10 Best TikTok Profile Picture Ideas You Should Try in 2022

10 Best TikTok Profile Picture Ideas You Should Try in 2022

An attractive profile picture can do wonders and if you are looking for some crazy, unique best TikTok profile picture ideas then your search is over! In this article, We have some unique ideas for your TikTok profile picture which can enhance your overall TikTok account and will help you to get more followers instantly. As we say the first impression is the last and this fits perfectly when it’s about putting up an attractive profile picture to bag more followers and to get famous on TikTok. So without any further ado Let’s get started!

Your profile picture says a lot about you, if you are a fashion influencer or a travel explorer, a perfectly portrayed profile picture can tell a lot about you and it can attract people who are somewhat interested in seeing what you post on TikTok. So basically your TikTok profile picture showcases your personality and your profession on the social media platform as well which is why it is important to put up a perfect profile as per your identity. In this article We have discussed the top 10 best TikTok profile picture ideas you can use and take inspiration from to make your TikTok profile more attractive and will certainly make you stand out among all. We have also some reference pictures for you to get inspired from so let’s get this party started!

10 Best TikTok Profile Picture Ideas To Make It More Interesting In 2022

1. Cartoon Profile Picture

If you are a 90s kid or you love 90s cartoons then this idea will work best for you. 90s cartoons are the new cool and that is why we highly recommend you to put up a cartoon profile picture for TikTok. You can pick any cartoon character which suits your personality or is your personal favourite. You can download it from Google or we also have some recommendations for you from our personal favourites.


Best TikTok Profile Picture Ideas


2. Showcase What You Love Doing

If you have a hobby or a talent and you wish to flaunt it as much as you can then you can put it up as your TikTok profile picture. If you are into art and you make videos inspired by art then you can put your paintings as your TikTok profile picture or if you are into sports then you can put up a profile picture of you playing the particular sports maybe skiing or football. In short, we recommend you showcase what you are passionate about on your TikTok profile picture it will make viewers interested and most of all, trust in your abilities.




3. A Transparent Profile Picture

Well, it might sound a bit weird but we bet putting up a transparent profile picture will cause a double-glance. It is unique it’s in its way and it is an effortless job to create a transparent profile picture for your TikTok account. You just have to remove the background from a picture, and then head over to TikTok to upload it to your profile.


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4. Anime Profile Picture

Anime is without any doubt gaining more and more popularity day by day and is now watched and appreciated by all across the world be it be a teenager or an adult. So if you like Anime and are obsessed with them so can put up your favourite Anime character as your TikTok profile picture. Be it Hinata Hyuga or Naruto Uzamaki we are sure it will attract other TikTok users who are Anime lovers.


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5. Default Profile Picture

Ok, this may sound cliche but TikTok’s default profile picture is growing in popularity. And we are not talking about the old usual light and dark grey image rather many TikTok users are customising them very creatively. You can change colours add stickers and overlay ith default picture with wigs and effective texts to make them look more attractive and eye-catching.


i 3


6. Twin With Your Best friend Or Partner

This one is for all the couples out there and best friends who love to do everything together. Putting up a matching profile picture on TikTok is now an expression of love. The creativity can go beyond when the pictures are placed in such a position where when both profiles pictures next to each come together to complete a picture. Well isn’t it cute? Be it your best friend or your better half it can be a great way to bond to the next level with matching profile pictures.


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7. Marvel Character Or Disney Character

This is somewhat similar to putting up a cartoon character as your TikTok profile picture but the main idea is to put up a Marvel or Disney character you love. You use any Disney princess character as your TikTok profile picture or any Marvel character. Recently many TikTok users were using the Lego star war character as their TikTok profile picture. We have an entire guide on how to use the Lego star war characters on your TikTok profile picture you can also check it out.


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8. Funny TikTok Profile Picture

If you are funny then you’ve won half of the TikTok battle here. If you are one of those who post comic content on your TikTok account then you can also use funny pictures as your TikTok profile picture for other users to know that you are a hell of a funny guy or girl and this will in turn bag you with more followers and engagement on TikTok.



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9. Aesthetic Profile Picture

Many people are obsessed with vintage filters as it brings in some aesthetic vibes it. You can use any of your Pinterest worthy profile pictures as your TikTok profile picture. You can also showcase what your TikTok profile is all about by showing your aesthetic. For example, if you post stuff related to travelling then you can up your picture at the shore of a beach or a mountain top or if you are a foodie and post stuff related to fool then You can also use an attractive photo of any food item as you TikTok profile picture.

Pro Tip– Make sure your profile picture highlights your aesthetic and is focused and large.


i 9


10. A Cute Selfie Can Do Wonders

Sometimes it is not important to go overboard with everything and if you are still confused about what kind of TikTok profile picture you should upload. We recommend you post a cute picture of yourself and your TikTok profile picture and if you are not comfortable doing so you can also use a cute picture of your pet or babies as your TikTok profile picture because who doesn’t love a cute baby? Right?


i 10


Final Words-

So we hope by now might have decided what kind of profile picture you are choosing for your TikTok profile. From your favourite cartoon character to something you are passionate about we have many recommendations for you. Tell us in the comment box which one are you choosing. If our article on Top 10 best TikTok profile picture ideas was helpful enough people leave us feedback in the comment box below If you have any other queries or recommendations you can always reach us by commenting in the comment box below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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