Star Wars: Jedi 3 Is On The Way, According To Cal Kestis Actor Cameron Monaghan

Star Wars: Jedi 3 Is On The Way, According To Cal Kestis Actor Cameron Monaghan

Have you heard: Jedi 3 is on the way, according to Cal Kestis actor Cameron Monaghan? Cal Kestis actor Cameron Monaghan in an interview revealed that Jedi 3 is on the way. The Star Wars Jedi has gained great success with Fallen Order and Survivor in the video game space and the cast is working on a new sequel. Camera Monaghan at Ocala Comic Con talked about a new Star Wars Jedi which they are working on currently. Camera Monaghan has played the lead role of Cal Kestis in the game space. Additionally, he also said that they are currently working on it so when all the things fall in place you will be able to watch it.

Although he is not an authorized resource for this information, the information he shared is still more important to focus on. The order of Star Wars: Fallen was released back in the year 2019 and over 10 million copies of the order have been sold to date. The game Survivor was launched in the year 2023 in April month and there is no information about the newest sequel and its appearance. Cameron Monaghan only said that they are working on it without announcing when the sequel will come out.

The sales of Survivor beat the sales of Fallen with 30 percent. Both are great hits of all the time. Now, the news of Jedi 3 on the way came out when the director of the Jedi trilogy said that he is leaving Respawn Entertainment and EA to work on some other adventurous projects.

The story of Cal Kestsis as a young Jedi Knight and its struggles against the Galactic Empire is an ongoing story. So, this has become important to see where the ongoing fight will take Kestis and his mates. Now, that we know that there is a new adventure coming up that will complete the trilogy of this story. So, viewers are quite enthusiastic about an official confirmation from Respawn about the trilogy.

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