10 Famous Bat Pokemon List on the Pokedex Listed (2022)

Pokemon game is one of the most famous games and is played all over the world. Anyone who new started this game can easily understand and play this game. Even all the characters are so good to play. So Today in this blog we are going to discuss all bat pokemon lists in 2022 and every Bat comes up with different power and super fangs.

Here are the Top 10 Famous Bat Pokemon List on the Pokedex Listed (2022) 



1. Woobat

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Woobat is a fat-shaped Pokemon known for its heart-shaped nose. This Pokemon can also use its nose to reflect ultrasonic waves onto objects so that they can be seen more clearly. Woobats are small, furry creatures. Woobat’s accumulated power attack temporarily increases its attack power and deadly power, making it one of the more powerful bat-type Pokemon. Two interesting types of movements that Woobat can learn are the swift and the air cutter.

2. Swoobat


Swoobat is an advanced form of Woobat. A much more stylish and mature bat-type Pokemon with huge wings, a stylish fur coat, small ears, four fangs protruding from the mouth, and an eye-like pink jewel in the center of the forehead.

3. Noibat

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Noibat comes up with very powerful dragon-type movements that are likely to damage all other dragon-type Pokemon. Combat Noivern also has access to decent speed statistics and is very effective in overtaking enemy Pokemon. Pokemon come with a formidable attack power with special attack statistics.

4. Noivern


Noivern is also a great bat but also known as the Darkness dragon. Never ears are so strong which can destroy any type of solid thing with its ultrasonic waves. Noivern is also known as the most powerful pokemon on this list.

5. Lunala

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Lunala is one of the most powerful ghost types of pokemon which was introduced in Generation VII. Moongeist Beam is one of the powerful strengths of Lunala which can do a lot of damage to any other pokemon battle.

6. Zubat

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Zubat is one of the most famous and well-known pokemon and the catch rate of this pokemon is 50%. This pokemon is blue in color and uses ultrasonic waves to identify and catch its targets.

7. Golbat


Golbat is also a good pokemon blue in color and this POkemon uses its muscles which produces sonic beams. It uses its poison fang to do attack to opponent. This pokemon does not have as much power as others and can’t be used in competitive play.

8. Crobat


Crobat is pink in color and its eyes are yellow in color and are introduced in generation 2. It has its abilities like Pluck. This pokemon is so much power and it can use its Super fang which is the most damaging attack and can deal a lot of damage to the opponent.

9. Gligar


Gligar is a very eye-catchy Pokemon that comes up with its ability known as a hyper cutter. Hyper Cutter protects Gligar in opposition to different Pokemon. This is a reachable device to fight the reality that Gligar has low base assault stats. This pokemon is now come up with a powerful wing known as a metal wing.


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10. Gliascor

All bat Pokemon list

Gliscor is now the end bat of all bat pokemon lists and is quite good. This Bat uses its big wings to fly and attack the opponent. This Bat uses its poison fang to deal great damage and it uses its digging inside the earth to find some tasty food. Gliascor is Generation IV Pokemon. And if I talk about now then its wings are larger than from the first it launched.



As I have mentioned all bat pokemon list (2022). These bats are so cool and awesome to look and also I have done a little brief on every pokemon.  So if you liked the blog do let me know in the comment section and Tell us your experience. Thank You!

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