Checkout What Does Grey Box Icon Mean On Snapchat?

Checkout What Does Grey Box Icon Mean On Snapchat?
Are you thinking what does grey box icon mean on Snapchat? Although Snapchat is largely loved and used by a large number of the population, it still has a reputation of being a bit difficult and complicated to understand with all its in-app symbols and figures. As a Beginner, you can face a hard time figuring out what exactly each symbol denotes. Keeping all the symbols aside, it can be difficult for a new bee to understand whether someone has added them on Snapchat, read their messages, etc. One of the most asked questions regarding these figures and symbols is what does the Grey box mean on Snapchat?
If you are thinking what does grey box icon mean on Snapchat then let me tell you that the grey box icon on Snapchat indicates that the other person has not added you as a friend, the user has blocked you, there is some glitch, etc. To know more about this grey box, as well as other significant boxes, arrows, and symbols, pooping up on Snapchat let’s dive into this discussion. So, without further ado, Let’s get started

 What Does Grey Box Icon Mean On Snapchat?


Snapchat is now considered as one of the most used social media platforms and has now become a part of our lives to express and share ourselves through pictures and videos (k/s snaps) with each other. Despite being a photo-sharing app where we can share our snaps using unique Snapchat filters, the social media platform also allows its users to interact with each other individually on chat.
When you use Snapchat there are many different symbols and boxes in various colors and each one of them has its own meaning to it. But as a beginner when you start using Snapchat you’ll see a number of boxes outlined in grey located just under the name of your friend in the chatbox as shown in the picture below. With this, the question arises what does grey box icon denote on Snapchat?

1. The User Has Not Accepted Your Request Yet

Well, the grey box icon on Snapchat comes below someone with whom you’ve never snapped before. To put it in other words when you’ve never sent a message or a photo/video to someone who added to your Snapchat friendliest you’ll see a grey box icon below their names.

2. The User Has Blocked You

But there are chances that the person has blocked you or hasn’t accepted your friend request and your action is still pending until the person adds you back as a friend. As a beginner, you’ll most probably see the grey box icon below every other name because you haven’t really started messaging or snapping with them yet. The grey color on Snapchat denotes that legal action is pending.

3. There Might Be Some Glitch

If you see a grey box it also indicates that there is some server issue with Snapchat or there is a possibility that Snapchat is facing some sort of bug or glitch. This issue can be resolved through the Snapchat end but for this, you have to wait patiently.

What Are The Basic Messages, Symbols, And Figures Used By Snapchat?

All in all for chatting and snapping purposes Snapchat uses only two basic symbols given below:

Boxes- These represent the messages photos and videos you have received (Here you are the recipient)


If the box is filled with color (blue, red, purple, grey) that means you have received the snaps but you haven’t opened them yet, On the contrary, if the boxes are just outlined with a particular Colour (blue, red, purple, grey) (blue, red, purple, grey) it denotes that you as a recipient have opened or viewed the snaps. We have explained all the representative meanings in the section below.

Arrows- The arrows on Snapchat symbolize that you have sent a message or snap to the recipient. (Here you are a sender)
If the arrow is filled with color (blue, red, purple, grey) then it means the recipient has not opened your snap yet.


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If the arrow is just outlined with a particular Colour (blue, red, purple) it means the recipient has viewed or opened your snap.

In this section, we’ll cover the boxes.
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1. The Grey Box


Just like we have mentioned above one can see a grey box below another user’s name it means you’ve never snapped with another person. It can also indicate that a user has blocked you or that they haven’t accepted your friend request. The color grey essentially represents that an action is pending.

2. The Filled Red Box And Unfilled Red Box

A box filled with red color usually pops below the user who has sent you a snap it can be a picture or a video without audio. And on the contrary, when you see a box that is just outlined with a red color Or we can say it as an unfilled red box, it means that you have viewed the snap that was sent to you by the particular user.

3. Filled Purple Box And Unfilled Purple Box

A filled purple box located under the name of your friend denotes that you have received a video from the sender and you’ve not viewed it yet. An unfilled purple box represents that you’ve opened and viewed the video or the snap (with audio) sent to you (recipient).

4. Filled Blue Box And Unfilled Blue Box

A filled blue box denotes that you’ve received a message from a person and you have not viewed or read it yet. And an empty blue box means you have viewed or read the message sent by the person.
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Other Important Symbols On Snapchat

There are many other icons to represent different chat or snap view statuses on Snapchat which can be really essential for you to understand Snapchat more efficiently and appropriately. We have listed the remaining symbols used by Snapchat Below:

Checkout What Does Grey Box Icon Mean On Snapchat?

Red Circle Arrow It represents that either you or the other person has replayed an audio-less snap.
Purple Circle Arrow It represents that either you or the other person has replayed a snap with audio.
Double-Red Arrow With Three Lines – It denotes that either you or the other person took a screenshot of an audio-less snap.
Double-Purple Arrow Of Three Lines – It denotes that either you or the other person took a screenshot of a snap with audio.
Double Blue Arrow With Three Lines – It denotes that either you or the other person took a screenshot of your chat.

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It’s a wrap!

So, we believe that by now you know what all the basic symbols and figures on Snapchat represent. The most speculated symbol the grey box icon represents that the action is pending other than the red blue and purple box icons and arrow icons change from being filled to unfilled according to a recipient and sender’s actions. So, this is all about what does grey box icon mean on Snapchat. We hope this article added more value to your snap experience, do let us know about it in our comment box below.
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