8 Best Hacks To Delete The Watched Videos On Facebook in 2022

8 Best Hacks To Delete The Watched Videos On Facebook in 2022

Facebook is the widely used app in today’s world, it is one of the social media sites that are used to share and upload photos and videos with your loved ones and family. Do you also watch videos and forget to clear the history? Do you know how to delete the history or watched videos on Facebook? Do you also feel embarrassed if someone sees your watched videos?

Let’s see how can you delete your watched videos on Facebook. But before that do you know Facebook keeps an eye on everything you do on the app? Yes, you are on spy every second on Facebook. But, thankfully you don’t have to worry about this because only you can access your account and only you can see your watched videos unless you share your ID and password with anyone. But to avoid any kind of embarrassing situation you should clear your history every time you use Facebook because Facebook doesn’t provide any kind of feature to stop the watched history permanently.

Facebook, similar to YouTube, has become a very important and powerful marketing tool for all businesses over the years to increase the sales and goodwill of the businesses. This is one of the reasons you see so many videos related to every business on Facebook. Well, every video doesn’t relate to the above fact but still, Facebook is stuffed with new videos every day.

Deleting the history on Facebook can be quite a tricky process, but it can be done on all your devices such as on Mobiles, computers. and laptops.


Here are the 8 Best Hacks To Delete Watched Videos On Facebook in 2022


So, to know how can you delete the history or watched videos on Facebook, here are the simple steps you will have to perform-

Step-1  First of all,  install and log in to your account on Facebook.

Step-2  Click on the Menu bar icon on the top right corner of your screen, there you will find a downward arrow icon, tap on it.

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Step-3  Now, in the menu bar select the settings and privacy option.

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Step-4  After tapping on settings and privacy you will be directed to a screen there you have to select Activity log.



Step-5  When you will click the Activity log section, you will have to choose the filter link in the blue text. Tap on it and you will be directed to another screen.



Step-6  After this you will observe a number of categories, keep scrolling until you reach the videos you’ve watched. Choose this option and click the save changes button at the bottom of the page.



Step-7  Now, you will be driven to a page where you will find all the videos that you have watched so far, just below these videos you will find a blue texted ‘clear video watch history’.


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Step-8  After this step Facebook will not clear your watched history in a go, it will confirm once again that are you sure that you want to clear your watch history, if yes then you will hit the clear video watch history button.



Wrapping up!

With these simple steps, you will be able to delete your watch history of videos on Facebook. Moreover, if you don’t want to delete the watch history you don’t have to delete it as it is not an obligation, it is only your choice whether you want to delete your history or not.

I hope this information helped you, and if you have any queries you can feel free to ask your questions in the comment section.

Till then Happy Learning!

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