What Does The Green Dot Mean On Facebook Messenger

So What Does The Green Dot Mean On Facebook Messenger?

You must be knowing that any Green dot on most social media platforms reflects that the person is available or online. But when it comes to Facebook it actually means the same but in a quite different way. Recently the most downloaded app on Google Play Store Facebook has separated Messenger from Facebook and it is now a different app. With that now, Messenger is a different App but we can still access Messenger from the Facebook app.

The App has over five billion downloads on the Play Store which clearly shows it is used by a large part of the population and we are one of them. One can connect and chat with anyone they wish to but the question arises how would you know if the person is available or not? To know that you look for a green dot around their profile picture in the chatbox but you do doubt whether that applies to Facebook itself or the Facebook Messenger? People often ask, does a green dot on Messenger mean a person is active? What does the green dot next to a profile picture mean? What is the difference between ‘Active now’ and green dot? and many more.

In this blog, we will go through the meaning of the green dot on Messenger and Facebook.

What Does The Green Dot Mean on Facebook Messenger?

What is the green dot on Facebook?

If you used Facebook you must have a moment where you feel confused about the green dot on the green on Messenger and Facebook. Many people assume that both of them are the same but it is not entirely correct. Though the dots mean the same it does not mean that the person is online on both Facebook as well as Messenger.

What does the green dot mean on Messenger?




If you certainly see a green dot located next to a person’s profile picture in the chatbox then it means that the person is currently online on Messenger. Also, keep in mind that the person is currently active on the Facebook app itself. The green dot on Facebook messenger doesn’t indicate that the person is looking at Facebook Messenger.

Therefore we can say if we message someone at messenger just by looking at the green dot as they are not using messenger they might now reply to you instantly or may not get a reply from the person. The other person might not be ignoring you on purpose as they are not using messenger and are only active on the Facebook app.

What does the green dot mean on the Facebook page?

Usually, when you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and go through a person’s profile most probably you’ll notice the green dot appearing next to their profile picture. This implies that the person is online on Facebook at that moment. This is also a quick and effective way to see if the person is online or not. This is a clear-cut indication unlikely Facebook messenger that the person is online and available on the Facebook App.

For How long does the green dot stay on Facebook chat?

This depends entirely on you. As long as you are active and using Facebook App the green dot will stay. The moment you’ll shut down the App the green dot disappears. But there can be times when you’ll not close the App properly on your device and it is still running in the background even then the green dot will appear next to your profile picture. Therefore it is easy to say that the moment you sign out of Facebook and make sure that the device is not running the app in the background then the green dot will turn grey and you’ll not be seen as an active user anymore

What is the difference between ‘Active now’ on Facebook and Green dot?


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As we have mentioned above that there are times when we fail to sign out of the Facebook app and although according to us we have closed the App it may be running in the background this will still show us online with a green. So to fix this problem Facebook very cleverly added the ‘Active now’ prompt. This feature helps us to know if the person is actually online and active on the App or just using the App. By this, we can say that if we need to be sure if the person is actively using Facebook the ‘Active now’ feature is the best and most trustable even more than the green Dot

What does the Green dot with time on Facebook Messenger represent?


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When you are on your Facebook Messenger and see a green dot with the time written with the username of the person in your chat box it represents how long ago the person was online or what was the recent time when you were active on the App. To give an example if it says 13 minutes then this means the person was last active on Messenger 13 minutes back.

What is the Green dot next to the video icon on messenger represents?


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There will be instances when you open a chat with a person on messenger and you’ll see two greens dots, one will appear next to their profile picture, while the other is seen next to the video icon. The green Dot next to the video icon on Facebook represents that the person is actively using messenger and is also available for a video on the App

Also note this will only happen if you have allowed Facebook to have access to your camera only then the green dot next to the video icon whenever you’ll be online on the App. On the contrary, if you have not given permission or access to Facebook to your camera the green Dot will not be shown and will only show up next to another person’s profile picture.


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How can we turn off or change active status on Facebook using Android or iPhone?

Step1: Open and login on to Facebook Messenger

Step2: Click on your profile picture

Step3: Click on Settings located at the corner of the screen

Step4: Scroll and Click on ‘Active status’ if it is on then you need to toggle it off in order to turn off your active status on Facebook

How can we turn off or change the ‘Active’ status on Facebook using a computer?

Step 1: Open your browser and Go to Facebook site www.facebook.com

Step2: Once you’ve logged in Open Messenger

Step3: Click on the settings icon which is mostly located at the top right of the screen

Step4: Search and Click on Preferences

Step5: Toggle off ‘Active status’ in order to turn off or change ‘Active’ status on Facebook.


So in a nutshell we can say that the Green dot on Facebook located just by the side of your profile picture implies that you are online on the App or the App may be running in the background, the ‘Active now’ prompt denotes that you are using the App actively and you are online currently. We do hope this article cleared all your doubts regarding what the green dot on Facebook means? Drop us a comment if you have any questions or comments in our comment box we will be more than happy to help.
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