What Does Quick Add Mean On Snapchat And How It Works

What Does Quick Add Mean On Snapchat And How It Works

Apart from the Snapchat fun features and as well like in-app filters, bitmojis, etc, you might face a hard time as a beginner in understanding the various Snapchat symbols and keywords which is unique to the app. Among all of them, the most speculated questions we get are what is Quick Add in Snapchat and how does Quick Add work on Snapchat? So, if you are getting curious to know about this Snapchat feature in detail then this Snapchat guide is all you need to comprehend this. There are much more dimensions to this feature and how it actually works so this particular article will help you to find out how informative and fun this feature is and how this feature can allow you to make new friends as well as lets you get in touch with people you might know.

If you are curious to know what does Quick add mean on Snapchat then let me tell you that the Quick Add feature in Snapchat allows its users to view familiar people available on the platform, these are the users you may know via mutual friends or other aspects. To get detailed information about this Snapchat feature read ahead.

What Does Quick Add Mean On Snapchat?


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Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays and in fact, used by many teens and tweens to interact and make new friends by sending snaps and uploading stories of their day-to-day life. Just like Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature even Snapchat has a “Quick Add” section that includes other Snapchat users who you might know. It is a list of people displayed by Snapchat which includes people with whom you share mutual friends.

If you take a look at those recommendations you’ll see a bunch of people who are “friends of friends”. i.e. People you kind of know, but aren’t exactly on talking terms with. This is a way for Snapchat to recommend you to new people, in order to interact with them. With that, you can also see friends who have deleted their old accounts and started a new one on the list.

Quick add is surely a place where one can find and make new friends on Snapchat. This means just like if you have been recommended some user in Snapchat to “Quick Add” similarly the respective user will also be recommended by your name in the Quick Add section. So, when a user has randomly sent you a request on Snapchat, it means that they saw your account under Quick Add.

 How Does Quick Add Work On Snapchat?

Just like Facebook even Snapchat has an algorithm where it recommends you to other users based on profile matching or the mutual friends you have or share with the user recommended. It displays the joint profiles. For example, if you have a friend called Jacob in your Snapchat profile and he has a friend Jules in his profile, then the Quick Add feature will recommend you, Jules.
In addition to this, the quick add feature On Snapchat will also show you profiles of new users who have recently joined the app.
Note: You will also notice that the sequence of this list changes frequently. This is done by Snapchat to give other users a chance of showing up at the top of your Quick Add page.

1. By Mutuals

Snapchat is using a tricky algorithm where it counts how many mutual friends both users have. Snapchat depicts that if two people have a large number of mutual friends they are more likely to know each other and the chances are high that they will add or follow each other back.

2. By location.

Your location can be used to increase your friend requests on Snapchat. If two users share the same location most of the time or in other words spend a lot of time in the same location then it is well understood by Snapchat that there are high chances that you both might know each other. For example, some who live nearby your place or office. But it is important for you to note that Snapchat doesn’t rely solely on this aspect. Snapchat’s algorithm will only view it as one piece of a bigger puzzle. Because there can be other people you don’t meet every day but are your friends. For this Snapchat has other ways to cater to you with more suggestions on the Quick Add section.

3. Phone contacts.

Snapchat will ask for access to your phone’s contact list in order to allow you to add friends from your contact list on Snapchat. Basically, if someone signs up with a phone number that was in your phone’s contact list, Snapchat may take this as a sign that you know each other.

4. Recently joined.

You might have seen words like “Recently joined” under someone’s name on the Quick Add feature. This determines that the particular user has recently joined the Snapchat community or has made a new account on Snapchat and has some mutual friends with you. So Snapchat predicts that as they are new to the platform and have common friends with you there are high chances that you both might know each other as well

Where Can I Find Or Locate The Quick Add Section On Snapchat?

You can find the “Quick Add” section by following the steps given below:
Step 1: Open Snapchat
Step 2: One the Top Right corner you’ll find an icon with ‘+’ as shown in the picture below click on it
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Step 3: This will lead you to your friend request section and just under that you’ll find the ‘Quick Add’ section and recommendations of a number of users. As shown in the picture below.
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Note: You can also tap on the search option present on the top left of the screen when you’ll open Snapchat it is a small icon with a magnifying glass. Tapping on it will lead you to the Quick Add section.

How To Turn Off Quick Add On Snapchat?

What Does Quick Add Mean On Snapchat & How It Works In

Do you get annoyed by numerous unwanted friend requests or random people? We feel you! Snapchat can become pretty annoying if you get unwanted friend requests now and then and if you don’t want your profile to be shown on others’ profiles in the suggestion or Quick Add, you can turn off this feature from Snapchat settings.
Follow the steps given below to turn off the Quick Add feature on Snapchat:

Step 1: Open Login to your Snapchat account

What Does Quick Add Mean On Snapchat & How It Works In

Step 2: Go to the Account Option.

Step 3: Locate and Click on Settings you can find it on the top of the right side corner of the app.

Step 4: Among all the options scroll down to find “See Me In Quick Add.” Then Click on “See Me in Quick Add.’

What Does Quick Add Mean On Snapchat & How It Works In

Step 5: Uncheck the checked option by clicking on the Box.

And you are done! By doing this you can turn off the quick add feature that your profile will not show to others in suggestions.

How To Know The Person Has Added You From The Quick Add Section?

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Well, this one is quite easy to determine if the person has added you on Snapchat from his/her quick add section or not. Sometimes a person can send you a request on Snapchat by searching for your username also. Snapchat is unfiltered in this matter, it allows its users to see if the person has added them through Quick Add recommendations or by searching their username. You can see ‘by Quick Add’ written just under the name of the user who has sent you a friend request. Just like the picture below. This also means that you’ve been added in a quicker way by the user rather than by searching via username.

Wrapping Up!

So, this is all you need to know about the”Quick Add” feature of Snapchat it lets you find and connect with people you may know in real life. It lets you add other newly joined users on Snapchat as well. If it gets very annoying for you to receive friend requests Snapchat also allows you to turn off the “Quick Add” feature. Do let us know in the comment box if you have more queries regarding the “Quick Add” feature of Snapchat.

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