8 Popular Shows Like Heartland to Watch While You Wait for Heartland Season 16

8 Popular Shows Like Heartland to Watch While You Wait for Heartland Season 16

Heartland is easily one of the most heartwarming dramas of the decade. The show is 15 seasons strong and we are still counting, it is a wholesome Canadian series about a woman who trains and heals horses on her Montana ranch. This makes it a perfect show for all the animal lovers out of their specific horse lovers. The show has managed to make a home in the heart of its fans. And if even you like and enjoy the heartwarming drama and are in search of ideas about what to watch after Heartland we have some more recommendations for you with the same essence to keep you entertained. These movies and shows are some of the best suggestions if you are looking for some family drama, farm life, and romance all in one show or movie.

While you wait for the next season of Heartland we have listed a few binge-worthy movies/shows for you similar to Heartland to fill the void! Now you don’t have to browse through the recommendations of the TV Guide.

Here Are The List Of 8 Popular Shows Like Heartland to Watch in 2022

These movies and shows are handpicked by us, especially for you to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, and Peacock. Here is the list of Free Apps available on Apple TV just for you. So, without any further ado Let’s dig into the recommendations:

1. The Ranch

Popular Shows Like Heartland to Watch

Both Heartland and The Ranch are almost the same with the tiny differences that one is a drama and the other one is a sitcom comedy respectively. In the comedy sitcom The Ranch you can see two sons coming back to their father in their childhood home to help their father try and save the ranch from being sold. The sitcom is inclined more today the comedy side but you can see a lot of similarities with Heartland going on in the sitcom.

2. Yellowstone


The drama Yellow stone is on the heavier side we are telling you about beforehand. Why? Because the show includes murders and deception at the root of the family’s problems instead of unruly horses and stuck-up horse boys. The show Yellowstone stars Kevin Costner as John Dutton, who is a Montana rancher just like Heartland but in the show, he tries his level best to save his Ranch and the land from the greedy fingers of government, developers, and Indigenous tribes who claim the land as their own. Not only this the real traitors and enemies are his family members who are greedy as well as untrustworthy!

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3. All Creatures Great and Small

Y 1

Just like Heartland even PBS’s delightful All Creatures Great and Small includes Beautiful country, wholesome romance, caring for animals. The only difference you can see is it has a British touch to it. It includes dealing with animals who are sick or injured and we can also see romance going on between James (Nicholas Ralph) and Helen (Rachel Shenton), who is a daughter of a local farmer. And just in case you are wondering. There are horses!

4. Free Rein

Y 2

The show Free Rein tries to aim and cover younger audiences into its spectrum. It might not target the same audience as Heartland but has the same essence to it. The series shows us the story about a 15-year-old teenager Zoe played by (Jaylen Barron) who is an American and spends a summer in her mother’s hometown, a small, pastoral town in England. Its place had some of the best horse stables in the area. Just like Any from Heartland even Zoe from Free Rein has a natural way to bond with horses. She had a special bond with a Rowdy horse called Raven. The beautiful black color horse was chill with her only and is the most beautiful part of the entire story. The story revolves around the horse and his relationship with Zoe which makes the entire story totally “horsesome” (horse + awesome, according to one of Free Rein’s plucky characters)

5. Spirit Riding Free


If you think you are too old to watch an animated story about a horse and a girl falling in love with each other they you’ve mistaken there. The show focuses on a 12-year-old girl from the big city named Lucky who moves to a small frontier town and bonds with a wild mustang named Spirit. With them being friends Lucky goes on many adventures with Spirit and it makes it a perfect show for young girls to become horse girls.

6. Wildfire


This ABC family’s drama Wildfire of 2005 starts with a teen female convict who gets a conditional release after getting a job at Raintree Ranch when an employee notices her skills to soothe even the most bucking bronco. With this, her new life began and she faced many obstacles. Even the Ranch owner’s two sons fall in love with her and she ends up in a complicated love triangle which makes the show even hotter. But unlike the show Heartland, the horses of the wildfire aren’t trained to become show horses instead they are they’re being saddled into horse racing.

7. Everwood

Y 4

The family drama Everwood ran from 2002 to 2006 on WB and a horse plays only a small role. The similarity we found in the show with Heartland is the show starts on a similar note as Heartland, with a husband mourning the loss of his wife and with a shaken family as well. The story is about a respectful New York surgeon (Treat Williams) who after his wife’s loss moves to a small town with his 9-year-old daughter and 15-year-old in Colorado to start a new life. The story majorly revolves around the struggles and obstacles faced by them and how they overcame them in an entirely new environment.

8. Caitlin’s Way


Y 5

Just like wildfire in Caitlins’s way we see our heroine transform from a mischievous lawbreaker into a delicate horse girl. Caitlin is portrayed as a 14 year from Philadelphia, her personality is shown as a punk girl and she has a passion and love for photography. When she leaves Philadelphia to live with her distant family in Montana she ended up rescuing a horse named Bandit and befriends him. She learns that Ranch life is far better than her juvenile hall. The series aired on Nickelodeon from 2000 to 2002 and despite being a bit behind its time the show is definitely a time warp from the 90s.


Heartland is for sure one of the most emotional and warm hugging shows of all time and it can definitely make one fall in love with family, ranch life, and of course Horses! How can we forget not to mention them? in all the above recommendations we have tried to pick out movies and shows which will indeed bring you warmth and light. and make your life a little bit more Horsesome!


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