Latest 10 Best Apple Tv Apps List For Free Online Streaming (2022)

Latest 10 Best Apple Tv Apps List For Free Online Streaming (2022)
Looking for some free content to watch on Apple TV we have got you covered by listing some of the Top 10 Best Apple TV Apps you can Watch For Free. There are a wide number of different channels and apps available on Apple TV but all of them come with a heavy price tag as well. And if you don’t want to be a spendthrift and pay for another channel you must go through these amazing App services available for free on Apple TV in order to grab every bit of entertainment and news entirely free. And if you’ve purchased Apple TV to join the multitude of cord-cutters, this article is entirely for you. Reviews show that Apple’s 4K TV is a great choice for users who desire an alternative to traditional cable TV. We do recommend you to buy a subscription to Hulu Plus or Netflix because due to their exceptional wife rage of tv shows and originals but other than that Apple ecosystem provides a lot of free stuff as well. So without any further ado Let’s get started.

Latest 10 Best Apple Tv Apps List For Free Online Streaming (2022)


1. Pluto TV


Latest 10 Best Apple Tv Apps List For Free Online Streaming


If you are looking for a free cable alternative Pluto TV can be an ideal app for you. Its large catalog of movies and channels can complement your Netflix or Amazon Prime Video subscription. The entrainment app is essentially free and you can watch movies and live tv shows from there. It includes both old and classic collections of movies and shows as well as new outlets to reach new audiences as well. It covers areas like entertainment, news, sports, comedy, music, lifestyles drama, family, horror, indies, romance, thrillers, and science.

2. Newsy


newsy new logo


If you always want to stay updated on the latest news then NEWSY will be your favorite free app. This channel serves you up with current news, political stories as well tech entrainment. Once you open the app you’ll see some of the latest news stories on the app itself. From there you can select and see trending and latest stories around the US as well as the world. It also covers business, science, health, and sports as well.
The majority of stories are two to three mins long with a brief explanation of the news and other than that some stories can be a bit longer to give you more in-depth information regarding the topic.

3. Peacock




One of the most famous and amazing ways to stream content online for free is through Peacock. Peacock app includes a free tier as well as paid options for their premiums too. NBCUniversal uses an ad-supported tier in order to aid you with free content. The paid subscription offers you unlimited access to NBC shows and their originals.
NBC claims that almost 2/3 of their content on the app is free for the viewers and another remaining 1/3rd part comes under a paid subscription. NBC also offers 7 day free trails for its new users only, so that they can test out its premium content and plans. One can also opt to cancel whenever he/she wants to without any penalty. They also provide a wide array of shows for kids as well. The free streaming service offers a large number of shows and movies which can keep you entertained for servals hours.

4. TED




TED offers to provide a great platform for all the expert speakers, ok a wide range of topics be it be talks, lessons, demos, or presentations. They offer their viewers to stream videos for free on personal growth, psychology, health, business, and whatnot. The real-life experiences are shared by top experts can be really helpful for anyone who is in search of motivation and needs a push to live life their own way. You can also search for videos by the name of your favorite speaker or some of your interests. The free video streaming app allows you to add videos to your watch later list so that you can enjoy some motivational kick in your free time.

5. Food Network in the Kitchen


food network kitchen fire tv


Who doesn’t love food, and if you are one hell of a foodie and love to cook delicious meals for yourself and your family then Food Network in the Kitchen is going to be your soulmate. Chanel serves you delicious easy follow recipes that can turn anybody into a great cook. It includes quick videos to help you out in making your favorite dish either it’s ricotta gnocchi or a simple hummus dip, and not to forget it is entirely free!
It also includes shows such as Giada in Italy, and Guy’s Big Bite based on specific cuisines by many renowned chefs. You can also search videos of your favorite celebrity chef individually on the App. Select a specific dish or swipe up on a video, and the screen displays the ingredients and full directions to make a mouth-watering dish right at your home. You can also save your favorite recipes to your Apple TV for quick and easy access.

6. Calm




Calm App is perfect for people who are struggling with stress and anxiety. Be it be situational or seasonal this App can help you as a personal therapist. The work culture is highly glorified these days and it can be really stressful in the outer world. In those troublesome days when you can even sleep by yourself, this App can provide you with a good meditation session or various soothing sounds to soothe your mind-body, and soul. And what’s the best part? It is entirely free! You don’t have to invest or pay for your own mental health. With several guided audio steps and suggestions, accompanied by natural sounds such as falling rain, ocean waves, and birds singing, this App can help you to meditate with full concentration and vent out all the stress and anxiety you are feeling.

7. Tubi




Tubi is am entirely free and we’ll design a video streaming app available on Apple TV. It has a large library of movies and shows which the ds to change frequently. The app is entirely free but comes with ads and some resolution limitations and we believe that with all the free content all the struggle with ads is worth it Tubi’s library currently holds an impressive count of 20,000 movies and series. In spite of being a free app Tubi still outshines more than any other App available on the Apple TV. The no-cost service is a cherry on top for people who are trying to look for budget-friendly options on their Apple TV.
Note: you must keep in mind that there is no way to watch Tubi without ads; it does not offer any sort of premium account subscription tier.

8. Haystack app.


Haystack News Logo


Haystack News is another ad-supported streaming service dedicated to covering US news. In its initial days, it was known and called Haystack TV, but after its rebranding, it is now called Haystack News. It offers more than 300, local broadcast channels, Euronews as well as CBS news. With its rebranding, the app is now considered the most reliable app to watch national as well as international news free of cost. Also, the number of ads on the channel is comparatively very less than those of traditional news channels with anyhow enhances the viewer’s experience.

9. FilmRise


film rise


Film rise is one of the most loved on-demand streaming services available free of cost on Apple TV. The free online content offered by the App will drift you away from expensive subscription plans. In 2019 the service signed deals with ITV Studios, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Warner Bros., paving the way for an even bigger catalog. with no subscription required the app includes a wide array of movies and shows you binge-watch without any guilt of spending a large amount of money on oversubscriptions. The channel claims to add new movies and shows every single day. The app includes a mixture of old-school favorites as well as some latest shows. It offers a special FilmRise Kids channel with hundreds of films and shows to browse. Look there for animated series classics, movies that the entire family will enjoy, and numerous fun titles.

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10. Twitch




If you like video games and love to watch people play video games then Twitch App is the one for you. It easy to use free App is available on Apple TV is specializes in broadcasting real-time gaming as well as other creative content too. The App offers free service to its viewers by inserting ads into the streaming videos at a regular interval. You see a “Home” tab that showcases games and channels You’ve subscribed to. It also provides you with a “Browse” tab that includes games and icons categorized by viewer count

Top three free Apple TV channels to watch in the US

  • Pluto TV – Live TV and Movies By Pluto. tv
  • BBC America By BBC America
  • Tubi – Watch Movies & TV Shows By Tubi, Inc

Top three free Apple TV channels to watch in the UK

  • NOW- by SKY UK limited
  • ITV Hub: TV Player & Catchup
  • BT Sport by British Telecommunications plc.

Top three free Apple TV channels to watch in Canada

  • TED
  • Tubi – Watch Movies & TV Shows By Tubi, Inc
  • Plex: Movies, TV, Music & More By Plex Inc.

Wrapping up!

So, we hope you will like our recommendations for the top 10 apple tv channels to watch for free. let us know in the comment box which one is your favorite and you enjoy watching the most.

Thank you for reading!

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