How To Fix Instagram Notes Not Showing 2023? | Fix Them Now!

How To Fix Instagram Notes Not Showing 2023? | Fix Them Now!

Did you see those little status updates in your Instagram DM inbox? I almost thought that Mark Zuckerberg is turning Instagram into Facebook. But in reality, they were small notes, so today solve Instagram notes not showing for those who still haven’t seen these little wonders.

Instagram has always been a visually pleasing platform that just focuses on uploading photos and videos and the only written form we see here is in the form of captions. But now Zuck thought that Instagram must also have some qualities of Facebook and that people should have another way to express themselves if they don’t want to upload a photo.

Instagram introduced notes this year as an experimental feature but in December it was launched officially as a proper feature of the app. But even after the launch many people are facing the problem of Instagram notes not showing because of using an outdated version of Instagram, the feature not being available in their region or notes not being available for the user.

Today we are here to solve this problem so that people can enjoy reading their friends’ notes and share their thoughts for the day.

Reasons For Instagram Notes Not Showing

Instagram Notes Not Showing

Although it has been included in the roster of Instagram features some users are still complaining about Instagram notes not showing. There could be many reasons for that and we will discuss each one of them today so that you can see what other people are thinking and maybe you would like to get in on the fun.

1. Updates

One of the most common reasons for Instagram notes not showing is that you are using an outdated version of the app. The feature was properly installed in the app with the latest update and if you still haven’t updated your Instagram app to the latest version then it is possible that you won’t see Instagram notes on your screen.

2. Location

If you are using the latest version of the app but are still facing the problem of Instagram notes not showing then it could be because the feature is not available in your area yet. The notes feature was rolled out recently and is being made available worldwide country by country and the chance could be that your country still hasn’t received the feature yet. So sit tight and wait for it to come.

3. Not Available

Another reason for Instagram notes not showing could be YOU. Instagram might not have given the feature to you for some reason. You are the culprit. JK! Actually, the part about you being the reason is still true.

Well, the reason you haven’t seen the feature yet could be because you haven’t received it yet or you can’t find it. The former reason can be solved because all you can do is just wait but the latter can be solved by just reading the article.

How Can We Solve Instagram Notes Not Showing?

Instagram Notes Not Showing

The first step to solving any problem is identifying it, now that we know the reason for Instagram notes not showing we can easily come up with solutions to solve this problem. All you have to do is see which problem applies to you can then follow one of the solutions given below to get the notes in your Instagram.

1. Update the app

The solution for Instagram notes not showing when you are using an outdated version is to simply update the app to the latest version. Once you update the app you will automatically see notes appear on your Instagram screen.

2. Close friends list

The notes features are dependent on the closed friends feature of the app and if you are facing Instagram notes not showing then you must create a closed friends list to make it visible on screen.

3. Relocate

You may think that this is too much to ask but here us out. In order to get Instagram notes you can either actually relocate to a place where the app is available or you can make Instagram believe that you did.

Simply change your location settings on Instagram by opening your profile and tapping a different country’s flag to make it look like you live there now. Instagram will think you are actually in that country and will give you all the features that country has, including Instagram notes.

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What Are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes Not Showing

You might think that I didn’t discuss the solution for what to do if you can’t see notes on your screen. Well, the answer to that lies here. Instagram notes are a newly introduced feature on Instagram, they are brief messages that you can publish for your close friends or the friends that follow you back.

They are only of 60 characters and appear on top of your DM inbox section (hence solving the problem of you not being able to see it). Just like stories, notes also vanish after 24 hours and if you want to reply to someone’s note it will appear in their inbox.

You can write notes to write brief messages, mini status updates, share thoughts, opinions or anything you want. They were introduced in July as an experimental feature but as people started liking them and giving a positive responses it was finally introduced as a proper feature in December.

How To Create An Instagram Note?

Instagram Notes Not Showing

If you are not facing the problem of Instagram notes not showing then here is a procedure for you to try out this new feature and see what you feel about it.

Step 1: Log into your Instagram account.

Step 2: Tap on the DM icon to access your inbox section.

Step 3: Tap on your profile picture with a plus sign and leave a note written at the bottom.

Step 4: Finish writing your note.

Step 5: Choose with whom you want to share your note, Followers who follow you back or close friends.

Step 6: Tap share.

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Wrapping Up!

Instagram notes are a feature that has been introduced as a way of letting people share their thoughts, ideas and opinions. It is a great way to express yourself if you don’t feel like posting any photos or videos.

But if you are facing the problem of Instagram notes not showing because of location problems, an outdated version of the app or the feature not being available for you then read this article and enjoy using Instagram and its notes.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to reply to someone’s note?

Ans. If you want to reply to someone’s note then simply tap on that note, write your reply and press send. The reply will be visible to them in their inbox.

Q2. How to update the Instagram app?

Ans. If you want to update your Instagram app then head to the app store of your Android phone or iPhone and search for Instagram. Once you open the page tap on the update button and that’s it. The app will be updated automatically.

Q3. How to create a close friends list on Instagram?

Ans. You can create a close friends list on Instagram by opening your Instagram profile>tapping on the three lines>selecting the close friend option>selecting the friends you want to add>and tapping done.

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