Checkout How To Unfreeze Your Venmo Account Instantly (2022)

Checkout How To Unfreeze Your Venmo Account Instantly (2022)

Venmo is no doubt a well-known payment app with a variety of features for sending money through the app with Venmo balance or Prepaid cards that works with Venmo. But what if your Venmo account gets frozen due to unknown reasons and you might be wondering How to unfreeze your Venmo account.

So if your Venmo account is frozen it may be due to an insufficient balance on your Venmo balance. So if this is one of the reasons behind your frozen account you can easily unfreeze it by adding funds to your Venmo balance with your bank account or using some prepaid cards. and these are some prepaid cards that Venmo accepts.

Today in this article we’re going to discuss some of the methods on How to unfreeze a Venmo account easily with the information given below.

How To Unfreeze Your Venmo Account By Adding Funds

If your account has an insufficient balance for a long time and adding funds to your Venmo account might resolve this issue easily. Follow the instructions given below to do so.

Step 1:-  Sign in to your Venmo account at, preferably on a computer or mobile phone.

Step 2:- Then simply choose the bank from which you want to transfer funds. You must have your savings account verified with Venmo to add funds.

Step 3:- Simply type the amount you like to add to your Venmo balance.

Step 4:-  In two to three business days, the money should go to Venmo, and your Venmo account may get unfrozen.

Violating Venmo Terms and Condition

Venmo may indeed freeze your account if you break its Terms Of service, such as if the firm detects suspicious activity or if you engage in any of the various “Limited Activities” listed in the Terms And conditions, such as using your Venmo app from another country.

So this means Venmo probably thinks that someone is using your account anonymously and that results in your account loss or money. However to keep your account safe it may temporarily ban your account and after some verification, it may unfreeze it very easily.

Contact Venmo to unfreeze Venmo Account

There’s another way to unfreeze a Venmo account is to directly contact Venmo and to do so follow the instructions given below with steps.

Way No.1- Go over to and create an account.

Way No.2- Respond to the email you received from Venmo after your account was frozen. It’s possible that you’ll need to send a photo of a legitimate form of identification so that they can confirm it’s you.


On the other side, you can reach the company’s Customer Care Team by following the instructions given below.

Step 1:-  Go to the “Venmo app” and sign up for an account.

Step 2:-  In the top left-hand corner, tap the menu symbol.

Step 3:-  Scroll down the menu and tap “Get Help.”


Step 4:- Choose the middle option, “Contact Us.”



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Step 5:- Choose “Chat with Us” from the “CONNECT WITH A HUMAN” section. This will initiate a live conversation with a customer service representative who can assist you.





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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

 1. How long does Venmo take to unfreeze your account?

If your Venmo account is frozen and want to unfreeze it or If it is due to an insufficient balance then you should transfer the amount to your Venmo account from your bank account to do so you can go through this article and it would get unfreeze in 2-3 days.

2. How do I know if my Venmo is frozen?

So when your account gets frozen you’ll receive an email that your account is frozen and due to that you’ll not be able to do any transactions inside the app and that is another way you’ll know that account is frozen.

3. Can you make a new Venmo account with the same number?

As if now Venmo doesn’t allow two accounts with the same number, although you can create a new account on the Venmo app with another number easily.


4. Is it possible to delete a Venmo account and How to do it?

Yes, it’s possible to delete a Venmo account, and to do so, Simply Go to the You tab in the Venmo app by clicking the single person symbol. In the upper right corner, tap the Settings gear. Select “Account” from the “Preferences” menu. “Close Venmo Account” will appear.


Wrapping Up!

So that’s pretty much about knowing How to unfreeze a Venmo account very easily with the methods I’ve mentioned above. If you’re unable to fulfill the transaction then it may be due to insufficient funds and to add funds we already mentioned the steps above. If any of these methods doesn’t work possibly you can contact Venmo.

So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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