Popular Google Doodle Games List Should Try

Google doodle games is one of the most popular platforms beautifully created by google for the users who want to play the games online on google. Google doodle games are truly fun for users who want to take a break from long hours of work.

Google doodle has a variety of games and all of them are free and quite easy to play for anyone. So, we have created an amazing list of top 10 Google doodle games and if you’re a true fan of online games then you should try these google doodle games once in life.

In this list, we’re covering some great games on google doodle snake, games on google doodle cricket, games on google doodle basketball, and many more. On the other side, all of them are very appealing and require a web browser like chrome browser, safari, or firefox as well as it also doesn’t matter where you’re playing you just make sure you have a stable internet connection and google on your device.

Here are the Top 10 Popular Google Doodle Games List 2022

1. Baseball

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Baseball is a very fun game where you’ll peanuts like characters all over the pitch with caps over their head and you’ll play as a role of Hiter and every time a ball will be thrown towards and you have to click that button which indicates bat below.

Every time you hit the ball and then you run you’ll get point sand if you miss the ball you’ll lose and you can easily re-try in just a blink of an eye. And if you’re really searching games on google doodle baseball then this game is all you need.

2. Snake Game

google birthday surprise spinner doodle game snake

Snake Game is a very easy and satisfying game and googles doodle made it so easier to play if we talk about its user interface then it’s the best game on google doodle snake.

If we talk about this game then at the start of this game you’ll see a window that will ask you to start the game and then to play this game you have to press the up, down, left, and right key and eats all the apples which will display in front of you, but make sure to not to touch the wall and if you failed you’ll be out of the game and then after tapping on retry button you can easily restart the game.

3. Cricket

Popular Google Doodle Games List

Games on google doodle Cricket is another best doodle game created by google and where you’ll play as a batsman and bowler will a sale and a scoreboard right in front of you like real cricket but the only difference in cricket game and this google doodle cricket game is it’s so funny and easy where you just have to swing a bat by tapping the bat icon below and an ant-like creature will play and when you hit a six all the audiences watching you will root for you too.

Note: This game is so good for all the cricket lovers who are not able to play cricket on the field but wants to spend their time only on the circuit then this game is only you need on google doodle.

4. Rubik’s Cube

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Google doodle Rubik’s cube is a great alternative to physical Rubik’s cube where you can solve Rubiks just by using your laptop or mobile. But this game on google doodle Rubik’s cube is only for those who want to enhance their Rubik’s cube solving skills to the next level and somehow it will help you to solve real Rubik’s cube faster.

You can directly play this game on a web browser for free and works really well on a decent internet connection. The best part of this game is its user interface which is so appealing and real. Although you’re playing online you’ll feel like you’re solving a real Rubik’s cube.

Here are some Controls info from Beebom to use while playing this game:-

  • F – Front
  • B – Back
  • U – Up
  • D – Down
  • L – Left
  • R – Right
  • X – Rotate Cube on Right
  • Y – Rotate Cube on Up
  • Z – Rotate Cube on Front

5. Basketball

download 13

Basket doodle game is a fun and quite easy game for all the basketball lovers where you just have to throw the ball inside the basket and you don’t have to use many buttons to play this game like you can use a spacebar or mouse to create pressure and then throw it accurately inside the basket. Basketball was also Introduced as part of the 2012 Summer Games interactive doodles.

Pro Tips to score more on games on google doodle basketball

Note: You can tap twice and the ball will automatically go inside the basket and which will help you score more.

6. Loteria

download 14

Loteria is a Mexican board game of chance for all card doodle games lovers. The game is simple where you have to select the same card which will be shown on the right side and you just have to place a bean on it and if you’ll succeed to match teams in a row you’ll win and if not you’ll fail.

This game is played by random players from all over the world in a quick match and if you want to play it with friends you can select the play with friends option by just sharing. While playing this game Mexican music will play which is so good to listen and that makes this game more compelling.

Follow the instructions given below and it will help you to understand this game easily.

All of the instructions given below are taken from the Loteria google doodle game and these are the exact same instructions that you’ll see when you start playing this game.

  1. When a card is dealt with, look for the same card on your board. If you have a match, place a bean on that card.
  2. This card shows the pattern of beans needed to win. It will change in each round.
  3. When you’ve filled the pattern, press the”Loteria!” button. The first player to fill the pattern and declare”Loteria!” wins!


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7. Soccer

download 15

Soccer is another best google doodle game that might take away your interest from cricket doodle game. Let’s talk about this game you’ll play as a goalkeeper where you just have to stop the ball by using the cursor on the laptop or to move the goalkeeper you can use arrow keys too.

To win this game you a player need to stop as much ball as you can. You’ll get only three chances to stop the ball and if you failed to stop the ball, you’re out of the game.

8. Pac Man

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Pac man is a very popular google doodle game where you have to keep moving you’re an in-game man and try to eat more and more dots and the only thing you have to keep in mind while playing this game is to stay away from other Pac men roaming around you.

If you failed to touch anyone you’ll be dead and out of the game. This game is a great game for all the school kids and also a worth time spending game for long hours.

9. Pizza

Google Doodle Pizza Game

Games on Google doodle Pizza is a never-ending game where you have to cut the pizza’s in a perfect size and you’ll get a variety of pizzas to cut and if you failed to cut the pizza in the right size you’ll get fewer stars and if you did well then you’ll be rewarded with 3 stars.

The best part of this Google doodle pizza game is its satisfying interface which will help you to stay in this game and also this game is for all the non-pizza lovers who just started eating pizza. They can learn the names of pizzas and how to cut them in a perfect shape easily and how they are topped with different ingredients.

10. Hip Hop

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Google doodle Hip Hop game is a great game for all the DJ lovers who want to make their own DJ track online. To play this game you’ll get lots of tracks just by scrolling the slide button on the right side.

In this game, You’ll see a crossfader that is used to mix the beats. You can drag it to left and right to make some cool tracks and this game is so addictive for all the Dj hip hop fans.

Wrapping up!

Above we have covered some of the best popular Google doodle games List which is very fun and easy to play. So, if you make it to the end and I hope you really enjoyed reading this blog. Please comment down your favorite game and we’ll appreciate your every comment down below. Thank You!

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