, if anyone mentioned the word TikTok then the only thing that came to mind was Ke$ha’s 2009 hit single. But now, even though Ke$ha is a big singing star, the name TikTok got permanently attached to the social media app.

TikTok Milestone Stats

Tiktok has more than 1 billion monthly active users with 138 million active users being in the US alone, so you can imagine how many videos are on Tiktok and how many are uploaded every day. Most of these actives are between the ages of 10-19, compensating 32.5% of the TikTok population.

TikTok User Stats

Age groups 20-29 make up 29.5%, 30-39% make up 16.4%, 40-49 makeup 13.9%, and 50 and above make up the rest 7.1%. Also, 60% of the users are women and 40% are men. 83% of the TikTok post videos and the people who made TikTok so popular are Gen Z.

TikTok Population

These are the most active content creators on the app as well as its biggest consumers. 60% of the total Gen Z population of the world are TikTokkers and as the number of Gen Zs rise, so will TikTok’s creators and audience. So, next time you want to know how many videos are on Tiktoksimply check the Gen Z population at the time and do the math yourself.

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Here Are The Best 12 TikTok Statistics

If you thought that the facts stated in how many videos are on Tiktok are astonishing, here are some astonishing facts and statistics about TikTok that will make you leave your job, colour your hair orange and start acting to the cover “Let me down slowly” on TikTok.

1. TikTok Is The Most Downloaded App On App/Google Play Store

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

To know how many videos are on Tiktok you need to know how many people use the app. In the year 2022 TikTok became the most downloaded app on App Store with over 60 million downloads in just one quarter. TikTok beat apps like Google Maps, YouTube, and social media giant Instagram to grab the top spot.

On Google Play Store it’s the 3rd most downloaded app behind Facebook and Instagram. In the second quarter of 2022, the app had 125 million downloads by Android users and the total downloads for the second quarter sit at 187 million.

2. Time Spent On TikTok

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

On average users in the US spend around 45 minutes on TikTok daily and overall users all around the world spend around 95 minutes on the app. An average user opens TikTok 8 times per day. So now imagine how many videos are on Tiktok that so many people consume.

3. Countries TikTok Is Available In

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

Out of the 195 countries in the world, TikTok is available in 155 of those and is available in 75 languages. Earlier when the app was named, it was named so for the western audience while for the eastern audience a different version of the app was available called Douyin. The app was downloaded 10 million times in Thailand and before it was banned, the app had 20 million active users in India.

4. TikTok Creators

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

Image Courtesy: The National

Coming to the main point which you have been waiting for, a question more important than how many videos are on Tiktok. How much money do TikTokkers make? Well, for starters TikTok pays creators $500 to get on the app and make content. TikTok has created a $1 Billion Creator Fund.

The money in this fund is paid to the TikTokkers by the platform, it has proven to be very effective for the app as no one would want to pass up on this lucrative deal. Furthermore, TikTok has a marketplace of its own called the TikTok Creator Marketplace that holds thousands of TikTok creator profiles.

Here brands can search for creators that best represent their products and hire them easily. The biggest TikTok creators in the world with the most followers are:

  • Khaby Lame (151.3 million followers),
  • Charli D’Amelio (148.4 million followers),
  • Bella Poarch (92.2 million followers),
  • Addison Rae (88.7 million followers),
  • Will Smith (72.4 million followers)

and Lame is the biggest creator of them all, surpassing D’Amelio who previously held the title for the longest time. When it comes to earnings get ready to hear some big numbers, Charlie D’Amelio takes the top spot with an earning of $105,770 per post, Khaby Lame earns $92,270 per post, Bella Poarch earns $66,829, next on the list is Addison Rae with an earning of $65,194 per post and Will Smith earning $53,741 per post.

5. TikTok Reach

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

The reach of TikTok is incredible, it is more widespread than apps like Twitter. Many Gen Z users have been using TikTok for search purposes instead of Google. A video posted on TikTok reaches more audiences than any other app. For example, A video posted by a celebrity got 2 million views on Twitter and the same video got 71 million views on TikTok.

