Every single Dog Pokemon List | Electric & Fire Type

Every single Dog Pokemon List (2022) | Electric & Fire Type

One of the best creatures on earth is Dog, and as you all know their lots of dog pokemon in Pokemon, and all are so good and smart to play with. These dogs are not only simple dogs but come up with very powerful powers and amazing looks.

So, today in this blog we are going to discuss some of the Top 8 Dog Pokemon lists in 2022 and we are also categorizing all the dog pokemon according to their Generations.

Here Are The Every single Dog Pokemon List (2022) | Electric & Fire Type

1. Riolu


Riolu is one of the best Dog Pokemon and is very cute to keep on your Pokemon list. These Pokemon do not have as much power as others but they can deal average damage. This Dog pokemon doesn’t look like a dog but it looks like a dog. It’s a Generation 4 Pokemon and you can also make Riolu happy by just evolving.

2. NineTales

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Ninetales is another beast Dog Pokemon and if I talk about its type then it’s a powerful fire type and a Generation 1 Pokemon. It looks so beautiful and beautiful in color and It doesn’t really look like a dog but we can call it a Fox. One of the powerful features of this Dog is its Defence speed. Like other powerful Dog pokemon, Ninetales isn’t much played in Tournament and is best to play single battle games with its powerful fire attacks.

3. Poochyena


Poochyena is one of my favorite and very cute Dog -types of pokemon and it is Dark in color. It’s a generation 3 pokemon and is not used in competitive plays. But it is a good pokemon to catch and keep it in your pokemon list. It also deals very little damage.

4. LilliPup


LilliPup is another very beautiful Puppy Dog Pokemon that is brown in color and its face color is yellow with white eyes. All of this combination makes this dog a very cute dog and definitely not a competitive dog. It’s a Generation 5 Dog. But if you put this dog unevolved it could learn some powerful moves.

5. Houndour

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Houndour is a Base type of Pokemon which is generation 2 Pokemon and works as a guard pokemon and doesn’t come with much power and its attacks are not much more powerful than other pokemon, so it’s definitely a very bad choice for competition. Its a dark in color. Honor is featured as a Dog guard Pokemon. Honor is also not good in Single-player battles. But still, if you want to catch you can.

6. Growlithe


Growlithe is a generation 1 pokemon and is a fire-type Dog pokemon that really comes with powerful base stage pokemon. Growlithe also comes with some special features like fighting and also is very resistant to Fire, grass, ice, bugs, steel, fairy Type enemies. This is a very good Single type battle pokemon.


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7. Electrike


Electrike is a lightning-type pokemon that is yellow in color and black inside the ears, that came early in generation 3. But this pokemon is only limited to electric and normal attacks. But this pokemon is definitely a very good choice in single-player but not as much power for competitions.

8. Arcanine

Dog Pokemon List

Arcanine is another very beautiful Dog Pokemon which is a Generation 1 pokemon its body is orange in color and there is a small line of black color on his body. This Dog is a really solid state dog and comes with some powerful moves. But this dog is not much used in tournaments and is also evolved from Growlithe. This is also known as a Legendary Dog.


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Generation Of All Dog Pokemon List 

Below all the Generation Format of all dog pokemon list is taken from one of the best websites of video games known as a that-videogame blog.

  • Generation I: Red (Green), Blue, Yellow (R/B/Y)
  • Generation II: Gold, Silver, Crystal (G/S/C)
  • Generation III: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen (Ru/Sa/E/FR/LG)
  • Generation IV: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver (D/P/Pl/HG/SS)
  • Generation V: Black, White, Black 2, White 2 (Bl/W/B2/W2)
  • Generation VI: Pokémon X and Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire (X/Y/OR/AS)
  • Generation VII: Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon (Su/M/US/UM)
  • Generation VIII: Sword, Shield (Sw/Sh)



As I have mentioned some of the Top 8 Dog Pokemon lists (2022) and there are also a few more dog-type pokemon lists but the most used and loved dog pokemon is given above with their stats and how they evolve. So if you liked the blog do let me know in the comment section and Tell us your experience. Thank You!

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