Top 4 Popular and Easy Ways to Make Videos Like Live Photos For Android & iOS (2022)

Top 4 Popular and Easy Ways to Make Videos Like Live Photos For Android & iOS (2022)

|Interesting and Easy Ways to make videos like live photos|

Live Photos is an excellent feature of the iPhone to add motion to your picture. People have used the feature extensively since it was introduced in 2015 with the iPhone 6s. However, Live Photos would work only on iPhones. They turn to static images when you share them with your friends. That’s surely a big drawback!

Fortunately, you can now convert Live Photos to videos with the launch of iOS 13. You can create small videos out of your Live Photos and retain sound and motion. Plus, you can share the videos anywhere you wish without restrictions.

“Here’s How to Make Videos Like Live Photos”


How to Convert Single Live Photo to Video?

  • Launch your Photos app to change Live Photo to video.
  • Navigate to the “Albums” tab. Scroll down to “Media Types” and choose “Live Photos.”
  • Select the Live Photo you wish to turn into a video.
  • Press the “Share” button and scroll down to select “Save as Video.” You can check out your video in the Recents album in the Photos app.

How to Convert Multiple Live Photos to Video?

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • Choose your “Albums” option and navigate to “Media Types.” Tap on “Live Photos.
  • Choose as many Live Photos as you want.
  • Press the “Share” button and select “Save as Video.”

How to Edit Live Photos?

iPhone lets you edit your Live Photos to make them more exciting. You can add filters, trim your frames, or adjust color and contrast. We are going to teach you exactly how to edit your Live Photos below-

  • Open your Photos app and choose a Live Photo you want to edit. Tap on the “Edit” option on top of the image.
  • You can now add several effects to your Live Photo. iPhone lets you choose any key image to put at the beginning of your Live Photos.
  • You can also use the slider to trim the frames of your Live pictures. Here, you can also turn off the audio by tapping on the “Volume” button on top of the interface.
  • You can also edit your Live photos to tactic images by pressing the “Live Photos” button. Additionally, you may edit the exposure, color, and contrast by using the “Enhance” option.
  • Moreover, you can crop your Live Photos and add multiple filters. Tap on “Done” to save your edits.

Note: Apart from the above, you can also use custom settings for your images. All images you edit will be saved in your Photos app for viewing and sharing.

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“How to make a video into a Live Photo on an Android”

As noted earlier, on Android devices, Live Photos are usually referred to as “Live Wallpapers.” This is because you can only use them as wallpapers – they can’t be viewed in the Photos app or shared via text message.

That said, turning a video into a Live Photo on an Android is just as easy as it is on an iPhone.

  • Download TurnLive – Live Wallpaper App from the Google Play Store. It’s free, but also has premium features you can pay for in the app.
  • Launch TurnLive and accept the terms and services, then tap the Live Photo icon (it looks like three concentric circles) at the bottom-middle of the screen.
  • On the page that opens, tap the Video to Live Wallpaper option. You’ll need to give the app access to your camera and photos.
  • You’ll be shown all the videos saved on your device. Tap the one that you want to turn into a Live Photo, then tap Done in the top-right. You can pick any video, but your Live Photo can only be five seconds at the maximum.
  •  The video will load, and then ask you which frame of the video you’d like to use as a “cover.” Pick one and tap Next.
  •  Use the slider in the middle of the page to pick which part of the video you’d like to turn into a Live Photo. This slider can be a bit finicky – you might need to tap multiple times to drag the edges of the selector, and if you want to move it to a new part of the video, you’ll have to slowly move both edges towards that point.
  • You can also use the filters below that slider to give the Live Photo different looks or tap the lightning bolt icon to speed it up or slow it down.
  • When you’re ready, tap Next in the top-right and select how many times you’d like it to repeat. Any option here works.
  • You’ll be brought back to the app’s main page, and your new Live Photo will process. When it’s done, you can find it under the My Wallpapers heading.
  • Tap your new Live Photo and then tap the download icon. You’ll be asked if you want to clear your current wallpaper – tap Clear, then give the app permission to change system settings, then go back and tap the download icon and Clear again.
  • A black screen labeled “DayTime LWP” will appear. Tap Set wallpaper, then pick whether you’d like it on just your home screen, or both your home and lock screens.

    Exit the app, and you’ll find your new Live Photo in the background.

Note: These are the steps to be followed to make videos like live photos in both android and iPhone.

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