5 Original Ways To Be Aesthetic On TikTok Easily In 2022

5 Original Ways To Be Aesthetic On TikTok Easily In 2022

If you wish to be Aesthetic on TikTok this guide is made just for you. Making aesthetic videos on TikTok is highly appreciated by a large audience and this can help you to blow up on the platform and can make you famous on TikTok. Aesthetic videos are made with passion and require a lot of work believe it or not if you are trying to figure out how to make aesthetic videos on TikTok it might be difficult for you without any guidance and reference, but this is where our guide on how to be Aesthetic on TikTok comes into the play.

This guide helps you to make aesthetic videos on TikTok quickly and easily without any kind of Hassel so without any further ado Let’s get started.

On can be aesthetic on any kind of social media platform you can be aesthetic on Snapchat or you can have an aesthetic Instagram feed very easily but being aesthetic on TikTok somehow limits you to just posting aesthetic videos on the platform but don’t worry the platform itself is the best App for creating video as it provides many in-app features like creating original sound, voice effects, filters, etc. So there are many ways to make your TikTok profile look aesthetic without much work.

You just have to pick up an aesthetic and stick to it till the end and we assure you’ll get results as per your needs. For example, adding special effects to your TikTok video can add a new dimension to your TikTok video and make it look even more appealing. We have a few tips for you to be aesthetic on TikTok read further to know more

So, How To Be Aesthetic On TikTok?

Being aesthetic on TikTok is not that hard if you’ll follow the tips given below, Aesthetic videos on TikTok are popular as they represent the true essence of your Being and this is why many TikTok users love watching and making aesthetic videos for example pink aesthetic or Dark academia are very popular these days. So here are 5 tips from the experts which can help you to be Aesthetic on TikTok.

5 Tips To Be Aesthetic on TikTok

Tip 1: Pick And Stick To A Particular Aesthetic

Ways To Be Aesthetic On TikTok

First of all, we recommend you pick an aesthetic of your choice and stick to it. Post video with the consistency of the same aesthetic for example if you like Dark academia keep a set of filters that goes well with your aesthetic and you can apply them every time you create a video on TikTok this will help you to be uniform with the editing part of your TikTok video.

If you are again of a purple or pink aesthetic you could try applying a purple or pink filter to your video, as well as some particle effects and sparkles for an added touch of magic.

Tip 2: Add Special Effects To Your Videoes To Be Aesthetic On TikTok

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Adding special effects to your TikTok video can help you to add a new dimension to your bland TikTok video it can adjust the lighting automatically and add hues to your TikTok video to give it your desired look.

You can try out different filters on your video and pick one according to the overall ambiance of your TikTok. Some of your filter recommendations are :

VHS: This filter will give your video a retro vibe

Sparkles: It adds glitter to your TikTok video and brightens up the entire vibe

Film grain: It will give your TikTok video an old-fashioned yet aesthetic vibe which is very much in trend these days.

You can also use other third-party Apps to edit your video beforehand to upload video on TikTok for example Inshot, Lightroom, etc.

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Tip 3: Add Aesthetic Music Or Sound To Your TikTok Video To Be Aesthetic On TikTok


Adding music to your TikTok video can do wonders. It can help you to express your mood and the overall aesthetic of your TikTok video. We recommend you to dig into finding viral and treading songs and sound which also matches your aesthetic on TikTok.

You can also add voice effects or Voiceover to your TikTok video to personalize it more. Adding viral music to your TikTok video can help you to reach maximum viewers and in turn, can make you famous on TikTok.

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Tip 4: Add Aesthetic Font To Text

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If your TikTok video requires the addition of text then we recommend you to apply Aesthetic Font to Text. TikTok has some super aesthetic fonts for example Nine by Five and Arielle and many more.

Adding aesthetic fonts to your TikTok video will make it look like it required too much work to create the video but the truth is you just changed the font which was done effortlessly. The brighter side is that Adding text to your TikTok video can help you to express yourself effortlessly.

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Tip 5: Keep An Eye-Catching And Aesthetic Profile Picture


An attractive profile picture can do wonders and when they say the first impression is the last then they mean it. Having a TikTok profile picture that matches your aesthetic can help you to get followers instantly because many TikTok users are more likely to follow other users based on their profile pictures so we recommend you to have an eye-catching and aesthetic profile picture for your TikTok account.

Your profile picture says a lot about you and a perfectly portrayed profile picture tells a lot about your aesthetic as well. We have made a separate article with various TikTok profile picture ideas for you to get inspired from you can take a look at it too.

Last Words!

So we hope by now you’ve taken your notes on how to be aesthetic on TikTok from our article. It is no Rocket science To be aesthetic on TikTok and we believe these tips will effectively help you Ways To Be Aesthetic On TikTok effortlessly.

Add in some good music and special effects to your TikTok video as per your TikTok aesthetic and a well-portrayed profile picture and you are good to go. Tell us in the comment section below which tip helped you the most to be Aesthetic on TikTok.

If our article was helpful enough please leave us feedback in the comment box below If you have any other queries you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to help!

Thank You For Reading!

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