Can you see a HUGE difference? This is because people love spending time on TikTok. Another astonishing fact is that they spend 17.6 million hours per day watching Instagram Reels and a whopping 197.8 million hours per day on TikTok. Now can you imagine how many videos are on Tiktok for people to watch?

6. Video Creation

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

The shortest video that you can create on the platform can be of 15 seconds and as per the latest updates, the longest video that you can create can be of 10 minutes. The limit has increased drastically, in the beginning, the video limit was 1 minute then it was increased to 3 minutes, and now to 10 minutes. All because of the popularity that the videos gain. Imagine how many videos are on Tiktok of different durations currently on the app.

7. TikTok Ads

Forget asking how many videos are on Tiktok and check out how ads work on the app. Brands’ takeover costs are between $20,000-$200,000 on TikTok. Every Hashtag challenge you see on the app costs $100,000 and an additional $100,000-$200,000 is charged by TikTok if the Hashtag challenge needs to be promoted within TikTok.

Additionally, ad campaigns start at just $50 per day and TikTok Influencers with 10,000-20,000 followers charge around $100-$200 per post, and Influencers with at least 2.5 million followers charge between $600-$1000 per post.

8. TikTok Revenue

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

TikTok generates revenue from its ads and as of 2022, the total revenue generated by the app is $11.64 billion, with $500 million generated only in the US. Now you can imagine how many videos are on Tiktok.

9. Fastest Growing Markets for TikTok

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

TikTok has seen significant growth in the Asian markets, particularly in the South Asian regions. The app has become very popular in countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and Vietnam. Even non-Asian markets have welcomed the app with open arms with Ireland being one of its top markets.

10. Birth of TikTok

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

Many of you might already know that TikTok was formally known as but what you might not know is that it wasn’t like one fine day they changed the name to TikTok. was a Chinese app that was merged with ByteDance, another Chinese company, and a new app TikTok was then created by including some features of and adding some new ones.

11. Chinese Version of TikTok

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

In China and some other South Asian countries, the app TikTok isn’t available, instead a Chinese version of the app called Doyuin is available. It is slightly different from TikTok but mainly has the same features.

12. Adults Love TikTok

How Many Videos Are On Tiktok In 2022 | 8 TikTok Statistics

We know that TikTok is primarily enjoyed by Gen Z and millennials but what you don’t know is that adults have also warmed up to the app. This is because of TikTok’s February 2020 decision to promote social security. According to the decision, TikTok will not promote any content that is against religion, violence, eating disorders, and other ideologies. This decision made it popular among US adults.

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Wrapping Up!

Now that you know so many astonishing facts about TikTok don’t focus on cringing over a creator trying to prank their mom, instead focus on the views on their videos and think about how much they are making right now. Maybe you can get the same if you do it right. Also, there is no definitive answer to how many videos are on Tiktok because it’s a bustling app with millions of users with the number growing every day. Just enjoy the videos and have a good laugh.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Who is the richest TikTokker in the world?

Ans. The richest TikTokker in the world is Will Smith with a net worth of $300 million but he didn’t earn it from TikTok, he is a famous movie star. So, technically the richest TikTokker (who became rich because of the app) is 18-year-old Charli D’Amelio with an estimated net worth of 20 million dollars.

Q2. Who founded TikTok?

Ans. TikTok was founded in September 2016 after its parent company ByteDance, a Chinese company headquartered in Beijing and incorporated in Caymen Islands (owned by Zhang Yiming) merged with (2014-2017).

Q3. Which is the most watched video on TikTok?

Ans. The most watched TikTok video with 2.2 billion views is Zach King’s Magic Ride featuring the famous illusionist and filmmaker himself acting like an aspiring Hogwarts student. How many videos are on Tiktok that feature Zach King? 336 videos so far and as of 2022 total views of his videos stand at 10.3 billion and 873 million likes.

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