gg Sans Discord | Discord’s New Custom Font [2023 Updated]

gg Sans Discord | Discord’s New Custom Font [2023 Updated]

Have you tried the new Discord font yet? It’s cool, funky and resourceful. The new custom font is used on all Discord surfaces and is called gg Sans Discord. Users will see this font on every typeface on discord like the website, blog, mobile, and web.

This modification has allowed Discord to modify the font in the future to give their user a better experience. If you want to see the new gg Sans Discord font on your app screen then make sure to update the discord app to the latest version, or if you already have so then refresh the app.

On the web version, the font will be updated automatically, you don’t have to do anything. Now, what’s left to know? A lot of things actually, like what the font looks like, reasons for changing the font, how to get it and most importantly what’s the significance behind it.

What Is Gg Sans Discord Font?

What Is Gg Sans Discord Font?

On December 1, 2022, Discord changed forever, no I don’t mean it turned into a dating app, I mean it changed its look forever. A new font called the gg Sans Discord was introduced all across the platform and every Discord user across the globe started seeing the change in the weeks that followed.

If you use the web version of Discord then you will see the change automatically but if you use the app version then you have to update the app to the latest version to see the change. Now you might think why is the new font called gg Sans Discord? Well, it has a very sweet significance.

You see Discord is known to be a social media platform for gamers and they have come up with many abbreviations and lingos to use during gaming. When they are streaming, at the end of the game, they sometimes write “gg” which is short for “good game.” So, this new font is in a small way paying tribute to gaming.

How Does Discord Gg Sans Font Look?

gg Sans Discord | Discord’s New Custom Font

When Discord initially announced the introduction of the gg Sans Discord font they didn’t give any previews of the font. People were curious to know what the new font will look like and wanted to see a preview but the news was still well-received by them because the new font replaced the old Whitney typeface which wasn’t liked by many users.

To give you some information about the font, the gg Sans Discord is grey, and although the new font is generally well-received some users still believe that it should have the ability to be modified. They think that it would be very helpful to have a default font and should have the ability to switch fonts.

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Reason For Discord Font Change

gg Sans Discord | Discord’s New Custom Font

So why did Discord change its font to gg Sans Discord? It did so to give users a chance to customize the font in the future. This was not possible with the old font, so this new feature has popularized Discord among the gaming community.

Discord used the uni sans font earlier and it only allowed users to customize the font size and not the font style. You could adjust the font size on Discord mobile by going to the settings, choosing the appearance option, and expanding the chat font scaling settings by scrolling the window down and making adjustments.

It is the same font used in the Discord logo and gave the platform a contemporary look. Apart from Discord, the uni sans font is used as a device display in many devices like smartphones and tablets because they are easy to read on a small screen.

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Wrapping Up!

With the introduction of the new gg Sans Discord font will come the end of an era and we hope that this new change suits you. Although Discord claims that this new font has been introduced for the gaming community only time will tell if the gaming community likes it or not.

Right now the verdict is mixed as many gamers are asking Discord to let them switch between uni sans and gg Sans Discord. All I can say is let’s wait, watch and hope for the best.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to get the gg Sans Discord font?

Ans. The new gg Sans Discord font was available for every Discord user after December 1, 2022. No buying or subscribing was needed to get this font, users just needed to have an updated app or needed to log into their account via browser to see their server covered in the new font.

Q2. What’s the difference between Discord’s new and old font?

Ans. If you see the new gg Sans Discord font, at first glance you won’t see much of a difference but when you start using it you will see how it differs from the old fonts. It has a very different user interface than the old one. Till now there have been mixed reviews for the new font, while some find it to be an improvement on the Whitney typeface, others find it to be blurry and too pixelated.

Q3. Is the new gg Sans Discord the default font of Discord?

Ans. Yes, this new gg Sans Discord is the new default font of Discord so this means it’s permanent and you won’t be able to change it.

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