10 Most Popular Facebook Messenger Instant Games To Play in 2022

10 Most Popular Facebook Messenger Instant Games To Play in 2022

If we talk about Facebook, it is the number one ranking social networking site on which you can get united with family, friends, colleagues, and other people that you love and want to connect. On Facebook, you can share your desired pictures & videos, make text chats & videos calls, and more to stay connected with your loved ones.

Apart from these amazing features on Facebook, it is well known as the best place to play games, and you can play solo or with your loved ones at any time. In this post, I will be telling you about some of the most played games on Facebook Messenger.

Playing games is a hobby and interest of many and also a time pass for many. Those who are active on this side would also know about Facebook Messenger Games, which are quite interesting. You may be finding some games that you want to play with your families, friends, and loved ones.

Earlier we could play the games on Facebook messenger but now it is removed from the messenger and has been shifted to the main Facebook app where you can play multiple games of your choice.

You will be thinking about where your all Facebook Messenger Instant games disappeared?

Let me tell you, they have not been anywhere but shifted to the Facebook native app. Don’t worry you will not lose any of your scores, coins, or points. You will just have to install the Facebook app to continue the games, or you can use the website also.

The plurality of the users accesses Facebook using the Facebook app instead of the website for checking the updates of friends and the Facebook Messenger app for transmitting or receiving messages and making voice & video calls.

Since Facebook and Messenger apps are different apps, and the majority of the Facebook users spend their time on the messenger app so the company decided to shift games from messenger to Facebook app.

The best thing about messenger games is that they are not so heavy in terms of downloading so they can be downloaded easily and the users who need to play these games, will have to access the gaming section in the Facebook app.

How Do We Play These Games Earlier?

Earlier it was easy to play these games as these games were on the messenger app and by clicking the 4 dots beside the camera we could easily access the gaming section.

But in the updated version there is only one option which is ‘Location’. So to get started with the games, open the Facebook app and click on the last option at the extreme right, from there you will get a new window showing many options, in which one option will be gaming.

Now on the gaming page, you can see your gaming profile, gaming videos, trending gameplays, recently played games and you can also surf all the Facebook instant games.

To inspect all the games click on the see all the games and games will be displayed according to your interests. This will take you to the never-ending list of Facebook instant games.

So, here are some Instant gaming categories:

1. Role-Playing
2. Strategy Games
3. Poker & Table Games
4. Simulation Games
5. Sports
6. MOBA Games
7. Bingo
8. Builders
9. Board
10. Puzzles
11. Runner
12. Card Games

When you choose your desired game icon, it will be opened in full screen. Now click on Play now and your game will start. Enjoy your game.

Some of the popular games are listed here below-


Here Are the 10 Most Popular Facebook Messenger Instant Games To Play in 2022


10. Everwing


This game is a casual fun game in which you are a fairy who is flying through the airs back to back blasting never-ending demons. While playing the game you have to collect the maximum number of coins that you will further use to improve your weaponry. This game was created on 26th November 2016.


9. Tetris


This game is featuring the theme music named Jaunty Russian. This game presents multicolor bricks, rotating, and a quick speed when you clear the levels by placing the bricks in the right place. You have to tap on the block to rotate and slide to place into the right place.

8. Space Invader

space invader1

This popular classic game is also available in Messenger. This game is not very complex, it has simple controls to fight with aliens. You just have to fight with aliens using your fingers.


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7. Words with friends


The purpose of ‘words with friends’ is only to generate maximum words using the given letters, you can also challenge your friends in this game. If you are a word game lover you should definitely try this word game from the messenger.

6. Daily Sudoku


If you are a Sudoku puzzle lover like me you should surely try this messenger daily sudoku game because I’m sure you won,t regret playing it. In this game you will have 3 different levels; easy, intermediate, and hard. You have to fill the boxes quickly to earn the maximum points.


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5. Golden Boot

golden boot1

This game has a straightforward concept and is devoted to soccer lovers. In this game, all you have to do is beat the goalkeeper and hit the goal. The more you hit the goal the more earn the points. As we know increasing levels will also increase the difficulty level, the same procedure will be in this game.

4. 2020 Connect


This game is also a puzzle game in which you have to connect the tiles with the same numbers to form a big tile as a result. You can try to make as much as the big tile you want, to earn more and more points or coins.


3. 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool1

Pool Lovers? Where are you? Messenger has something exciting for you. Yes, the messenger has a pool game for you all. You can challenge your friends in this game and moreover, this game offers you 2 modes of playing they are, 8 ball mode and another one is 9 ball mode which depends on your choice.

2. Chess


Any gaming list is incomplete without Chess. So messenger got you covered with this also. All the chess players would love to play this game. You just have to select the player of your choice with which you are going to play.


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1. Bat Climb

10 Most Popular Facebook Messenger Instant Games To Play

In this game, you have to help the player to reach as high as possible. You have to try to avoid the obstructions that come in your way when you have to jump left or right. If you want to core high you will have to collect more coins. You have a choice to choose to be a Batman, Batgirl, or robin.

Winding up!

So these were a few of the games that can be played on Facebook as their location has been changed as I mentioned above. You have to remember one thing that you cannot play these games if you do not have an account o Facebook as there is no direct link to play these fun games. Try playing these games and do let me know your experience and scores in the comment section.

Till then Happy Learning!


Some Frequently Asked Questions!

Can you play games on Messenger 2022?

Yes, you can play games on messenger 2022. You just have to Scroll to the right in the bottom menu and select ‘Activities. ‘ To play, select an option and now you can play the games with some of your friends and have fun.

What happened to Messenger games?

Facebook is removing instant games from the messenger to shift into the gaming tab. These games were originally launched as playable games in the news section. Moreover, Facebook is taking these games into several stages.

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