Instagram Username Checker 2023 | Get Unique Username Now!

Instagram Username Checker 2023 | Get Unique Username Now!

Whenever we create a new social media account the biggest challenge isn’t creating the account but having the username available that we want. That’s why today we bring you the topic of Instagram username checker so that you can understand the concept better and know what you need to do so that you can name yourself coolDude69 or tompitt_official on Instagram.

The concept of usernames was popularized by Facebook and Twitter to differentiate users with the same name and soon every social media site started following this way of registering accounts. Today usernames are still doing what they were created for which is differentiating between people with the same names but also acting as a way for people to fulfil their fantasies of having cool names.

Just like Kaley Cuoco’s username is @normancook and Ryan Reynold’s is @vancityreynolds. And if you have a cool username in mind I suggest you go for an Instagram username checker first to see if the username is available or not. And with that, we will give you some tips to create safe but cool usernames and how to create one.

Open Google>enter Instagram username checker>open any website>enter username>check availability.

How To Use Instagram Username Checker?

Instagram Username Checker

So, imagine this, you are new to Instagram and want to create an account on the app, and to top it all you are really cool username idea for yourself. What are you going to do next? Create an account? Wrong.

You will first use the Instagram username checker to see if @nottomcruise is available on Instagram, because if it’s not then you can consider other usernames like @notryangosling @realleodicaprio and @believemeimchrishemsworth.

You can check the same on Instagram too while creating an account but I would advise against it. This is because if your desired username is not available then in the hassle of creating an account fast you will end up setting something in haste that you might not like later.

That’s why it’s better to go for an Instagram username checker to check the availability of the username and if you see that it’s not available then you can take your time and think of a new one. So, what you should do instead is follow these steps to find your perfect Instagram username;

Open Google>type Instagram username checker>open website>enter username>check availability.

Step 1: Open the Google app or open it on any browser of your choice.

Step 2: Type Instagram username checker.

Step 3: Open any of the sites that pop up on your screen.

Step 4: Enter your desired username.

Step 5: Tap on the check availability icon and see if your desired username is available.

Note: If the username you wanted isn’t available then many websites suggest usernames that sound like your original choice.

How To Check Instagram Username Availablity On Instagram?

Instagram Username Checker

If you don’t want to indulge in an Instagram username checker on Google then that’s okay because you can check the availability of your username on Instagram as well. If you are new to gram’ and want to create an account then one of the fields will ask you to enter your username.

Enter a username and right then and there Instagram will tell you if the username is available with a small tick sign next to the username you entered. If your username is not available and you can’t think of a new one Instagram will give you suggestions if you enter your full name.

Based on that Instagram will generate a full list of usernames that you can use. One good thing here is that unlike many other websites Instagram usernames are not permanent. You can think for a while and choose a different username just to complete the signing up process and later change it to something new if you want to.

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Requirements For Instagram Username

Instagram Username Checker

There are certain conditions that you need to fulfil if you want to create a username for your Instagram account. They are very basic but only after you fulfil those conditions will you be able to create a successful username. Before using an Instagram username checker or creating an account on Instagram make sure you follow the below-mentioned criteria and create a username keeping the criteria in mind.

1. The username should have at least one character.

2. The username should have a maximum of 30 characters.

3. You are allowed to use any alphabet from (a-z) and numbers from (0-9).

4. You can include special characters like underscore (_) and period (.).

What’s The Significance Of A Username?

Instagram Username Checker

What’s the need to use an Instagram username checker and set a unique username? If you have a private account then there is no significance as such. It will just be something that will be helpful to your username in identifying your account on Instagram.

You can set a unique username for style purposes and to make yourself stand out among your friends. But if you have a public account then it can be very useful in building your brand. An Instagram username is one of the primary factors in building a digital presence, the first thing people notice about a brand is its name and if you have a catchy username it will help in attracting your audience.

A username should be something that’s easy to pronounce and something that’s memorable. It should also be something that aligns with your content in such a way that it should be the first name to pop up when someone mentions your content in the search bar. So choose wisely and grow well.

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Wrapping Up!

Shakespeare once said, “what’s there in a name?” but this was at a time when there were no social media sites, and today everything revolves around a name. If you have a great username on Instagram then it will compel your audience to visit your profile and if they like your content then they will stay forever.

So when you decide to create an account on Instagram make sure to visit an Instagram username checker site beforehand to see if your desired username is up for grabs. Open Google>enter Instagram username checker>open any website>enter username>check availability. If it’s taken then keep looking it you find the perfect one.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Are 4-letter usernames available on Instagram?

Ans. Instagram has been around for more than a decade and it means it’s too late to create a 4-letter username now, but if you still want one then the only way to do so is by buying one. But let me tell you something, it’s not cheap.

Q2. What are some important tips to consider before creating a username?

Ans. Here are some important tips that you must consider before creating a username on any social media site, not just Instagram –

  1. Understand that your username represents you. It will be your first impression online so make it worth it.
  2. Create different usernames for different websites.
  3. Don’t include any personal information in your username, like your password or DOB.
  4. Don’t give up fast if you can’t find a suitable one quickly. Older sites will take time as they have many users.
  5. Mix it up by creating a username that represents your interests.
  6. Try creating a compound username.
  7. Try including synonyms of your names.
  8. Keep the username short.
  9. Use special characters.
  10. Take help from Instagram username checker sites.

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